And more importantly, why on Earth am I typing a post on Saturday night????

Hmmm….something’s wrong here.  (self-imposing a 5 minute rule so if there are typos, I’m sorry).

I really just wanted to pop in and brag about two things:

1)  Today’s weather:


It was 54 degrees this morning when we walked!!  I had to wear a fleece!  The kids had jackets and a blanket. 

It’s JUNE!!  (I just typed “hune”.  Eh, close enough.  Kind of spanish sounding.  Huer welcome.)

I was outside for at least 3/4 of the day – it was just too good.  I took Henry to our friend, Maddy’s graduation/birthday party and got chilly in the shade.


The last two weeks have been sweltering, so this change was so nice!  More please!

2) My hike with Heather and Laura tomorrow!


Pictured L to R: Laura, Tina, Lee, Kirk, Heather, Clara & I

Since Heather is about to move to Denver (sigh), we just HAD to meet up again.  When we hiked at BLEND, we talked about how we should hike together when we got home. 


Guess it takes Heather moving 1,500 miles away to light some fire under our butts.

Tomorrow, we hike Tallulah Gorge, a good midpoint between Franklin and Atlanta. 


I’ve never actually been to Tallulah Falls so I’m excited!!  Plus, I’m guessing that the foodies will have scoped out a fun lunch spot for us afterwards. 

**Edited to add – Heather just tweeted and said we’re going to a cute little place, Grapes and Beans – a place I’ve never been!  Here’s the menu – what should I get??


That’s it.  That’s all I wanted to pop in and say. 

You may go live your weekend!  I insist.

(P.S. Tuesday Trainer submissions due Monday night – theme is KICKBOXING/TAEBO!   Oh and on Monday, I’m giving away something fun.  You should come back.)


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  1. I love your blog, I love the pics of your super-cute kids, I love teaching group fitness classes, and I love giving my kids non-messy healthy snacks. Yes. I know we don’t know each other, and I hope you don’t think I’m creepy. But I had to tell ya. :)

  2. I am so jealous and can’t wait to hear all about the hike (and what you chose for lunch!). I LOVE those girls!! How far did you need to drive to meet at your half-way point?
    I’m not sure what I would have gotten for lunch- but it would have started with the hummus!

  3. Yep. It has been very cold here also. Today is nice. Tomorrow should also be pleasant. Finally.

    Actually, I was supposed to be grocery shopping @ CostCo + TJ’s, etc. But, I did not want to go. Fighting the crowds will depress me today. Tomorrow will be safer.

    After this necessary comment is sent …. time to prepare dinner for a bit later on. Simple stuff, grilled garlic chicken that is sitting in tequila + salad dressing …. oven roasted potatoes w/veggies + a crazy-mixed-up-salad. Dessert = fresh fruit w/ice cream. A done deal.

    Good week to all.

  4. Have a fabulous hike tomorrow! Love those ladies so i’m sure it will be a blast!
    (and yes I’m reading blogs on a saturday night. I’m also writing posts and taking longer than 5 minutes because it’s what i feel like doing tonight) ;)