I’m feeling a deep need to ramble.  Like a deep down urge. 

Before I get out of hand, let’s get Thursday’s Theme out of the way.

The theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer is VANITY MOVES! 

We’ve done this theme once before and I loved it.  Vanity moves are those which don’t necessarily burn a ton of calories, but focus on areas that you’d like to see “toned”.  (which is ridiculous – as you can’t spot reduce, but still…) 

When I told Travis about the theme, his response was, “So the exercises that you can lift the most weight on.”  Umm…no honey.  Isn’t that funny though? 

When guys think “vanity”, they go straight to Gaston. 

When women think vanity, they just want Belle’s tiny thighs.

And that’s what I learned from watching Disney movies.

Here’s my Vanity Move:

When you submit…

  • Tell us who you are! If you blog, tell us the URL!
  • Do the exercises correctly! I can’t post videos with improper form or sketchy descriptions.
  • Be yourself – let that personality shine through!
  • Anyone can participate. I encourage ALL fitness levels to submit a video!

Video submissions are due next Monday, the 11th, at 8pm, EST!

Please have them to me before the deadline or you risk not being featured! Go here to learn how to upload your video.

Now some HONEST rambles.  Here goes…

Problem: Plantar Fasciitis.

Solution:  REST!

For someone who makes a living bouncing around and who is currently cast as a dancing Indian princess, rest is out of the question.  I’m called to be on my feet, MOVING for at least 4 hours a day!

Someone PLEASE give me another solution. 


Calee’s solution.

Alternative solutions?  Maybe a cortisone shot?  I already purchased insoles and they kind of help.  But the pain is still there and I can’t get it to go away.  Please leave any advice you might have!.  


Problem:  Horse-like appetite when I have 2 weeks to look “Indian svelte.”

Solution:  Limit dessert and “close the kitchen”.

We have 2 weeks until Peter Pan!  I have a skimpy costume (I’m told – haven’t actually seen it yet) and while I LOVE LOVE LOVE how my body looks now, I’m vain (hence the TT theme) and would like to look a bit tighter.  Like a fitness model.  Like an Indian fitness model.


So I’m taking a two pronged approach: 

1) Watch my sugar intake.  Dairy and fruit sugars are awesome.  Brownies and cookies, not so much.  I give up dessert for for two weeks.

2) Close the kitchen at 9pm.  I tend to do a lot of late night snacking.  I’m not necessarily hungry – it’s just a habit.  It would be fine if I reached for a protein shake or a piece of fruit, but all I want lately is ICE CREAM.  And cereal.  Swirled together.

Remember – these are just GOALS, not a regimen.  I won’t be crying if I eat some cake. Even if I don’t lose any weight (which is not the goal), I’d like to give this a shot.   Anyone want to join me??


Problem:  Not enough time for romance/family.

Solution:  Plan more dates and say NO more often.

When I’m busy and tired, romance seems to go out the window!  Travis and I get home from rehearsal around 9:30, put the kids down and CRASH.  I’m smart enough to know that this is simply due to some overscheduling (that will be remedied within the next two weeks), but stillHe, and WE, deserve better! 


Take me back!

The solution – I need to say NO to requests that take me away from my true focus.  And I need to say YES to more date nights.  Easy fix, right?


This sounds like a whole lotta complaining!  And it is. 

Do you know WHY my life seems out of balance?  Because I haven’t been spending enough time with my Abba.  It all comes full circle.  Reading my Bible and simply talking to God daily keeps me grounded and in a place where I don’t feel overwhelmed.  Noted, Lindsay…noted.

QUESTION:  What are your problems?  And what are you going to do about it??


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  1. I completely agree with you, Lindsay! I’ve been neglecting reading my Bible every/most days too. Whenever I do this, it seems like my life is just a little bit out of whack.

    A goal of mine would have to be reading the Bible everyday before I blog or do anything else. :)

  2. You are beautiful already! But I admire you for finding little solutions to the problems you feel you are facing. I love the idea for vanity moves! Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!! Definitely agree on living more!! You gotta say no sometimes

  3. Friend you are gorgeous just the way you are! Please know that!!

    I really hope you do accomplish all your goals. Giving up sweets is insanely hard for me…tried it once for lent. So. hard.

    And I am there with ya on not spending enough time with the Lord! I need to get back into a bible/quiet time routine. I am always too sleepy in the morning and too worn out at the end of the day! But I NEED to fit it in!

    Also I like the theme..thinking about participating…this would be my first vlog-ish thing!! eek!

