The saying goes, “Home is where the heart is.”

But what if your heart is in two places?

How does that work?

That’s how Travis and I have felt, ever since we moved back to North Carolina, leaving Denver behind.

Trying to figure out where “HOME” is.  Constantly being tugged in opposite directions.

lindsay wright

Travis and I were married June 4th, 2005.  I’ll save our love story for another day (It will be titled, “As You Wish”, and it will have 2 or 3 installments – I’ve got it all planned out in my head).

We honeymooned for a week in Townsend, TN.  The entire trip cost $600, so that should give you some indication of how fancy it was (and how much money Travis had at the time).  I didn’t care!  We spent everyday in a tangled mess on the bed.  Sorry if that’s TMI, but I celebrate married sex.  It SHOULD be celebrated!

lindsay wright

Anyway, when we returned from that blissful week, we packed all of our belongings (so like two bags) into a UHAUL, said goodbye to everyone we knew, and moved to Westminster, Colorado. 

rocky mountains

(The view near our teeny apartment.)

We had no jobs.  We had no friends.  We had no money. 

We had a BIG sense of adventure.  And we had EACH OTHER.

In fact, let me backtrack a bit and tell you HOW we selected Colorado as our destination.  Maybe 6 months prior to our wedding, Travis and I sat down with a United States atlas and talked about where we wanted to live.  We’d both been to Colorado as children, but that was the extent of our knowledge.  We opened the atlas to the Colorado page, I closed my eyes, and my finger landed on Westminster. 

Easy as pie. 

And very naïve.  (I kind of miss that sense of spontaneity – you lose a bit of that when you become a parent.)


We lived in a teeny tiny apartment.  Travis quickly got a job in sales.  I chose not to work full-time (at Travis’ request) and worked the front desk at a gym when they needed me (coincidentally, I’ve worked in a gym setting ever since!).

We could do whatever we wanted.  Our only constraints were meager funds and job schedules.  Those two were easy to work around.  I know just HOW easy, now that we have children and more responsibilities.

We hiked weekly.

lindsay wright

in love

lindsay wright

longs peak hike

longs peak hike

We skied weekly.

travis wright

lindsay wright


We tangled weekly.

{no picture – sorry.}

Splendid doesn’t come CLOSE to describing those three years.  There simply are no words.

After living a fairytale, we relocated to Chattanooga, Tennessee (with Travis’ job).  Mainly because we wanted to start our family and craved the support of our parents.  Then, after a year in Chattanooga, we finally moved back to our hometown of Franklin, North Carolina. 

My parents live a mile away.  Travis’, two miles.

I certainly don’t regret the decision to move back.  Henry and Clara are BLESSED to be able to grow up near family!  I am BLESSED to have free babysitting, with people I trust and love.  Travis is BLESSED to work at a job he LOVES!  We are BLESSED to live for free in the house my mother grew up in.


My heart has YEARNED for Colorado ever since we left.  I’m talking TEARS when I think of that “honeymoon” time.  Travis feels the same.

If home is where the heart is, how can it be in two places at once?

We’re about to find out if this yearning has any validity. 

On Wednesday night, Travis, the children and I, will begin our journey back to Colorado, where we will be for X amount of time.  (yes, DRIVING!  For 24 hours.  With two toddlers.  Shoot me now!)

I need to see if we’re just romanticizing this place OR if God has placed this yearning in our hearts for a reason. 

Pray that we will get some answers.  And for safe travels!

QUESTION:  Where do you call “HOME”?  Is it where you grew up?  Where you’re living now? 


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  1. What a great start to marraige! Love this post. You convinced me that WE need to move to Colorado! :)

    Praying God speaks His answer for this next season in your lives.

  2. You hit a note with me. I often think about chuck it all for Colorado (only been there once). And now I’ve got Blend coming up and then the Health & Fitness Blogger’s conference in June. I’m studying for my CPT. often wonder if its a sign. See you soon!

