I’m happy today!  Excited even.

Three things that are making me smile today:

1).  BLEND is a mere TWENTY-FOUR days away!!  That’s a little over three weeks.  It seems so unreal to me!  Btw, we still have some tickets available – you should come and meet these gals!!

2).  We have auditions for Peter Pan tonight.  If you’re a long-time reader, you’ll know that this will be my 4th production with the SMPAC.



Fingers crossed for a Lost Boy.

3).  Tuesday Trainer turns 28 today!  She’s looking sassy lately – ready for some adventure, I think.

And that’s just what we’ll give her (TT is a girl….who knew?)


The theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer is “Something New”.  A theme that ties in well with Janetha’s Adventurous April contest.  (If you missed her recap of Week 1, go check it out!)

I asked you guys to go out of your comfort zone and film in a location that is new to you.  THERE IS NO WORKOUT THIS WEEK.  We just “adventured”.  Although there weren’t a TON of submissions, I smiled as I watched all you ladies in various places, going on new adventures.



My Adventure – Filming at the POOL.  Tried for a cannonball…wimped out at the end.


Janetha demonstrates a ball throw at Gold’s Gym.  I have that exact same top!  She looks better in it.


Bonnie takes us on a backcountry SKIING adventure!!  Gah – ENVIOUS!


Everything is “better with veggies”.  You’ll see, as Heather takes you on a tour of her GARDEN!

What is the plural name for tortoise? Torti? No matter – check out Kristin’s backyard buddies.


Ashley takes you on a tour of her garage.  It’s more exciting than you think.


Stroller-jam with Katie at her local park!  Baby A is down there somewhere.


Go to BEAUTIFUL Stanley Park (Vancouver, Canada) with Tamara.  Makes me want to visit AND eat gelato!


Get LOST with Lindsay and Sadie.  My kind of adventure!


Casey and Eli ride a HORSE!  Real or fake – looks like fun.


I like taking TT to new places!  Growing and changing!  In the coming weeks, we’ll be traveling to a completely NEW location and I’m hoping that you’ll follow along!  For those of you who submitted this week, don’t forget to email Janetha your video – that way you can be counted in this weeks’ prize drawing!

Happy Tuesday!!  You have my permission to finish off those last few jellybeans.  Eh…just buy a brand new bag….they’re wicked cheap now that Easter’s come and gone!!


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  1. Loved all these videos ladies! Maybe I’ll send you a video from japan next week if I can figure out how to do that from my phone :-? I’m intermittently tech-challenged!

    Anyway, great job to all of you! and Lindsay W. your bathing suit is the prettiest ‘functional’ suit I’ve seen. Janetha- ripped arms dude! Cotter- <3 Sadie- in the flesh! Bonnie- freaking amazing video!!

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  3. Once I figured out how the heck to participate – this was really fun. And I’m pretty proud that I figured out how to use my phone as the video camera all by myself. :) Can’t wait to check out all the other awesome ladies videos tonight!

  4. Well shucks, I didn’t make the cut huh? :) I understand. My video was not that exciting. Who wants to see darn tortoises. :) I’m off to eat some jelly beans now! Ha ha!

  5. Fun TT this week! Gotta come back and really check out the videos. :D And I thought the same as Lindsay – already time for a play! Wow! Time flies. Hope it goes well tonight! Peter Pan is my absolute favorite childhood story…have fun auditioning!