Since we already know what the theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer will be (KICKBOXING/TAEBO!), I figured I’d take the day off and let another lady write for me!  (Thinking about that statement, “taking the day off,” seems laughable to me!  I’ll have to share my schedule with you guys.  It’s bananas right now.)

Alex started blogging recently and she also just graduated college.  A young spring chick.  I remember those days.

Today she shares her tips in dealing with CHANGE!  (I SO needed this!  I hate change.  I still keep my jewelry in a Caboodle.  And if you know what that is then you’re probably not considered a spring chick any longer.)


Where to begin? Oh wait, no one knows me so this could be difficult. When I heard that Lindsay was asking for guest bloggers I kind of thought, why not? I am starting my own blog during my last spring break (She started one!  The Run Within!) as I begin to graduate from college (eek) and start work in the real world (bigger eek).


I’m Alex, 22 year old from the lovely Massachusetts who gave up her ‘wicked’ cool Northern crew to go to college down South in a small town in Virginia. Bring on the southern accents. When I was trying to think of what to possibly write about that would appeal to readers and be a passionate post, I thought about change.

Change has always had this power to rock my world in more ways than one. No one can say they successfully handle a big change as it comes, it takes a lot of trial and error, patience and a whole lot of healthy coping. Well, as I plan to graduate the third week of May and move to DC to begin my first full time job, I realized a whole lot of change is about to happen. We learned in my psychology class that one of the biggest transitions we face in our life is the point of graduating from college and entering the real world. Great.

So here is how I deal with CHANGE and TRANSITION:

Rely on supports!

I am one lucky girl and I know that. Despite all I have put them through, I have the most supportive and understanding family. A mom who I miss terribly when I am away, a dad who makes me laugh like no other and a younger sister that teaches me balance in life… oh and how could I forget this precious face? Yes, it is hard knowing that ‘home’ is currently a 12-15 hour drive away and my sister’s college is an 8 hour drive away. But physical presence is not the only way to have support. My mom and I have multiple emails and texts whenever something reminds us of one another. It may not be those lovely walks or chats we have together, but it still keeps me grounded. With each scratch ticket my dad sends me through the mail (granted they are for MA not VA so I can’t even cash them…) I am constantly reminded of those supports. Don’t even get me started on the most hilarious , loving, Lebanese extended family who supports me in every way possible. Can’t forget the constant question if I have found my Lebanese boyfriend yet. (Still looking uncle, still looking.) Man my family rocks.

2Stay connected!

I would lie if I didn’t say I am not the best at being that social butterfly. I like my alone time, I like it a lot. My ideal night is home by myself with some tv, my computer and a blanket. Party animal right here. But that doesn’t always help me when I am feeling down, unsure of myself, and plain lonely. I know a huge challenge I will face when I move away from a college campus is the constant people interaction that was forced on me. A lot of student at my school are going to DC after graduation (I mean one of my best friends is moving to DC!). I even have some old high school friends there. That hermit hole I tend to dig, needs to be uprooted especially at the beginning of this transition.

3Keep routine.

I am a creature of habit and though some schedule changes will be made, I know I have to stick to what I know. That means making sure I am taking care of my body. I am allergic to gluten so staying diligent on preparing food that makes my stomach and body feel good is a must. The big key in this is patience. A new routine means an adjustment phase. It is important to remember the chaos and uncertainty will soon feel like an old routine once again. (Fast forward to that please?)

Do what you love!

For me, this by far is running. I am a distance queen to say the least. I actually get excited to think about running in a new unknown place. While I have been blessed by being able to run in amazing warm weather, beautiful scenery and lovely hills, I know DC will bring on a whole new running experience. I know running gives me my ‘me’ time, I run without music, without a Garmin, just me and my watch for how ever long I feel. I just LOVE to run. I am determined to find a routine where my shoes hit the pavement daily. (I am feeling a ton of half marathons to add to my race belt already)

Jump in!

As I said, I am far from an adventure seeker. I do perfectly well in my home-body ways but my goal for this transition is to branch out. For me, that means trying new groups or activities that are popping up around DC. Join a gym to meet people in classes, join a running group, go to free DC events (yes.. I need to still remember I am a poor college student). The opportunities are a lot greater in bustling DC than this small town of Virginia, I need to take advantage of it. I keep having this pit feeling in my stomach about making new friends. Eek it is strange because I realize this is the first time since the start of college (another transition period) I will have to make new friends. Play with me, anyone?

Thanks Lindsay for letting me guest post.  So glad to have begun my own blogging journey!

QUESTION:  What’s the last big change that happened in your life?  How did you cope?



Alex is a distance running, sarcastic, veggie-loving, celiac girl who
strives for balance in her everyday life.  She blogs about her daily escapades at The Run Within!

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  1. I graduated from college last May, worked for about a year, quit that job, and now I’m looking for another job (that I actually enjoy). Needless to say, the past year has been crazy, with lots of ups and downs. I’m still trying to adjust!

  2. fantastic post.
    for me it was leaving the husband for a 2 week or so trip which turned into 5 months.

    I followed all the tips above.

  3. Big changes are going on RIGHT NOW in my life – starting a new job on Monday, moving across the country, finding a new house, buying a new house, whew the list goes on! Great tips on dealing with the craziness of changes that are inevitable and embrace the change! =)

  4. definitely moving from KC to Miami with my husband was a huge change. Since I work from home there was no built in way to meet people, which meant I had to get over my own homebody tendecies and find running groups!

  5. The first year out of college was a GIANT change for me. I was so used to having my friends close by, etc and it was hard. But I do think that what helps me get through it is reminding myself that change is good and it’s temporary (meaning, it won’t always feel so transitional)

  6. change is so hard. I freak out when my grandma get’s new glasses, let alone something big! To deal with change I just try and take it one day at a time. Normally after a few days or a few weeks things start to get better and I realize that the change was for the better.

  7. a big change in my life is currently accepting the fact that in the fall I will be returning to school to finish my master’s degree without all my best friends, as they have all graduated & are moving on to their careers in different states throughout the country – they could have at least all picked a central location, huh?! hahah. but anyways, I wish you luck as you adjust to your new life in DC !