So yeah.

I came out.



(What a weird, weird expression.)

Before Saturday, the 295 people who liked Lindsay’s List consisted of people I had (mostly) never met. 

Online friends.  Bloggers.  Readers. 

Basically no one that knows me in “real life”.

(This excludes some close friends and all my family – they’ve been reading since the beginning and wondering why they can’t look away from this car-crash of a blog.)

I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to make this blog public.

I’m likeable.




See.  I sleep.  Just like you.

I (think) you can tell from my posts and vlogs that I am who I am.  In real life and on the blog.  So it’s not like I have anything to hide.

Plus, I’m REALLY proud of what I write.  Sex jokes and all.

Why did I wait to share my blog with my IRL friends and family???

Fear of rejection?  Scrutiny?

Only slightly.

The truth is….I don’t really know the reason.

But it just didn’t feel right.

Case in point:  Last December, I was in the running to become America’s Next Top Model a Love Grown blogger. 

They held a contest to see who could get the most FB votes.

I was thisclose to “coming out” then, because I really wanted to win.  And I honestly think I could have won had I really opened up.

But I didn’t.

Well gosh darn it.  That’s ridiculous.  (Plus, I don’t like losing.)

So I’m coming out. 

I’m ready to earn some new readers.  To make the most out of this blogging endeavor.

Perhaps most importantly, I KNOW that there are some local readers who could benefit from fitness and health tips.  I’m just the spunky certified professional to help them.

Being exposed feels good.  I like it.

I’m not looking back.

If you’re a Franklin reader, HI and WELCOME!!  Please start commenting and I’ll comment back! “Come out” to ME!

And if you haven’t like Lindsay’s List on Facebook yet, you should!  Follow me on Twitter too (those 856 followers – not my IRL friends either – who ARE they??)!

QUESTION:  If you’re a blogger, do your RL friends know about your blog?  Have you “come out”?  Why/why not?


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  1. Hi! I am so happy too hear that I am not the only one! I’ve even thought about making an FB page for my blog, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I am not 100% sure why I am so shy about it, but I think there are two basic reasons. 1. because if I tell everyone and they don’t read it, I’ll feel sad and rejected. and 2. because I take it sort of seriously and I’m afraid they’ll think that’s silly!

    My mom reads my blog, but that’s about it.

    I do feel better that I am not alone!

  2. Wait what, you sleep too?! Lindsay I swear we are more and more alike every single day!
    Also – congrats on coming out! A great feeling right? Letting my blog be public to anyone and everyone keeps a check on keeping myself real, too :) I mean, both my best friend and my brother reads it!

  3. I have shared a “few” posts but have actually been more dissapointed at the lack of support than anything, I mean some do support and I have been lucky to inspire a 1 or 2, but many don’t. So for the most part I only share a few posts, and some pics and let them take it or leave it, they know where to find me.

  4. This is funny. I’ve “come out” a little bit here and there. I think my close friends and family get enough “crazy” from me in person they don’t want to read the blog all the time. Ha. Congrats on your first step friend.

  5. I haven’t shared mine with all of my friends yet. I like having my own place to talk about life…but then again, I’m not sure why I haven’t “come out”. Maybe I should just bite the bullet.

    Did you find a lot of your friends/family “liked” your page?

  6. The first week I didn’t share my blog with anyone, but then I started sharing it on facebook. All of my IRL friends have the opportunity to know that I blog, but I don’t necessarily shove it in their faces. I’m not hiding it, but I’m not always calling attention to it either, besides just linking the posts to facebook. I think it’s a little bit of “who do I think I am?” going on. Internet people don’t know me, and they (hopefully) don’t think I’m a complete weirdo. Not sure how my IRL friends feel about it.

  7. It’s so weird, because I love writing my new blog and I want everyone I’ve ever met (or not met) to read it and love it, too. Yet I very rarely talk about it, and only link posts once in a while to my FB page. I’m totally scared of being judged and even more scared that no one will read it. Blahhhh… what’s a girl to do??!

  8. Very timely post for me :) I have yet to ‘come out’ – officially – on my personal FB page with my blog, though I do have a page for the blog itself. My life has changed a lot in the last few years and I guess I haven’t shared my new endeavors with my FB friends and family out of some sort of deep-seeded fear of judgement. I normally don’t care what others thing but when it comes to my blog I’m sort of protective. It’s a strange feeling to say the least…

  9. It feels so good to be true to yourself doesn’t it? The blog is a BIG part of who you are and you SHOULD feel like you can share it with the world! I’ve never really kept mine a secret from my family and friends…heck I was so excited that I was actually getting comments when I first started that it was practically all I talked about! Haha!

    I haven’t really come out to “the world” just yet…it feels a little weird announcing to perfect strangers that if they’d like, they can secretly stalk you for the rest of your blog life…plus there are a lot of people who just don’t “get it”, you know? ! Although I have to say, while I was at the local farmer’s market this weekend, I had a lot of people asking if I was taking pictures for the newspaper, and I had no problem telling them I’m a food blogger…I even gave one vender my blog address AND just this morning found that she left a comment on my FB page! Yay!

