This isn’t a religious blog….although I do try to openly share my faith.

This post isn’t about God….although, everything is about God.

I’m not going to try to convince you to become a Christian….although, you should.

I actually get offended with the whole, “Let me tell ya about Jesus” bit….although, seriously, you should listen.

Today is Good Friday.  The day which Christians observe as Jesus’ execution day. 

When I was younger, I distinctly remember asking my mom why we called it “good”.  How could someone dying on a cross be anything but horrible?

But now, as an adult, I understand.

It was the best thing that could ever happen. 

He died, so that I might live.  It should be called, “GREAT Friday!”

awesome face

Today, I choose to reflect on the “good” things I have in life.  Upon first glance, they might seem bad, when in reality, they are truly wonderful.

1.  We live in a 800 square foot shoe-box.

The good = I can vacuum my entire house, without having to unplug even once. 

2.  I’m married to a man who spends a fortune on guitars.

travis guitar

The good = Having 8 guitars, stuffed inside a shoebox, lowers the heating bill in the winter.

3.  I’m not using my college degree. 

The good = I’m sitting front row at the “Henry & Clara Show”.  Belly laughing, eating popcorn…marveling at the sights before me.

4.  My almost 2 year old is still nursing, which means she can’t be left overnight at Nana’s.

clara wright

The good = Clara is THRIVING.  Clearly.  And she likes spending time with her mama.

5.  I over-exercise.


The good = I’m no longer taking an anti-depressant.  And my husband is highly interested.

6.  Henry is now calling himself “Maleficent”.  He made me pet the imaginary bird on his shoulder today.



The good = The kid has an imagination.  BONUS = he can just talk to the bird, instead of asking me the same question 4,599 times.  In an hour.

7.  I can’t cook a lick. 

The good = Best diet plan EVER!  Salad bowls are easy peazy.  (Plus, I got the “How to Cook A Kiss” cookbook, but never the lick one…….I’ll stop now.)

8.  I rely on God for every single thing I have.

The good = I rely on God for every single thing I have.

stop worrying

And that, my friends, is a truly GREAT thing!

Today is Good Friday.  Today, I am thankful for all the “good”. 

Because my “good” is producing a much stronger woman.  A better example.  Someone whose skin I’m comfortable being in.


QUESTION:  What in your life seems like a bad thing, but actually has a wonderful silver lining?  What’s your favorite Easter candy?  <-pah – no question here…Reese’s Egg!

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  1. Love that this is a post about God :)

    A couple years bag had a bad bought of sick, including a cancer scare. Physically, mentally, spiritually the tank was empty and needed attention. Cholesterol and diabetes issues are still lingering.

    The silver lining? I started a journey of getting healthy. Have already lost 50lbs, and on Friday ran a full 5k on my treadmill convincing me to sign up for a race on mother’s day.

    Favorite candy? Pop rock meltaway chocolate. Its my new discovery. First you think its chocolate crisp and then you get the pops – I think I was more excited about it than the kids!, I know I was!

  2. Great post, Lindsey! I appreciate that you share your faith so openly. And it’s so important to step back and see the silver lining of things we don’t like or wouldn’t have chosen… we’re spending 2 years in Tx which is not where we wanted to be, but have met some amazing people and love our church family here. It’s been a pleasant surprise. Happy Easter!

  3. Hey Lindsay! I found your blog through another Linday’s blog (In Sweetness and In Health). I can’t believe I haven’t found you before now! As a fellow Christ-follower, I love your obvious heart for Him! Looking forward to following your blog more. Have a wonderful Easter day with your family!

  4. Happy Easter! I enjoyed your post. When the Army moved my husband and I to Louisiana, I didn’t see the silver lining, but a year later, I’ve made wonderful friends through church and the gym and now we’re feeling at home where we’ve been planted! :)

  5. Okay, GREAT post! :) Made me smile. I think there are too many things to list that are good right now, that may not seem that way on the outside for me too. Love ya!!! And LOVE Reese’s Eggs. I better get my hands on some. He he.

  6. LOVE this post!
    Lately I’ve been getting easily stressed out about all of the work I have to get done, wedding planning, graduation prep, etc. but I remind myself that being busy with all of these things is actually wonderful. I’m blessed to have so many opportunities, I’m blessed to have the most amazing man to marry, I’m blessed to be graduating college, etc. And I’m so thankful to have all of those things!
    Thanks for the great reminder–It’s because of the Lord that I can lead such a life and rely on Him through it all.

