Happy Wednesday!!

And welcome to the “What’s On Your Fridge” Project!!


Last week, I showed you all what was on MY fridge and explained that it’s the glue that holds this family together!  Then, I challenged you all to show me YOUR own refrigerators, so that we might all be stalkers get a glimpse into your appliance personality.  How does that saying go?  You can really tell so much about a person by two things:  1) how well they treat their parents and 2) what’s on their refrigerators

I totally just made that up.

As you could tell.

First I have to show you what’s currently ON TOP of my fridge!


Probar sent us another care package – this time with THIRTY SIX BARS!  (which we will consume in the next 36 hours)

We got some more Fruitions (so thankful because these were on my grocery list for the week!!)


Clara’s favorite – the Halos.


And a huge box of their Original Collection!  Which contains MY favorite Probar – the Superfruit Slam!


Thank you, Chris and the Probar team for your generosity!!

Probar would also like to extend a 40% discount to all Lindsay’s List readers!!

Simply go to http://theprobar.com/shop and enter the code BLOGGER at checkout to receive 40% off your order. (Please note: the offer is good one time only per customer.)


Now on to the Fridge Project!  I ordered these alphabetically and LOVED peeking in on everyone’s space.  A big THANKS to all who submitted!


Alicia – fitmixer

Here’s the full picture of my fridge. Weird how much it says about me… Let’s dive in a little further, shall we?


Yin-Yang reminder with sushi magnet. Those two go well together.


A collage of our past and present dogs. Obsessed much?


Kitchen conversion magnet (never use). Along with a Ride Moab sticker. One of my most favorite places on Earth. And another sushi magnet! Adorbs!


Birthday card from my niece. She’s the cutest thing in the whole wide world. Along with an “I love bacon” magnet I got for Steve, oddly enough, from the Japanese festival… go figure.


Last but not least, some throwback pictures of me and Steve!


Thanks for letting me share what’s on my fridge!!


Andrea – Andi and her Candy


On my fridge you will find various examples of my kids excellence, a to-do list pad of paper with 5 slashes and the letter P, 2 $1 scratch off lottery tickets, pizza coupons, a post card from my jet- setting in-laws, a gift card my hubby got for Christmas, and the promise of end of summer fun (save the date – wedding).  Also, dirt. :)


Calee – Life Plus Running


Our dry-erase calendar. I am pretty much the only one that uses it at this time of year since Mark’s working on graduate research. All appointments and any other plans out of the norm go up there as well as a weekly idea of what’s for dinner.


Lots of photos of my adorable niece, Emee, one of Barney, one of Mark and me, a wedding shot of our friends, one of my besties and me, Megadeth magnets made by an old coworker for a craft swap we did, and a lovely “you rock” note from an old co-worker. And most importantly, my acceptance letter for grad school. Mark hung it up there when I got it because I was going to throw it in the trash. Since he’s looking for a job right now, I might not be able to go to grad school AND be with him depending on the job (in case you don’t read my blog … obviously I choose him — grad school can happen later).


Magnetic poetry from MPR. I’m a sustaining member of The Current, though I don’t live in and have never lived in Minnesota. But my heart lies in Minnesota (with Colorado vying for first place but at a close second) I love MN’s public radio and I listen to The Current every day at work. And have even called in trying to win tickets … to no avail.


Cinnamon – Eat Pray Tri

This fridge depicts our family perfectly. Kinda messy, kinda colorful and fun! We have pics of dogs and kids, last year wedding and honeymoon memorabilia, tons of magnets, yoga class schedule, recipes and coupons for the important stuff (food!) and the uber important pad of paper and pen so that we can make lists of things we need as soon as we know we need them!


Christine – Love, Life, Surf

CY refrigerator

Our refrigerator has become less functional since it’s been taken over by our ridiculous magnet collection which started out as a joke between my sister and cousins and now it’s just out of hand. We can only display our favorites or newest ones; the rest are in a cabinet somewhere. The bottom of the refrigerator is for the kids – school calendars, a chore chart for my older son and usually their artwork. My older son is stickler for calendars and charts and loves to see his schedule laid out.


Jillian – Sprinkle Massacre



I have a ton of random things on my fridge including my work schedule (necessary), lots of baby pics (family & friends, lots. of. babies.), funny pictures of me and Joe (including one from a photo booth at a wedding where Joe is biting my fake boob chicken cutlet which I pulled out of my dress. TMI), random magnets (one says “Warning, strange dog” – no idea?, and more importantly, one with a very inspirational “peace” quote), save the dates (Joe and I are each in a wedding this summer), a 20% off coupon to Bed Bath and Beyond (love those things, they never expire, hellloooo K-cups!), and last but not least, a notepad for LISTS!


Katie – Talk Less, Say More


My fridge is nothing fancy and I guess rather clean with only the necessities.  We store napkins, empty lunch bags, reusable mug overflow (we have a LOT), and tools (like I said, necessities).  We also have some super fun photo booth pictures from an event I planned earlier this year, notepads, chip clips and salt and pepper “grinders.”  The stove is directly in front of the fridge so this is super convenient.  Simple yet everything that I need in one place.


