mr. long weekend

May 26, 2012 in Blog, Family, Food, Friends, Kids, Love, Marriage, Saturday Fun, Sillyness by lindsaymwright

Well hello there, Mr. Long Weekend!

I’ll be taking advantage of you.  But in the non-naughty way. This time.

I plan to:

Talk about you to all my friends.  About how I’ve needed you so badly lately.

Eat many, many gluttonous foods in celebration of you. 


Run after my sunburnt children. 

Dry my lake hair in the sun so it’s nice and curly. 


Wear aviator glasses. 

Sing whatever comes to mind.  As loudly as I can.  And annoy Travis by rhyming “truck” with “truck.”

Jet ski on Monday, because you gave me that extra day and Mr. Long Weekend, you deserve a nice ski in your honor.

Eat watermelon with salt.


Film a #chobanipowered commercial (maybe on jet skis, maybe on not jet skis) (<-what are not jet skis?)

Look at my toes and wish I’d gotten a pedicure.

Tickle Clara until she can hardly breath from all the laughing.


Join Henry in throwing rocks.  At dogs.  And at people.

Relish the fact that because of you, I get to kiss my Travis in the middle of a Monday.


Thank you, Mr. Long Weekend.

Please come again real soon.


QUESTION:  How are YOU enjoying Mr. Long Weekend??

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