  7. I read the first three lines of this post and literally said “I LOVE HER” out loud. Just because I don’t think you heard me.

    But seriously–such a great post. What an amazing thing to celebrate, and I love the way you compared Jesus’s execution to so many things in your daily life.

    Aaaand just out of curiosity, what was your major?

  8. I’m about to get real deep on ya.
    My dear cousin, Beth, passed away on Good Friday last year from a brain tumor. The silver lining is it’s so symbolic that it’s the same day Jesus died, and it’s such a reflective day on both aspects…

  9. Reece’s Egg!!!!!!!!!!!! Yum.

    Bad: We owed a CRAPTON to Uncle Sam this year. Silver Lining: It forced Husband and I to sit down and make a budget. And stick to it.

    Bad: We don’t live close to family. Good: We don’t live close to family!!

  10. gosh, was I just saying I miss you??? oh, my do I miss you!

    this is one perfect post. I love it, all of it, every bit. such awesomeness, your house may be 800 sq ft, but it is HUGE and bursting full of love! I wish I could spend the weekend there, cozy and happy <3

  11. Wow I love this Lindsay! I had no idea you were on an anti-depressant once. I’ve been on them since I was 18 and I’ve tried going off them several times but it was always unsuccessful. I really wish there was something I could do about it! And I love how much you love God…I seriously need some help in that area. My problem is that sometimes the conformity of religion gets to me and I need to learn how to separate that from actual faith if that makes sense!

  12. Beautiful reminder of the importance of this day, but also the importance of remembering all the “good” in our lives everyday, not just today.

    The good for me? I push myself to my limits (safely, I promise!) fitness-wise. But it’s “good” because I feel stronger and more confident in who I am today than I ever have in my entire life. And that, to me, is very very good indeed. I’m appreciating the body and the ablity that He bestowed on me when He created me. I’m honoring His creation.

  13. This post is awesome!
    I’m fasting from sweets right now for my sister and her unborn baby because it is a high-risk pregnancy, so I’m trying not to think about Easter candy. But I do love Reese’s eggs! I also saw someone eating a snickers bar yesterday and really wanted to take a bite off of hers…do they have an Easter version?
    Silver lining….my husband is working way too much right now and it is wearing him down. I wish there was something I could do to help because I really don’t like seeing him so drained and frustrated. The good part is that he has a job that provides and this case won’t last forever (only 9 more weeks!)

  14. Brachs jelly beans. I could eat them all! (First I would eat the pink ones, then the red ones, then the white ones. Then I would contemplate throwing the rest of the bag away, but then I would decide to eat just the purple ones. Thoughts of throwing the bag away again, and then I would change my mind and eat the yellow, orange and green ones…. 1 or 2 black ones and then done.)

    Needless to say, I haven’t bought a single bag this year!! YEAH!

    Also, I love your blog!!

    BUT!! I plan to have a few of my kids on Easter. I deserve it for my (PRESENT) restraint.

  15. LOVE that photo of you giving a thumbs up! Hilarious.

    Also, I’m glad you’re not taking anti-depressants anymore. The side-effects suck, but the meds are good to get you through when depression / anxiety doesn’t seem to let up.

    What in life has a silver lining? Hrm. Right now I’m hoping it’s that the BF is not going on to get his PhD as originally planned and is taking a break to get a big-kid job … hopefully somewhere cool, meaning that I might be moving somewhere cool, BUT I just put in my graduate school app at Iowa State (where I work — it’s free!) and I have been looking forward to doing that for the last 5 years. D’oh. Silver lining better be getting to move somewhere cool.

    Easter candy: CADBURY MINI EGGS.

  16. I just love your blog, Lindsay – you are so refreshingly honest! BTW, I nursed my son until he was 2 years & 2 weeks old; we were in the same “can’t stay overnight” (nor go anywhere, really) boat. It’s worth it though :-) ALSO, I seriously suck at cooking too… I feel terrible for my husband, but I am working on it!

    My fav Easter candy is also Reese’s eggs – oh, and those Cadbury eggs – not the creme filled ones, but the small pastel-colored ones w/the chalky covering. YUM!

    Bless you and your family! Have a great weekend!!

  17. Okay I <3 you – this was awesome. I basically loved that picture of you when you said it should be called "great friday". Aaaand you gave me hope that perhaps we can fit two kids in this ridiculously small thing we call our house. HA! (someday of course)

  18. <3 this. and <3 you. I overexercise too (although not currently). I just love it. I don't have a favorite easter candy but I'd really love some vanilla ice cream right now :) happy friday!!