It’s freakin’ Friday.

And I’m happy.

And relieved.

Ready for the weekend.  Ready for Peter Pan to be over (opening night is NEXT Thursday!).  Ready to have some family time this weekend (and a sister shopping trip today!). 

Friday Randoms:

1)   Someone called Clara “Carla” yesterday. 


At first I was like “Carla”???  Then I remembered one of my most favorite bloggers and I smiled a little.  Clara – you are now Carla. 

2)  I’m running a 5k tomorrow.  With a bum heel.  Don’t call me Carla.  Call me stupid.

3)  In a 7 day period, I’ve flung both toothpaste and Chipotle Beanitos in my eye.  Re-read that sentence.  Outloud.  NOW call me stupid.

Summer Bucket List:

In true Janetha fashion, she created a really cool post last week with her Summer Bucket List.  And in true Lindsay fashion, I stole the idea and typed up a post of my own (British accent blogging too!  That’s how you know I’m enjoying writing the post.  Oh, to be a fly on my wall!) 


This Summer Bucket List was super easy to come up with, as most of my lists are.  If I accomplish all of the items, great.  If not, I’ll just beat myself up over it during the Fall and feel really depressed.


Let’s break it down:

1.  Go to the lake.

Lake people are cool.


And I want to be cool.  (Don’t I LOOK cool in that picture?!?)  So more lake time for Lindsay.

2.  Finish fitmixer Bootcamp.

fitmixer store link

I signed up for the fitmixer Bootcamp aiming for two things: to try their product line (which I LOVE and have talked about before) and to spark some fitness creativity that I had lost.  This 12-week program has done just that!  I’m finding new moves and new motivation!  Even the weekly conference calls are fun and informative.  Thank you, Alicia, Robin and Candace! (Be sure to read Alicia’s guest post on meals and moves!)

3.  Plan 1 date night per week.

This guy.


He needs date nights.  They don’t even have to cost any money.  In fact, that’s my preference – to sit on the couch and watch Glee or Madmen.  #boringbutawesome

4.  Can beans and pickle okra.

I showed you guys how to do this last year.  My family cans crops every year – it’s what I’ve grown up around – hard work but very rewarding.

5.  Visit Tina in Atlanta.



Tina and I have been trying to get together ever since Blend!  Our husbands are both computer guys, we have kids the same age and we, well, “get” each other! 

This is the summer for T & A L!!

6.  Get ACE Group Fitness Certification.

I have my NASM-CPT and LOVE LOVE LOVE the acknowledgement that comes with that certification.  As you guys already know, I teach several group fitness classes a week.  Certification in this area just makes sense.  I’m going through ACE because I believe it’s a well rounded and credible program.

Plus, my gym will pay for some of it!  Score!

7.  Ride bikes.

My parents have bikes that we can borrow.  We just need to find some kiddie seats for the backs and hit the road! 

8.  Roadtrip to Polyface Farms.



Speaking of road, Katy and I are taking a road trip to Polyface farms in July!!!  Polyface was the farm featured in the documentary, Food Inc. (a MUST see – streaming on Netflix!).  We’re taking the kids, hitting the road and making a mini-vacation out of it!  Complete with meeting up with some VA bloggers (hello, Sarah!). Can hardly wait – anyone know of a good place to stay in Charlottesville?

9. Take Henry and Clara swimming.

I work at a gym with a HUGE pool and I’ve yet to take Henry and Clara swimming.  Just need to pick a day when Travis can come – taking two wild toddlers who don’t know how to swim to the pool sounds…just call me stupid.

10.  Go to Belle Chere.

Belle Chere is this really fun, very vibrant, 3-day street festival in Asheville, NC!  I haven’t been in YEARS.  In fact, the last time was the summer my dad caught me smoking clove cigarettes.  But that’s a story for a different day…

11.  Train Katy.


That’s Katy.  She wants to become a semi-professional boxer.  (re-read that sentence)  And she’s asked me for help.

It’s all so very MTV “Made”.  I just couldn’t refuse.

I’ll keep you posted – I’m thinking of doing before/during/after shots and having her write some guest posts. 

12.  Read 3 books.

Any suggestions?

13.  Take 5 complete rest days.

My CNS NEEDS a reboot.  And my left heel needs to rest as well (I’m actually considering a cortisone shot at this point). 

5 days of rest is the minimum.  It’s going to be quite a challenge for me mentally.  But I neeeeeed it.


Seesh…it’s gonna be one busy summer. 

QUESTION:  What’s one thing on your Summer To-Do???

