I probably do owe you guys a day by day, second by second, recap of BLEND.  It’s all I ever talk about lately.

But I’m lazy.

And I’m still on vacation, darn it!

Besides, there are 70 blogs right now, berating you with BLEND this and BLEND that (sounds like a recipe).  Even as the “momma” to this Retreat, I feel like too much talk is overkill and people will get bored and jealous that they weren’t there.  I do know that Janetha will do a day by day post and she always does a fantastic job with making those seem not boring.

I’m going to try to recap in the best way I know how…..list-style.

BLEND 2012 – Lindsay’s LIST-style

FINAL - Blend Retreat copy copy

Some descriptive words:

Amazing. (yes, an overused word – gah! <-another one.)






Some AMAZING (<-see!) Sponsors!:


ChobaniFitmixerXagaveThe Simply BarBob’s Red MillLarabarGreen Mountain CoffeePure Bliss EatsCore PowerCheribundiProbarmix1Love Grown FoodsCascadian FarmsPangea OrganicsAttune FoodsNuts About GranolaNuNaturalsLush NutsOptimum NutritionTwin Cakes BakeryColorado Fudge MakerPopChipsBeanitosDry SodaBobo’s Oat BarsHanna’s Herb ShopHealthy BitesKIND BarNatureBox.

Say all that in one breath.  Betcha can’t.

I have swag for MONTHS!  Thank you to our sponsors!  Without you, we couldn’t have done this…period.

Some highlights:

Meeting Janetha and Katie for the first time.  Best friends forever.  No joke.


Spending ALL of Friday morning, assembling 75 swag bags.  I’m pretty sure they each weighed 50 pounds.



Meeting all these bloggers, whom I had email-bombed over the past 6 months.  Best blends forever.  No joke.


Drinking my first alcoholic beverage in over 7 years!! 

The bartender asked me if I trusted him and proceeded to create “Summer is Here” – a mix of vodka, cranberry, grapefruit and orange juice. 



Chatting with Steve from Xagave about how cool Carolina is! 

I must’ve impressed him with my cupcake eating skills, as he gave me the only copy of the Xagave cookbook he had.


Eating 4 5 mini cupcakes.  Delicious!!



Getting Cookie Dough Nutty Butter from Sarah.  EPIC.  Thanks, girl!


 Leading a 70 person bootcamp with Tina.  EPIC.  (post coming soon entirely devoted to that experience!) 

Thanks to fitmixer for providing pre-workout aminos!



The Xagave Breakfast.  The Green Mountain Coffee (+ donation of FOUR Keurigs for us!). 



Leading a hike up to Royal Arch (fueled by The Simply Bar).  Yes, again I led.  I’m uber competitive.



The Boulder Farmer’s Market and Pearl Street Mall.


(photo – Ashley)

Being the most adventurous I have ever been in my life.  (teaser alert – promise I’ll divulge later!)

Dinner and drinks gallons of tequila at Rio Grande.




(it was hilarious.  promise.  Picture stolen from Alyssa)

Late night custard.



Taking a bootcamp from one of the best trainers in the field!  Thanks for kicking my butt, Tiffany!



Chobani breakfast, complete with Love Grown granola and 3 more GMC k-cups.  Travis, Henry & Clara joined us!




Raffling off some amazing prizes.

Saying farewell.  Although I wouldn’t call that a highlight. 




Some Takeaways:

1.  Reading about these people is fun.  Meeting them in person, life changing.

2.  Women are BEAUTIFUL!  With the sweat, the dirt from the hike, the laughter, the drunken stupor.  We are a beautiful sex.

3.  Working out is fun.  Eating is fun.  Drinking is fun, but not the next day.

4.  Company interaction and participation is crucial to successful blogging and event planning.  I’m thankful for how many companies stepped up and made BLEND a success!

5.  BLEND Retreat is here to stay.  This year’s retreat was ABOVE and BEYOND what we had ever hoped for! 

BLEND 2013 is already being planned.  Stay tuned!


Thanks to everyone who made this past weekend a success! 

I’m still on cloud 9. 

And I don’t plan to come down anytime soon.

QUESTION:  Have you ever attended a blogging conference?  Which one?  Did you enjoy it? (if not, come to BLEND next year!)


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  1. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into Blend, Lindsay! I truly enjoyed it. It was wonderful meeting so many woman from such different backgrounds with similar passions. Also, it was a treat meeting you!

  2. Sounds absolutely AMAZING (overused, but sometimes it’s the perfect word!). I’m super jealous and totally wish I could have been there! I’m marking it on my calendar for next year though :) Hopefully you know how incredible you are for putting this together! Katie and Janetha too!!

