So I went and did something that’s totally not me.

I hinted at it here.

Some of you were with me when I got it done.

Others are Instagram/Twitter stalkers.

I couldn’t tell you all before now, because, well, my mom reads my blog and I had to show her in person.  It’s just what you do.

The telling of the mom.

Not the other thing.

Enough waiting….here it is:  (P.S. Travis WROTE and RECORDED the background music!)


  • Badass music, Travis!
  • Yes, Teri is so cute.  Bloggers like to talk about other bloggers.  You won’t BELIEVE what we said about you!
  • Total time: 15 min. prep.  15 min. tattoo.
  • Total cost: $60 + tip.
  • Pain level:  Tolerable…honestly not as bad as I expected.  Natural childbirth was 100X worse.

I feel like I need to justify this a little more.  (Maybe because my mom wasn’t too thrilled when I showed her. Winking smile  She had a similar reaction when I got my tragus pierced.  If you don’t know what part of the body is a tragus, just try to imagine.  Whatever you’re thinking, that’s probably it.)

Yes, that is the TT button I had tattooed.  Yes, I love my blog.  And yes, I love what Tuesday Trainer represents: health, fellowship, a dedication to self-improvement.

I certainly wouldn’t have gotten this tattoo had the symbol been, just that, a symbol.  Plus, I’m not crazy – blogging is a hobby.  Who knows how long I’ll do it.  Not me!

TT means something much more than Tuesday Trainer.

TT stands for Travis Truly.  And Tank Travis.

Childhood names that Travis was given.  (Tank Travis because the boy weighed 10 pounds when he was born and then stayed well above the 100th percentile for height and weight.  He was…a tank.)

There was even a song that went along with Travis Truly.  Travis’ mother made it up when he was 2.  I tried my best, Catherine.  Listen:

 [ca_audio url=”″]

This tattoo has been something I’ve wanted ever since I saw the connection between the TT button and the nicknames. 

I love it. 

It makes me feel hardcore. 

And a little naughty.

tuesday trainer

Tuesday Trainer (Travis Truly) For Life!

QUESTION:  Do you have a tattoo?  How many/what of?  If not, what would you get?


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  1. So cute :) Are you hooked? Getting another one?

    I have 1 right now – a figure skate blade on my left lower abdomen. I skated for 12 years and coached for another 4 after that. Even though I’m not involved with skating anymore, it is still a part of me. I want another tattoo, just not sure what yet.

  2. I love your tattoo. It’s awesome for all the reasons you wanted it :) I don’t have any but if I ever had something meaningful enough for me get I might. But honestly, it’s mostly the pain that keeps me away. My ears aren’t even pierced. I am…how you say…a wuss ;)

  3. I don’t have any tattoos, but if I got one, I’d get it in the same place that you did. I like the back of the neck/upper middle back tats.

  4. I completely approve of this! I have three tattoos (the hawaiian word for “little sister”, a fleur de lis, and a palm tree) and I am getting one more of my initials and my fiancé’s initials on my ring finger. Yours is super cute, I’m glad you love it!!

  5. ahhhh love it!! tuesday trainer for life! was that ur first tattoo? i have one its on my butt cheek..the word love haha…apparently i was a hippie for a day. ive been tempted to get others but think i should stop at the one.

  6. I love that you did this. For Tuesday Trainer AND Travis Tank (LOVE that too!).

    I had a hard time telling my mom about my first tattoo also (the Egyptian Udjat), even though my brother already had full sleeves and tattoos everywhere (including the side of his shaved head…). My second tattoo was easier for her to take…

    miss you, my friend! hoping my life calms down soon and I can catch up with you! XO

  7. You rock girl! I have lots of tattoos (it’s kind of an addiction) – don’t be surprised if you want another one in like a week :)

    Love the meaning behind it and also love how you looked so nervous just before it, but then totally bad-ass afterwards :)

  8. I have a great quote I’m getting put on my arm, most likely wrist where I can see it everyday as a reminder “Never regret anything, because at one point in time it was exactly what you wanted” I hate living my life with regrets and this is a true statement!

  9. Yes I have 1. it’s a seahorse that I got when I was 21 from a friend of a friend… meaning it was free and not all that professional..I was planning on adding 2 baby seahorses scootin along with their mom until I realized that the roles are reversed in the seahorse world. I was young and unworldly at that time :) I’m planning on getting it covered. And I’d like to get more! :)

  10. Love it! Hardcore :)

    I don’t have any tattoos, but when I was really considering getting one, I wanted to have “Believe” printed somewhere on my body.. but never really decided on where. I also considered getting some sort of Irish symbol somewhere. Maybe someday!

  11. LOVE it! I love that it’s got a double meaning too. Also, College Boyfriend wrote/recorded music too. It is really interesting being with somebody that has that talent. I used to refer to him as my Trent Reznor, but just not as cute (you’ve seen Trent Reznor, right?).

    Have a great day!

  12. I love it! I don’t have a tattoo and probably won’t end up getting one, but who knows? If I did I’d want a small one on the inside of my wrist or somewhere on my upper neck. I guess I just haven’t ever thought of something that would mean enough to me to have for the rest of my life!

  13. I love it because it MEANS something to you.
    Even though my whole leg (I have many others :-)) is Seuss all the images I selected have highly personal meaning (no cat in the hat for me :))

  14. Wow! I have a tattoo that says “Love” upside down and right-side up (an ambigram) – inspired by my first trip to Italy and the Illuminati’s designs in “Angels and Demons”. Love is the most important thing in the world to me. :)