I’m not sure how we did it (and we’ll have to do it again in 2 weeks), but the 23-hour car trip was something to remember (and forget!).


ENJOY a glimpse into the madness – it gets truly crazy in some parts.  I blame the rise in elevation.

(Music created and produced by Travis Wright!  Isn’t he amazing?!)

We’re off to the Boulder Farmer’s Market!  Planning to eat breakfast there (last week, I saw some ciabatta sandwiches that looked amazing), refill our Conscious Coffee tin, explore for a few hours, then head back for naps.

QUESTION:  What are you doing today?  Ever taken a SUPER long road trip – where to?


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  1. I’ve definitely never take a trip quite that long, but I did help my friend drive her car back from college, which was Flagstaff, AZ to Kansas City, MO. That was a 20 hour drive that we did over 2 days. Haha it was a blast.

  2. You are BOTH amazing. As are your little nuggety toddlers. That is a heck of a trip – I don’t want to even THINK about you leaving again. Waaah. Super cool that you have this video to remember this by.

    And once I drove from Boston to Boulder in 2 days. It was a heck of a trip.

  3. You are brave. The furthest we went was a 5 hour drive and we said we wouldn’t do it ever again. ha. Clara really loves the car huh? LOL. I LOVED your photo dump post the other day too. :) HUGS friend!!! SO wish I was meeting you in person next week. Glad you got a new outfit to sport for your class. He he!

  4. Hey Lindsay! Glad you made it safe and sound. Not sure whether a 23-hour car ride with two small children is brave or CRAZY!
    I have three kids and the farthest we’ve travelled is 16 hours to Drumheller, Alberta. Albeit we broke the trip up and stopped for a couple of nights on the road ’cause we’re neither brave nor crazy!

    It gets easier once your kids are older and can entertain themselves, although sometimes the activities they think are entertaining actually make you want to drive into a tree stump!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip and keep shooting that scintillating video!

  5. aw, i love super long road trips! we used to drive from texas to northern california every summer and i was just telling nate the other day that i really miss those long trips. it wasn’t always a blast but those are some of the best memories of traveling that i have!

  6. Eh I don’t know if it would be considered super long, but when I moved up to Ohio from Florida, that drive was pretty long. We stayed the night in Tennessee to try to break it up a bit.

    I ran a half-marathon this morning in Nashville. And now I’m pooped. ;)

  7. Have fun at the farmers market! I moved from Vermont to Colorado last summer, so I’m WELL aware of long drives. The year before I moved FROM Colorado to Lake Placid, NY. I’ve done that deplorable trip a few times in the past couple of years.

    I’m unfortunately not having such a fun relaxing Saturday. My first marathon is tomorrow in Eugene, and I’m nursing a pulled butt muscle (seriously!!!) in Oregon and panicking about running.