  4. 1 & 2 are both HUGE for me. I can’t stop once I start with sugar so i have to steer clear for a big event.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your body too! Indian fitness model is happening!

    I MUST find someone to video me for TT–My hubby is ONCE AGAIN out of town for a week–life of a coach’s wife!

  5. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but you can get special socks that keep your feet flexed at night. Plantar faciitis can be related to excessive “toe pointing” which shortens your calf muscles and Achilles, then sets the bottom if your foot on fire. You may notice your foot hurts the most in the morning, because we sleep with our toes pointed all night. So stretching out those muscles by flexing your foot all night may provide some relief. I can’t remember the product name off the top if my head, but it got all great reviews when I worked in the running store.

    Typing this comment on my iPhone while I wait at the hospital between tests. Find out Monday afternoon if the cancer is back. Worrying about that is my number one problem right now and dominates my life. I have no idea how to make it better! (please excuse any typos)

  6. Oh man, I have a friend that had problems with PF not too long ago…I can only imagine how painful/annoying it is. I’m all for Calee’s solution. Once he’s done, send him my way…my shoulders are feeling kinda tight!

    My Problem: Myself…for the last few weeks, I’ve been battling negative body image thoughts. I still weigh the same as I did a month ago, but after being in an exercise rut/funk/whatever last month, I can tell that something’s different. I don’t have that same tightness I had a few weeks ago…and I definitely don’t have the endurance I had when I was pounding out Tuesday Trainer workouts! When I got back from Blend, I had a hard time readjusting to normal life and I got lazy…basically stopped working out and not really giving much thought to eating clean. I guess I was stuck in “vacation mode”…plus, working out is so much more fun with my Blends!

    My Solution: I’ve been trying all sorts of different workouts and I even drove halfway across town yesterday to go running at my one of my favorite trails…I’m waiting to feel that “this is fun” feeling again, but so far it hasn’t happened yet. Just feels like a chore to check off the list. Fake it till you make it, right? As far as my diet goes, I’ve been juicing pretty much every day (which I LOVE), drinking a crap-ton of water, and trying to really listen to my body’s hunger cues. Pretty sure I have THAT part mastered. I’ve been feeling lighter and fresher with the water and juice and I haven’t been craving “junk” since I loaded my fridge with fruits and veggies for juice experimentation! Hungry? Well, grab one of the 35 carrots that you have! :)

  7. I have bad heels and sometimes can’t walk on them and I’ll literally start crawling around the house. What has helped me: insoles in every shoe, I can not wear flip flops, always wear slippers around the house and staying off of it as much as possible.
    Vanity moves are fun, even if they’re just for peace of mind and not so effective, lol.

  8. I’m with you on the “just say no!” thing. Time has not been on my side lately. Oh and the date night things? What are those? We NEED to re-introduce those even if it means staying in for date night.

    I’m thinking of my vanity move now…

  9. amen amen! lets live more! do less!…unless its your husband. Okay, i need to work on getting my booty back, thats my vanity move. love you, praying! get those inserts. James got them, they help a ton!!

  10. I had something like that a while ago… I couldn’t walk normal because of the pain. I workout and move al lot (probably not as much as you) and I never listen to the doctors when they tell me to rest. What helped me a lot though, was cold therapy twice a day (take a bucket of ice and put your foot in for at least 15 minutes) and anti-inflamatory pills for two weeks. The anti inflamatory pills help because you ease the pain and you don’t stress the foot even more by watching how you move, so you help it get back to normal. That’s what my doctor said and it helped!

  11. I love Calee’s solution! Sounds good to me!
    I don’t mean to sound like a weirdo, but I think your body is amazing, and I said that MANY times to Greg at Blend. In fact, I think my exact words were “Lindsay pretty much has the perfect body. If I could pick a body to mold mine into, that’s exactly who I’d choose” I’m really glad to hear that you love your body!!
    I’m with you on the romance thing. We are both so over-worked and stressed that it takes a back seat way too often. And there’s no excuse- it needs to be a priority (it’s just SO hard when you’re about to pass out on the couch at 9pm)

  12. I thought I just posted a comment but it disappeared! Darn google reader hatin’ on my style. ;)

    Anyways you read my mind about sugar and closing the kitchen…your idea of swirling cereal with ice cream sounded way too good. Just upped my workouts per week so I have been wanting to eat everything in site. I seriously took a shot of frosting from a can yesterday straight to the dome. (oops).