  10. Some of my real life friends know about my blog, but I don’t shout it out at the top of my lungs. If they bring up the topic or ask about it, I’ll talk to them about the blog. Otherwise we just talk about normal stuff and tell sex jokes ;)

  11. Congratulations on your “coming out”! :)
    My friends are very supportive of my blogs, and sometimes they even tell me they noticed I didn’t post for a few days! :)
    Sometimes I wish I could write somethings that I feel embarrassed about sharing with people I know but that I would like to share with the world (contradictory, I know! :P).
    I’m sure your IRL friends will love your blog as much as the “unknowns” like me do. :)

  12. After about 6 months of blogging, I posted one of my posts on my regular FB page. For the next couple of weeks, I would do it occasionally, but not for every post. So for those who clicked. and like…maybe they still come back. But I stopped linking it up. Being a teacher, I need to be careful who reads what. I don’t write anything negative about school – and I hold myself ot high standards in my general life – but I’ve always got to be careful.
    I also feel like some people judged me for having a blog. Do I care? Well.. I guess I’d like to say no.. but apparently I do. I ran into an old friend at Trader Joe’s one day.. and she just made me feel awkard (which I eventually linked to the blog)… about her being sure I must always shop at Trader Joe’s and she is surprised she doesn’t see me here more often. Perhaps I over reacted (but it was also one of the “popular” girls from when I was younger.. (which I was not one of..)

  13. Good for you to come out!

    I actually did it the opposite way. Friends and family knew basically from the beginning and I’d link most of my posts to my personal fb. It wasn’t until I’d get a comment from a stranger or check out my search terms that I realized, hey, my work means something to people! That’s when I created my blog’s fb page and did more to promote it publically.

  14. Just found your blog. I like it alot and I’m excited to try some of those Tuesday Trainer workouts! By the way, I thought it was very courageous and encouraging to watch your vlogs about your ED journey. God bless! Hebrews 9:24

  15. Not yet. Although my healthy living/weightloss blog is brand new. So is healthy living for me!

    I do have a writing blog though that I have JUST started sharing with a few close friends. It takes a big amount of bravery each time. Every so often I think about sharing it on my personal facebook page and then I wimp out. Ugh!

    So congrats on stepping out!

  16. Not yet. But then my healthy living blot is brand new. So is healthy living for me! :)

    I have a writing blog that I’ve shared with very few people. But every so often I think about sharing my posts on my personal facebook account. Then i wimp out. I really cant say why. But I know it would take a swell of bravery to finally do it. Congrats!!!

  17. I’m semi-out! Most of my close friends and family know. I usually don’t start talking about my blog unless the topic turns to another blog. Then I’ll open up.

    It has been kind of awkward at times when my coworkers comment about posts but usually they are very supportive.

  18. I love it! When I first started blogging it wasn’t until after a few months in that I told some people – of course, my mom knew. (how do moms know everything!?!) There are still some people I haven’t told, like my co-workers. But I’m absolutely certain they know about it though and just don’t say anything. One of my coworkers reads Caitlin’s (HTP) blog and she reads all the comments on those controversial posts. I’m SURE that she has seen me weigh in on them before.

  19. I remember when I first posted it on my facebook. I started sharing my recent posts and nearly pissed myself. In the end, my friends knew more about it and I started getting recognized at local events. Weird, but awesome.

  20. So I’m not sure if I’ve commented before, but if not than I figured now would be a good time to say hi! Been reading for a few months now :-) Love your candidness and wit! (and fitness tips and things of course)

    From the beginning, most of my family knew about my blog, and if someone asked I would definitely talk about it. I never really tried to keep it from anyone, but I didn’t make it a point to advertise my blog to my real life friends. Sometimes I post links to specific posts on facebook, but I have no idea who of my real life friends read! It does feel good to put yourself out there some times.

  21. What a great post, I haven’t at all. I don’t even connect my blog to my Facebook or twitter because I don’t want for it to be open yet. Who knows though, that could change when I graduate and start my job.

  22. So I’m not sure if I’ve commented here before, but if not I figured this is a good time to say hi! Been reading your blog for a few months now, but I’m usually a silent reader.

    I’ve been blogging for almost a year (ohman) now, and I didn’t really ‘come out’ per se. I told my parents almost immediately, as it was hard to keep it secret since I was living with them at the time. I share articles on my facebook now and then, but I don’t really know which of my real life friends read. I do know that almost my entire family (including extended) reads though. Not sure if that’s awkward or not. Feels good to put yourself out there!

  23. Congrats!
    I’m sort of out. My business cards have my blog URL on them, as does the footer on my personal email. But I don’t usually tell people directly to go and read my blog!
    My family doesn’t really read it, even though they know I write one. I don’t think they really get it. That’s okay ’cause I’ve met so many great people through it (including you!)

  24. Congrats on finally making the move!
    It surprisingly didn’t take me too long to “come out”, but it DID take me a while to start posting my more serious posts on my own facebook page. Once the random guy in my salsa class said that he had seen my blog before when meeting me for the first time, I realized that there was no such thing as hiding haha

  25. It actually took me several years too. I don’t know why. I was afraid that some of my friends would think it was silly or that my family would find out way too much personal information about me, but now they all love it. Even my grandmother reads it. Every time I talk to her, she tells me that she loves my blog. I don’t think she knew what a blog was before.

  26. I was hesitant at first to share my blog with my friends and family but ultimately did. Sometimes it makes me debate putting some things on my blog (like my tattoos or before FitMixer Bootcamp shots) but I don’t feel like I’ve strayed from sharing my life in a truthful way so it’s okay. Sometimes it’s awkward when my coworkers comment about it, but ultimately they support it and read it because they enjoy it. So I guess that works right?

  27. It took me awhile before I did, but I wrote a post on being gluten-free and I just felt like I should be sharing it with more than just my readers. I posted it on my personal Facebook (I don’t have a blog one) and I was surprised at the outpouring of support and comments on it! I made connections with people from high school that I haven’t talked to in 10 years!! Now I will post something on there if I feel it is relevant. Congrats on coming out :)

  28. I hope your family still accepts you for being a blogger. Mine disowned me. Just kidding. But I can’t marry my blog in North Carolina…and neither can you for that matter…