I’m not going to complain about how busy I’ve been this week.
I’m not going to tell you about the 10 million classes I was asked to sub (and said YES to, because I’m a pushover who can’t say no.)
cardio dancelindsay wright
I won’t go into the fact that I have to pack up 4 people and all of their stuff crap, so that we can live away from home for nearly a month.
If I tell you that my left heel still has pain (which I think is plantar fasciitis), but that I can’t rest or slow down because I have too much going on, you’d be a fool to feel sorry for me.  I brought it on myself.
shake your hips
I’ve also managed to “Cardio Dance” my hips away.  I liked my hips.
My house is messy.  My gray hairs haven’t been tweezed out in over a week!
I counted 6 LISTS on my refrigerator today.  All ongoing, seemingly without an end in sight!  All outlining different areas of my life (work, groceries, this trip, BLEND etc.) that need attention.  One them actually says, “Pay IT guy” on it.  Do you know who my IT guy is?  Do you know what form of payment we’ve negotiated?  Yeah…there’s no time for that either!  And I LOVE that!
Needless to say, I’m feeling overwhelmed.  It’ll pass once I get a few larger things marked off these lists.  It’s just DOING them that’s the problem!  All I want to do is lay around.  And never grow up.

I need an assistant. 

I’ll pay you in free legal advice.
Oh wait…
I’ll pay you in complaining advice.
Let’s move on to something less dramatic.

Ahh..Tuesday Trainer.  No complaining here.  Always a bright light to my week.

The theme for this upcoming week is CORE!  We’ve done core work in the past, but it’s definitely something that can always be revisited!  When we’ve got 5 minutes left in Bootcamp and I ask what body part needs extra attention, it’s almost always a unanimous “ABS!”.  (I lie – sometimes it’s the thighs or “wings” – we’re chickens apparently.)  Seems like we all want that 6-pack.  Here’s the thing – you have a 6 pack.  It just needs to come out of hiding. ;)  (that’s where diet comes in to play – a subject for a future post!  Abs are made in the kitchen, for sure.)

My CORE move:

Did you like the new intro music?  That’s a custom creation by Travis truly!!  Thanks, babe!  Add your services to my bill!

When you submit…

  • Tell us who you are! If you blog, tell us the URL!
  • Do the exercises correctly! I can’t post videos with improper form or sketchy descriptions.
  • Be yourself – let that personality shine through!
  • Anyone can participate.  I encourage ALL fitness levels to submit a video!

Video submissions are due next Monday, the 16th, at 8pm, EST! Please have them to me before the deadline or you risk not being featured! Go here to learn how to upload your video.

P.S.  Have you entered the Bob’s Red Mill GIVEAWAY yet?  $50 gift card!

QUESTION:  Tell me one thing off of your “To-Do” list.


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  1. Hi Lindsey.. I was feeling adventurous for adventurous April and decided to participate in this weeks T.T. but when I uploaded my video to you I didn’t realize I had to write the text before hitting the post button.. I’m new to all this. SO sorry about that. the video is from tkdartistmom.. my name is Sherice from http://www.foodieluvsfitness.blogspot.com... and my submission which I don’t know the actual name but I’m calling it a plank star jack in and out. sorry about the mess up!

  2. I wish I was there to assist you! Just think, in a WEEK, you’ll be on vacation. Not worrying about anythi….oh wait. We’ll be worrying about BLEND, but TOGETHER.

    Hang in there, Mama.

  3. I loved reading this post. Complain all you want. It’s nice to know others are in the same boat. I hope you enjoyed your morning at home with your kiddos. :) Get some rest this weekend will ya? :)Hugs!

  4. Wow, you have a lot going on!! I can’t say the same for myself right now, but I do sympathize. One big thing on my “to-do” list: obtain home insurance for our new house. All of the mortgage/bank/realtor people keep bugging us for the information. Patience, people! ;)

  5. I have a guy who cleans my toilets; he likes the same form of payment!
    You do sound crazy busy; but better busy than bored, right!

    Today, I’m finishing up passport applications for myself and three kids. Need to make sure I’ve got my new documents before the FHBC in Denver this June!

  6. I feel the same way about never growing up and complaining about my to do lists.
    I love the “it guy payment” – also struggling with time for that with both of us! And I’m moving away for a year in just a month! ahhh!

    2 things on my to do list – go to post office and process loan paper work for school next month. both of which I do not enjoy. baaah!

  7. If you find a good assistant, I’ll split him or her with you! I have to build a massive powerpoint deck today and prepare to lead 5 focus groups tomorrow. Good times.

    Can’t wait for the core moves! Core is my favorite part to work.

    Good luck getting it done!