  3. “Drinking is fun, but not the next day” LOL. Best line in the post! :-) So glad you guys had a blast. You all worked so hard and deserved to have it go off as perfectly as it did! Sorry to have missed out on the fun, but I can’t split my body in two and be in two places! :-)

  4. yay blend!!! you guys did such a great job organizing that whole weekend…i had a great time meeting all the lovely ladies and definitely look forward to next year. thank you again for all ur hard work! oh and for kickin my ass in bootcamp :)

  5. Thank you again, times a million! It was amazing to meet you and find out you are just as fabulous in person as I had hoped you’d be. :) Next year, I’ll be a sponsor and provide nut butter for everyone! [Well, maybe…my food processor might break on me if I attempt that…]

  6. Loved your list style recap. :) So mcuh to say- Cute Lulu shirt. :)Nice swag. Beautiful hike. Awesome boot camp. I’m so jealous of it all. I so wish I could’ve come. I’m there next year no matter what!!!!! Is it weird that I feel like I need a hug right now? :) Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!!! :)

  7. The only help I can provide is naming things ;) YOU are amazing my friend, I am in serious awe of your ability to get things done. You are way more beautiful in person both inside and out, and just downright SPLENDID to be around.

    Also, I can attest to the fact that hangovers are actually worse than chemotherapy. So, yeah, you’re off the hook on that one.


  8. So glad to see this list!
    I’ve never been to a blogging conference before, but will be going to Fitness and Health Bloggers in Denver next month. And of course, Blend 2 next year…


    That’s all I have to say.

    So sad I wasn’t there, but here’s to next year! (And P.S. I heard about your tattoo :)

  10. Wow wow and more wow! Looks like you had an amazing time! This looks way more up my alley than some blogger retreat where you’re stuck indoors looking at slide shows.

  11. IT WAS AMAZING!! And if you drink more than once every 7 years (in moderation), it’s no big deal the next day. ;)

    Love you and miss you and can’t wait until we can go hiking again!! Seriously, I’ve seen too often recently to go back to being only online friends again, right?! ;)

  12. I would LOVE to come to Blend next year!!! It looks like such a fun and special time. Although I’ve never attending a blogging event, I have met a couple of ladies in person that I’ve become friends with through blogging. And a few of us are doing a blogger Bible study right now. :)

  13. I’m so happy you all got to meet & hang out!!! It’s gnawing at me I couldn’t make this year. I would really love to meet amazing, active, beautiful women. Next year, it’s happening. Hopefully it can happen before or after finals week next time. Love you guys & am really so happy for BLENDS success. :)

  14. AHHH I am so there next year…there is going to be one next year right?!? I have loved reading all of the recaps and it looks like you all had the best time ever. Bootcamp, delicious food, girl time, hiking and awesome swag…..does it get any better than that? Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  15. I was so jealous of y’all! I would love to come next year…. as soon as y’all have dates, make sure to post! Glad you had such a fun time, kudos to the planning trio. From everyone’s tweets, posts, etc- y’all seemed to make it a memorable weekend. Big ups!

  16. I spy a chalkboard I wrote on! Thanks so much for helping to plan all of this. It was seriously incredible, and you are freakin awesome. I loved your recap, and hope that lunch works out on Friday. If not, I’ll see you again at Blend 2013!

  17. Loved your recap. While it was all in one post, I don’t think you missed a thing! Finally getting to meet you was spectacular! I hope you guys plan more family vacations out here. :) Also, can we give a HUGE-HUUUUGE thank you to your freaking amazing husband? Umm, yes…let’s do that! He was such a big help this weekend and I’m sure the weeks leading up to everything as well. It says a lot to help out with a 70+ girls blogging event. So, a big thanks to You, Katie, Janetha, AND Travis! You guys [girls + guy] rock!

  18. Yup- Blend was life-changing (hence the title of my post about it). I can’t stop thinking about it or talking about it. I can’t focus at work and just want to read blogs all day and finally finish editing my photos and posts.
    I can’t thank you enough for putting this together.
    And whoa- I just realized that you and Janetha had never met in person either?! WOW!
    I’m going to back to ‘pretending’ to work….

      1. That’s the plan… as soon as we figure out what the heck to do with the two houses we own. :( Luckily, the job thing is the easy part. Greg’s company opened an office in Denver and I can work anywhere.
        I hope it happens soon!!! (You should move your whole family out there, too!) :)

  19. Ha — You almost made me cry at work because I’m so excited to come again next year! I know planning is crazy and if you need another hand, I would LOVE to help. I’m a rockstar with vendors (mainly print and swag) and am an expert at coming up with creative ways to get things done. ;)

    So so so so so glad that you guys did this. Best idea ever. If I could go back and change anything about the weekend, I would have drank some tequila with you ladies. I always skip out on drinking in favor of not feeling like crap the next day, but hey, you only live once.

    And total random side note … we are doing this StrengthsFinder 2.0 thing at work and it would be really fun to get a group of bloggers together to work through that book or to at least share what they got. There’s a whole aspect of team-building based on what strengths you have.

    Anyway … that was a really freaking long comment. I do this to Janetha all the time. Props to her if she reads my novellas every day. ;)

  20. I love the list version. And I’m with Tina, I’m more than happy to help plan for 2013 if you need somethin’! And I’m still lamenting all the missing swag from my suitcase. I love you. With or without tequila.

  21. I definitely want to come next year. Looks like you guys had so much fun!

    Also, first cocktail in 7 years or first drink period in 7 years?