P.S.  The winners of the p28 giveaway are #103 – Kerryne and #5- Lee!!  Congrats – email me!


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  1. Great list Lindsay!! Um how cool that you will train someone to be a semi-professional boxer! That is so awesome. I need to pick up some new reads as well, I keep on reading my books to fast. I like your idea of a weekly date night, maybe my bucket list this summer can be to find a date ;)

  2. Great list! C’ville is a fun place! I’d recommend staying near the University or near the downtown mall, but I can’t recommend an actual place since it’s been years since I stayed in a hotel down there.

    Have a fun summer!

  3. Rest days are SO important
    So is reading time! I always make time for some ‘pleasure’ books. Not sure what you’ve read in the past, but some of my favorites include: The Hunger Games (duh), The Fault in our Stars, Room, Bossypants, The Happiness Project, The Book Thief, The Runaway Jury, and Atlas Shrugged.

  4. Charlottesville is the BEST. I went to UVa and I will never stop talking about how awesome it was. Everything is awesome there! My brother has been to Polyface and loved it – he actually tries to get their products whenever he can. But you should stay in actual Charlottesville for at least a day and walk around the university and the Corner and then go to Monticello. I’ve stated in the Cavalier Inn several times (a decent deal) and it is really good location for walking around. The Boarshead Inn is redic expensive, so I guess I can’t in good conscious recommend it, but that’s the nicest place in the greater charlottesville area. You must go to Arches while you are in town. YOU MUST. I will stop now, but there are lots of other amazing things to do there, so feel free to e-mail if you have questions!

  5. YOu’ve inspired me to make a summer bucket llist. LOVE the idea. And… love yours. Yes- take 5 days of rest. They will go by really quickly. :) Your body will be so happy. I like the whole MTV Made trainer thing. You should be on TV. Let me know if you have any ACE questions. I have their PT and group x certifications. :) Love ya! Enjoy your weekend and REST- well, after your race that is!

  6. Oh my! Reading your summer bucket list makes me miss you, Travis, Henry and Clara so badly! I don’t have a summer bucket list, but should probably make one. I am so enjoying being home with my family…and before I go back to work I am trying to do some things I love. I already went to the beach!!!! It was so fantastic! I need a couple of those pics that say “here’s what I think I look like at the beach…and here’s what I really look like.” But I don’t care! I need to see the sunset. I am already seeing my grandsons daily. Life is good. I love you all. Kisses to the fam for me and take care of your heel baby!

  7. Not sure what your reading interests are, but here are the books that i’ve read recently or am reading that I like(d): The Help, The Secret Life of Bees, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (all 3 in the series), the Hunger Games Trilogy, Julie and Julia, ANY Sophie Kinsella (Just read You’ve Got my Number and Twenties Girl), and was recently referred to the Game of Thrones books (not the HBO series)…so will be reading those next! Not sure if I want to read 50 Shades of Gray yet or not….hmmmm

  8. Summer to do list, what a brilliant idea! I was super impressed with your weekly date night, but when you said that includes dates at home catching up on shows, that seems a little more doable. I think I’m going to aim for that weekly date, too. Life with kids makes it more challenging to connect some weeks!

  9. What a fun list!
    I’m planning on (1) taking my kids to the mega water slide park an hour out of town (been promising for 2 years…), (2) try camping again (last year my Clara threw up in the tent; new tent this year) and (3) make jam!

    Had to laugh at the Clara-Carla thing; my dad called my daughter Clara (his granddaughter, for crying out loud), Carla for about the first 6 months of her life!

  10. Whoo hoo!!! I cannot WAIT to see y’all. :) [Especially Carla. Hee hee hee…]

    I have SO many places you need to see and, well, EAT. I can definitely give you a good idea of where to stay…this is an e-mail thing though, most likely, otherwise I’ll overflow the comment space.

    I want to come to Belle Chere! I stopped in Asheville on my way to Texas (it was so not on the way, but whatever, I wanted to go) and didn’t get to spend NEARLY enough time there.

  11. ok so I know that I am horrible at commenting since I read from my ipad a lot, but I just wanted to say that you are awesome. i love how you reach out to so many and do all your links ups and umm your daughter adorable.

    Have fun with the 5K…but don’t over do it so you can’t reach all those other awesome goals!

  12. Good luck in your race!

    What type of books do you like? I love to read and recommend books. Bel Canto, Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, and Attachments are all happy, light reads. If you like young adult fiction, try Graceling, Fire, and Bitterblue.