Katie – Yes I Want Cake


Our fridge is primarily adorned with family pictures – much less helpful than a calendar like Lindsay’s. It also has a bible verse (Philippians 4:19), a birth announcement (my nephew!), a wedding invitation, and a couple of to-do lists.


Lauren – Oatmeal After Spinning

Lauren's fridge 2

Lauren's fridge

My fridge is… a little cluttered. Amongst many other things, I have a collection of magnets from different places that I’ve traveled. These include: Frisco various other parts of Colorado, Pikes Place Market in Seattle, the Duck Tour in Boston, Mt. St. Helens (Washington) and Sonoma County, California, Key West, FL and Vancouver, BC. I also have a crazy little addiction to magnets from Celestial Seasonings – I pick up a new one (or three) each time I visit the tea shop in Boulder!


Michelle – Eat Move Balance


Looking at my refrigerator made me realize just how much it does say about it.  There’s a pic of my husband and I after having just summited our first 14er in Colorado (my favorite place in the world).  There are numerous pictures of family.  Very important.  And, a copy of the “This is Your Life” manifesto.  My daily reminder to keep it all in balance.  Just like the “Life is short, eat dessert first” magnet.


Sarah – Sarah Learns

sarah learns - fridge

our fridge seems to be a gathering place for both important things that we want to look at often as well as things that don’t have any other “home”. on the freezer door i have my half marathon training plan, a notebook for jotting down groceries as we run out of them, and lots of fun photos and make us laugh! that’s the important stuff. the side of the fridge has random coupons, take-out menus, correspondence from our landlord, and wedding invitations that i must remember to rsvp to. that’s the stuff that we don’t know where else to put!


QUESTION:  I have a theory.  Messy fridge, messy car.  Am I right?  Do you keep your car nice and neat?  <-Me?  Lord no.  My house is IMMACULATE…..my car – a festering cesspool of toys and food crumbs.


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  1. cute post!!

    i have got to try those halo bars…i have been craving smores like crazy these days-just bought smores ice cream haha. these sound like a much healthier option

  2. How fun! Mine is currently loaded with save the dates, go figure. My car is soooo dirty. I kept it immaculate when I first got it, but 7 years later, not so much. My mom always has a near heart attack when I go home lol

  3. Okay this is funny becuase my hubby likes the fridge empty…and my car….I have to hold myself from adding to the fridge and try to hide my car from him after a week of kids in it!!!

  4. I totally agree with messy fridge=messy car! I have so many random ass things on my fridge and in my car. it’s a never ending cycle of hey look theres a coupon we should use put it on the fridge! Then it stays there for the next year!

  5. Aw I love this! Sadly we don’t have anything on our fridge haha. We used to and then when we put our house on the market my mom made us take everything down so that it looked “clean”. Even though our house is no longer on the market we still haven’t put anything back on it.

  6. I LOVE THIS!! So fun to see all the pics that everyone turned in. Very cool to get a sneak peak into other lives and fridges and see how similar/different they are!
    I’m surprised there is only one Bed, Bath and Beyond coupon that I could find! LOL. And I love how everyone has notepads. Awesome. Thanks for doing this Lindsay!

  7. This is such a fun post! Our fridge isn’t magnatized on the front…fail. Only on the side where there are tons of old pictures and wedding invites. :-)

    And my car= disaster. It’s an old car and I kind of think I just don’t care anymore. Also when I’m in a rough part of town I tell myself no one will break into my car because it looks like a homeless person lives in it.

    Someone told me that women keep a clean house and men keep a clean car…this might be true…

  8. Fun! I like my car nice and tidy. I sort of freak out when it’s not…but I’m not sure where my fridge falls on the spectrum? Middle-of-the-road clean?

  9. I love this!!! It’s funny how all the fridges are so different but so similar! Full of the most important things.

    Oh, and I believe your theory to be correct. Messy car for sure!!

  10. The moment after I sent you my pic of my fridge, I went into full-on-clean-the-fridge (and make the 4 year old help)mode. It is immaculate!!

    My car. Is a mess. I keep all my choreography in there and the kids are in and out with their toys they have to bring along and then leave behind. I may have small kids or animals living in my car and I would never know it. If you make me take a picture I apparently will clean it.

    I dare you. ;)

  11. oh bummer, i forgot about this… i’m the worst at remembering TT and now this. some day linds, some day. ;) i go in phases with our fridge and my car. it’ll go weeks incredibly cluttered, and then i can’t stand it all of a sudden, and get in a crazy cleaning frenzy.

  12. I’ll say it once again- I love the “what’s on your fridge” idea and seeing how everyone else lives!
    My fridge is cluttered- not MESSY- just lots going on.
    BUT- my car is generally immaculate (well, except for a little dog hair and hiking dirt, which I try to vacuum up on a regular basis :)) And then again, I don’t have children – it’s easy to keep clean.
    I don’t think anyone with young kids has a clean car- that’s kind of impossible right?