Eh.  I’ve done Wednesday Wambles before.

Wednesday Woves was inevitable.

It’s Wove time.  Because I wove you.  (Be forewarned:  this is gonna get obnoxious.)

My Latest Loves (Woves)

1.  Actually the first one is the OPPOSITE of wove. 

A sunburn.  Ouch.


I swear, I swear – I put lots of sunscreen on (50 SPF), but I still got burnt.  Probably shouldn’t have spent so much time swimming.  It was just too much fun being outside all day.

Basically, I LOVE being outside.  The sunburn was an unfortunate side effect.

2.  I WOVE signing new PT clients!


Not gonna lie.  I enjoy the money that comes with it, but I sincerely LOVE helping people.  I want everyone to fall in love with fitness the way I have. 

Yep, I’m that annoying trainer that thinks a few more reps won’t kill you, but will in fact, make you a happier person.  More sweat = happier.  Makes sense to me.

3.  I WOVE getting things in the mail!!

From handwritten cards to packages, I just love that “Christmas morning” feeling of getting something in the mail. 

Lauren recently sent me some goodies that I couldn’t find here in Franklin.


The P28 bagels are AMAZING (giveaway headed your way!).  That chocolate bar is gone and I’ve been sipping on the tea over ice every afternoon.  I’m grateful, Lauren!

And just yesterday, I got a surprise package from Probar, a Blend 2012 sponsor who we hope to see return in 2013!  Read on MONDAY to snag some of your own Fruition bars!



(The one he ate the other day was their Double Chocolate one.  He didn’t share.)

4.  I WOVE challenging myself.

Which is why I’m working my way through the fitmixer Bootcamp. 

fitmixer store link

Everyday, we sign in to the online program and receive a new workout.  I’m finding new moves that I’m using on myself of course, but also in my classes! 

I love the challenge.

Which is also why I just signed up for a 5k race. 


I’m not sure if you’ve picked up on it or not, but I haven’t run a lot since the Georgia 1/2 Marathon.  This is mostly due to a case of plantar fasciitis in my left heel.  I’m controlling the pain with some new shoe inserts and a stretching/massage protocol.  Teaching Step Aerobics and Bootcamp doesn’t help, since both incorporate a Reebok step and A LOT of bouncing/plyometrics.  But if I get Travis to massage my heel enough and wear my inserts, I feel stronger.  Like I can run again!

I’m just racing for fun.  We’ll see how I feel on race day.

5.  I WOVE people watching.

I’m addicted to Instagram!  Travis makes fun of me because I don’t miss a picture.  When I wake up, I scroll all the way down to where I left off the night before and make my way back up to the top (Am I alone in this???)

It’s addictive! 


You can see what people are eating, their workouts, their families.  Like a virtual community scrapbook.

Just A FEW of my favorite IGers (I follow 240 and I only follow people I like, so these are the BEST of the BEST – people who inspire me VISUALLY!):

@bonniepfiester     @pavementrunner     @trulyjess     @emilyschildt    @lccotter

@powercakes     @edibleash     @janeeetha     @sprint2thetable

@kmaecags     @blendretreat (Smile)     @blondeponytail     @betterwithveg

@thesmartkitchen     @nhershoes     @bexfinch     @dorrybird

@bexlife     @trailrunnerguy     @cattbowen     @healthydiva31

If you want to peek in at me, my username is lindsays_list.  Travis’ is travisvwright. 

Just don’t stalk us.  That’s never cool.

QUESTION:  What are “woving” lately???  (that DID get obnoxious.  sorry.)  Who do you stalk on IG?


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  1. I feel like a superstar to be featured in your list (and even when I’ve been MIA from reading your blog recently!) – thanks girl. :) I’m woving hearing about the Fitmixer bootcamp, wrapping up my last week at work, and thinking about a hike with some of my favorite people this weekend (yay!!!).

  2. Well friend, I WOVE you and your blog posts that make my day. I WOVE instagram too evne though I didn’t make the cool list. :) Yay for signing new clients. NOT for your sunburn though. :) Love ya! :)

  3. I admit I’m am IG stalker. It’s so fun to see what everyone is up to even if I never meet them in person. Plus, have you seen the food? I’ve gotten so many ideas for all my eats of IG. Love, I mean WOVE it!

  4. I wove Instagram too! I am constantly looking for things I wove and taking pictures of them and posting and stalking…. I had to stop looking this week because I was doing it at work too and they don’t wove that I do that (I think).

    I wove that you woved one of my IG photos once. :) @alang1000

    I wove that my in-laws live on a lake and live 15 minutes away. This will be a summer of water wove.

    I wove summer veggies and other eats.

    I would wove to do a Tuesday Trainer video sometime this summer… (GOALS).

    Back to work.

  5. i am woving all these new recipes (healthy recipes) that im finding pinterest is sort of out of control…i just made some protein cheesecakes from janetha’s blog last night and am obsessed! oh and loving that i just got a box of yogurts from chobani… :) thats always good

  6. you weren’t annoying enough. you should edit this and change all the times you said “love” to “wove”. when i read the title, i read “woves” like “moves” with a W–and thought you were doing TT a day late instead of a week late. little did i know you were busting out some lovey dovey shit. you’re my fave.

  7. This post is great! I too am a people watching person, I seriously can’t resist. Good thing I am moving to a city where I will be able to people watch on both sides of my commute. I feel like I am a dog because I love when snail mail comes, such a good feeling to get a handwritten note.

  8. hahah I’m glad I’m not the only one who only followed IGs of people I like.

    and I am also adoring the challenging boot camp workouts! I honestly didn’t think there were that many moves I didn’t already know.

  9. I WOVE getting things in the mail- especially hand-written cards. My friend and I made it a point to mail each other something every other week during grad school. Sometimes it was a nice card or letter, other times it was just a funny photo or newspaper clipping or something to make the other one laugh.
    I’m way too obsessed with Instagram. I have told myself that I need to limit my uploads- it’s not so bad on weekdays, but on weekends I want to post EVERYTHING!

  10. that picture of your lil gal is just TOO cute, what a face!
    & yes, I scroll down to where I left off the night before for both instagram & twitter, I think I’m becoming a social media junkie! But I have been using instagram more & more lately, & i love it. it’s essentially a virtual scrapbook, so what’s not to love?!

    1. ME TOO! My Blackberry doesn’t have any cool apps – and IG’s not available for it yet. Still have a year left on our contract then we’re switching (these phones get viruses, freeze all the time, and mainly, don’t have IG). ;) Love seeing others’ pics and would surely stalk if I could! ;)

      Your Memorial Day sounded fun (minus the sunburn, which is record that you were having fun!) – glad you’re feeling better too. ;)

  11. I LOVE YOU!

    I stalk you on there of course, can’t get enough of your damn pretty face or your cutie pics of the kids!

    I stalk lots of peeps on instagram, I might get a pfa put on me soon, haha!

    Love ya girl! Happy Wednesday! <3

  12. Awww I wove this post ;). And um, Travis totally should have shared that chocolate bar haha. I do the same thing on Instagram!!! I always feel like I’m missing something if I’m not constantly on it. And then my phone batter likes to die rather quickly.