    So yeah, this fruity nut from Cali will be watching her sugar and closing her kitchen at 9pm with you…for what it’s worth :)

    Now off to work on my vanity move…

  13. I’m training for a 20K, and also need to cut my dessert intake (by cut I don’t mean eliminate, just be more mindful). I’m with you on that one.
    Also for the PF: have you read the book Born to Run? If not, I’d definately recommend it. It’s not only motivating, but it talks a lot about proper running form, strengthening the foot muscles themselves to reduce injuries like PF (hence the vibrams). Try massage (by hand or just rolling the sole of the foot on a tennis ball or rolling pin- it feels so good) and soaking in cool water to decrease inflammation. Also- exercise the foot muscles- while sitting watching TV pick up marbles with your toes, moving them from one pile to another.
    I’m sure you knew some of of these things, but just in case you didn’t, hope it helps!
    Lastly, you look fab in your photos! You go girl!

  14. i’m pretty sure i had PF before i stopped running, and since then, i’ve had no foot pain. i don’t know what to tell you other than to convince travis he needs to give you LOTS of foot massages. that’s what saved me. ;) and oh yes, all i can think about is ice cream these days. i think i go through this every summer. i crave it NONSTOP!

  15. I totally feel you on plantar facitiis. I’ve been dealing with it since before my marathon. However, I just grunt through the pain, then whine to my boyfriend, and then pay for an expensive massage. I haven’t done the obvious thing and stopped running. Meh…I’m training myself for natural childbirth, which I’m sure is only as bad as plantar f., right? NOT.

    My other complaints? My boyfriend is backpacking in the wilderness until July ,and I miss him SO MUCH!! I miss debriefing the day with him, so he’s getting an email a day while he’s gone.

    I leave for grad school in 10 days and have 17 books to read before then. I’m cloistering myself, which is kind of easy since my boyfriend is gone:(. I LOVE reading, but man…I’ve got a lot to do:)

    I want to be a lean, mean fighting machine. I’m also working on cutting out all sugars. I am trying to cut dairy, grains, alcohol, sugar all summer. However, I had fro yo two days ago. Oh well. I’m also working on being flexible:)

  16. Love this theme and I need to get on this Tuesday Trainer deal, because I’m a slacker. I guess that could be my problem…not following through with this! BAM! Love those biceps woman! LOOKING AMAZING! xoxo

  17. I’ve picked up my mileage recently since marathon training starts this week (!!!!) but I can feel my plantar fasciitis threatening to come back! I need to be sure to stretch my calves and roll my heel on a little golf ball sized thing I got at a running store! And I wish I had your faith! I try to, but it’s hard for me, especially not growing up going to church or having anyone around me that would be a good support.

  18. Love the vanity move theme.

    I will be right there with you with your goals. 20 year reunion this summer and I want to look tight! Vanity at it’s finest.

    My hubs and I definitely need more date nights. Unless playing Words With Friends against each other (while in the same room) counts???

    Thanks for my morning smile!

  19. Hah…Travis response to vanity moves is so good. Meeker would have gone the exact same direction.

    There was a teacher at my school who had planter fasciitis and because she was a teacher and also couldn’t rest…she rode around on a scooter up and down the hallways. It was hilarious. And then she had to have surgery to fix it anyway….so, I’ve got nothing. But I think you’d look good on a scooter.

  20. Date night is a MUST! You have to make time for those for sure or just romantic time at home! Sometimes life gets so busy and it is hard to find a balance with it all, but just take a step back and re-think and plan! Love you!

  21. Love this post. I notice a different in my body if I can eliminate added sugars like that for a few weeks – challenging to keep up too long though! My biggest snacking time is between work & dinner time – when my husband isn’t home yet and I’m bored.

  22. oooh count me in for this week. Vanity moves crack me up! I think that’s why I like Jillian Michaels because she takes these classic vanity moves and makes them into things that actually make you work. Yours is a good one … if you add squats. ;)

    Also, try vibrams. I know that sounds counter productive, but it worked for me. I’m not sure how. But it did. I wouldn’t run or do your exercise regime in them, but maybe just walk around in them and let your feet stretch.

    I need to go to bed early!!! I am setting an alarm next week. And I’m setting my alarm to close the kitchen at 8. Which is a stretch because we don’t do dinner until late. But I’m doing it!

      1. Um yeah … I’m guessing running might have made it worse. I’ve found running in them is not the best for my feet, but walking around in them has done a world of good.

        Also … chiropractic. If you haven’t gone before, do some research and see if there’s one in your area that specializes in therapy and or holistic care. Mine did muscle stimulation on the bottom of my foot and calf (it tickles!) for a few weeks and that helped immensely.