  3. I can relate to this! I spent my first 2/3 of my life in the Czech Republic and the latter third travelling around the world but pretty much staying put in London, UK.
    I honestly don’t know which country I can call home. I love going back to the Czech Republic because of my family but I equally love living in the UK.. maybe I should move somewhere else to sort this out eh? :-)

  4. Ooohhh I can’t wait to see you in Colorado!! I did some exploring of my own and have come to the conclusion that for me, it’s not about place, but about people. I don’t care where I am in the world as long as I have my family around. I have a giant family and they are all my best friends. I moved back home after seven years of being away to be closer to my family, and while most cancer survivors feel inspired to travel the world, I just want to spend my days hanging out with people I love :)

  5. Okay, officially excited to meet you at BLEND…The Husband and I are basically living the life you described as yours while in CO. It took us a little longer to make the move but this past summer we moved from WI to CO…because we wanted to. We left behind solid jobs, all family/friends and just went for it – just us, unemployed, free to explore. Best decision ever. For another few days we are confined to a tiny apartment {then we get a legit apt since we now have jobs!} but have spent 90% of our free time in the mountains. We love it. SmallTown, WI will always be “back home” but I think it is safe to say calling CO home for quite a long time!

    Enjoy the drive… ;)

  6. oh wow, I’m so excited for you. you’ll find an answer. i know you will. you probably already have it down in there, you just have to let it surface. have so much fun & be safe. good luck with the drive & the kiddos.
    i am so so so sad i’m not going to blend. the closer it gets, the more sad i get. i really wanted to meet everyone & make new friends. xo.

  7. Cute story! Marty and I have always been spontaneous…. moving to Las Vegas with nothing and starting a business with nothing. Then thirteen years later deciding we were tired of said business, gave it all up and moved to the mountains! We both grew up as Air Force ‘Brats’ so change is in our blood. Always follow your heart and above all ‘listen’ and it will all fall into place. I have always thought that if things were meant to be you will know it because it won’t be a atruggle…it will just HAPPEN. Maybe there is a reason this Blend retreat is in Colorado…hmmmm. =) I’m sure your parents would really miss you, though! As would all of us at Franklin Health and Fitness Center!!! Wherever your hearts take you I wish you nothing but happiness! I will be praying for you! Safe Travels, Lindsay!

  8. This post was eerily like my story. The hubs and I have moved around the country trying out random cities not knowing anyone. The majority of our families are in Michigan and here we are in New Hampshire. It’s tough having kids without family close by but it makes it all the more special when we do see family. We’ve been here 6 years and love it. It feels like home but I still have an itch to see more places. Who knows what the future will bring. Maybe we should look into Colorado next?

    Good luck on the drive and finding your answers!

  9. love love love the back story. sounds so similar to us. except we are still poor and nomads with no kids but livin the dream, right? haha. Safe travels and happy baby making. Love you!

  10. I have no idea how I would deal with such a thing. I’ve never felt at home in my city and always wanted to leave. Now I love my place and am happy in my life. Turns out it wasn’t the location for me so much as what I was doing. Once I started to get out more and meet different people, home became a matter of actions. Good luck on your trip. Also sorry I missed the deadline for the guest post.

  11. I hope you have safe travels with your family and find the answers your looking for! Best of luck!! I don’t struggle with not knowing where “home is” because I grew up, went to school, and continue to live in the place where I was born. Kind of makes me want to go live somewhere else though, I kind of get tired of the same old place everyday! Good luck!

  12. This post is screaming “THAT’S ME!!!” My husband recently left Southern Cali to be closer to family, be able to own a home, etc. Kansas City is now home. Every day I ache for the waves, the warm sunshine, and the street food. Little babes are around the corner, and I know where we are putting “roots” is perfect for that…then why do I miss the beach so much?!

    I am SO glad you are going back “to see”. God will make it clear, I just know it!

  13. I can so relate to this post Lindsay! I lived in Dallas for 4 years after college – LOVED IT!! and left to be close to my mom who was diagnosed with cancer (oh and maybe to get away from a psycho boyfriend….). I loved home (Wisconsin), but really missed Dallas, which had become my home. 5 years later my husband (who I met when I moved home) and I moved to Kansas and found a new home for our family. We loved it and settled in, but decided to move back to Wisconsin after our family grew to 5 (3 kids). I do not regret for a second moving back to be near family, but I do miss our other home, our friends, heck, I still miss friends in Dallas! But I do feel lucky to have friends in many states and hope that I can remain close to a lot of those people.

