Yesterday, I was a slug. 

Had I worn a pedometer around the house (which seems like a uber silly thing to do), I’m sure it would have tallied about 500 steps.  Maybe 400.

Oh, and I didn’t eat anything green.  Lots of brown.  Yummy chocolate brown.

It was just what I needed. 

To be present.  With my family.

Today, I have something REALLY fun for you guys!  A Tuesday Trainer guest post from one of my favorite Fitfluential friends, Rebekah Borucki.  As you’ll see in her pictures, she’s not only smokin’ hot, but vibrant and full of life. 

Thank you, Bex, for taking over TT!!  Thank you for inspiring me daily!  Thank you for having a name that rhymes with sex.


Before I take on the very honorable task of hosting Tuesday Trainer for the day, I’d like to tell a little about myself to y’all (that was me pretending that I’m from the South, in honor of Lindsay).

First, my name is Rebekah, but I insist that you call me Bex. (We’re pals, right?)


I have a little website called where I ramble on about my four crazy-amazing-beautiful kids, brag about my super-talented-celebrity-music-photographer husband, swoon over everything yoga & fitness related, and totally bore people to death with videos and stories about my backyard chickens. Yes, I have chickens.


Second, I’m not really from the South (I know, I know – I totally fooled you with my expert use of “y’all”). I was born and raised in New Jersey, spent my summers at the famously trashy Jersey Shore, and took off after high school to make it big in New York City. Today, I’m just getting settled into my 8-acre mini-farm in South Jersey and working full-time as a YouTuber and professional blogger. I’m having way too much fun for one girl, so I’m compelled to share my joy and knowledge (soaked up from amazing mentors and friends like Tara Stiles, Sadie Nardini, Michael Perrine, John Joseph and Dr. Fred Bisci) with the world through healthy-living/recipe/gardening/chicken/yoga videos. And THAT, in a nutshell, is Bex Life.


When Lindsay asked me to guest-blog for her, it took me about 3.2 seconds to say yes. I have so much respect for her and her blog (and I’m completely obsessed with and inspired by her adorable family). This yoga routine is the very first workout shot on my new property (you’ll see my barn in the background), so it’s extra-special for me. Lindsay and the Marianne Wells Yoga Instructor also inspired me to create my own little list – My 3 Greatest Motivations For Staying Fit

1. My husband – I want to be a true partner in life, helping him every step of the way. I want to stay strong and capable and beautiful for the man I’ve chosen to spend my life with.

2. My kids – I know my kids love me, but I want them to enjoy me, too. I want them to have memories of us playing together and being active. A healthy lifestyle is something that I look forward to passing on to my children AND my future grandchildren.

3. My adventures yet-to-be-taken – It’s a big world and I want to see ALL of it. I need to live lots of healthy years to be able to fit in all the traveling and exploring I have planned for my family and myself.

Lindsay’s photo of her own six-pack abs inspired this yoga routine for the CORE. I hope you like it, and I really hope you’ll come visit me on for more fun workouts, vegan & vegetarian recipes, and tips on clean organic living. xo


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  1. Great flow, beautiful farm (and neat life change!), and wonderful post…thanks for sharing, Bex! And I’m glad you were a slug with your family and chocolate, Lindsay – you deserved that break after your intense weekend! Love to the FitFluential fam!

  2. Loved it! Super simple, but I know it will be effective! I’m loving the yoga core work right now, especially from Sadie (who I just found and LOVE!). I’ll be checking out your site Bex- I’ve loved your “You have 4 minutes” Tabata workouts for awhile now and can’t wait to see what else you’ve got!

      1. I’ve been great! Just super busy and not able to blog as much as I’d like to. I’m getting back into it though now that the students are out for the summer and work is slower for me. I’ve posted a few new recipes in the past week…go check them out! I think you’ll especially love the ones I posted today because they are (protein) balls! :)