    But really I decided: Home is wherever you are with YOUR family. :)

  14. Oh the possibilities! I love that you guys are going to go out there and see how it goes. I threw cation to the wind 5 years ago and moved across the country To NC from Las Vegas. My heart is still in Vegas sometimes but I really like NC. So I am biased about NC. I do LOVE LOVE LOVE the west! and I dream of moving back west someday. but for now I am ok here in NC. I hope you guys have a safe and wonderful trip! Do some sight seeing on the way :) Please keep us updated :)

  15. I can SO relate to this post. I grew up in Indiana. ALL my family still lives there. I moved to CA when I was 18, met my husband, and lived there for 16 years. Currently, we live in an RV traveling the country. (We are actually in NC right now!) While I love seeing the country (seriously it’s a dream come true) I struggle with not having a “home”. Sometimes I feel so unsettled…it’s unnerving. I will break down in a sea of emotions. I miss my family in IN. I miss my church family in CA. I miss my BFF in TX. I miss my house in CA. I miss my normal stores. I miss, I miss, I miss… Then it passes and I’m so grateful to be able to have this experience and grow so close with my family. I’ve realized “home” is much more about people than a place and I’ve felt just as much at “home” sleeping in a Walmart parking lot as I have in my old house because we (my family) are together. I’m not sure where we will settle down once this grand adventure is over. I do know that is is going to be a very hard decision with loved ones all over the country.

    PS I raised my boys without help from family and it’s hard. We rarely went out because it was hard to find good babysitters.

  16. I love how you call it “tangled”. That’s how our honeymoon was as well. When we came back everyone kept asking us what we did, and I was like, what do you think? We waited a year and half for this, and that’s all we did!

  17. I’ve had a hard time finding “home” and I’ve had a yearning for Boston, where I went to college. Los Angeles has never felt like home; I love New York City but there’s a certain part of me telling me it’s not time to go back there; and the only part of me wanting to go back to my hometown in IL is where moving back in with my parents means no rent. I hope you guys find your answers and if you find mine in the process, let me know! ;)

  18. Hope you get some answers to your questions! I’ve always struggled with what the word ‘Home’ means as I moved around a lot as a child. I always thought I wanted to pick a place and stay put when I finally moved out on my own, but now I’ve caught the bug again and can’t wait to pick and move on to the next adventure!

  19. Love this post … beautifully written! I will be praying for you and your husband. I can absolutely understand that feeling of being “torn.”

    Although I grew up in western PA, I spent the majority of my adult years thus far (college, grad school, working) in Florida. When I met my husband, he lived in Ohio. After he proposed, I moved to Ohio because it was easier for me to find a new job than him. That year and a half was very difficult for me. I lived in a random family’s basement for several months until Brandon and I got married, and then even when I moved into Brandon’s house after the wedding, it never felt like home. It felt like HIS home. Now just 2 months ago, we moved down to Atlanta, GA for his work. We’re currently living in a hotel, so it still doesn’t feel like home. I hope and pray that when we finally move into our new house at the end of May, we will be able to be settled and feel at home. Together. But we’ll see. Neither of us have family here, so I know that will be a challenge when it comes time for children!

      1. We actually have another 6 weeks in the hotel. Yikes! It will be about a 100 days total. I have pity on myself until I talk to other people with KIDS who are all staying in 1 tiny room for several weeks. Now THAT’S a challenge! ;)

  20. My hubby and I lived a similar “honeymoon” phase in the foothills of Boulder. We lived in a guest house of a lady who owned 40 acres on Flagstaff mountain. We paid $300/mo and had not a care in the world! We hiked, backpacked, tangled :) often. It was such a beautiful place to start our lives together.

    We still live in Colorado, so I’m biased on urging you to come HERE… we’ve lived in Westminster and now Thornton (A bit further east). We love it!!

    BUT, I totally “get” the need for family support during the early years of your kiddos’ lives. I can’t imagine doing this whole parenthood thing without my inlaws’ support – who live 10 minutes away from us.

    So I’m torn for you :)

    ENJOY your vacay and extended stay in Colorado. I believe God leads us, and you’ll “know” what you should do. Just ask!

  21. home for me is definitely where I grew up – kansas city. I went to college in Charleston and I’m now in law school in Chicago. Both schools I wen to without the intention of staying much longer than school. No idea where I’m headed next though, but CO is definitely in my sights!

  22. Oh my gosh Lindsay- how much do I LOOOOOVE this post!?!?! I love reading this story- and I love Westminster (which is where I’ve looked into moving to- along with Louisville)- I love your photos… sigh.
    I really feel for you- I’ve never lived in Colorado, but it’s where I ache (yes, to tears!) to live. My husband and I vacation there every year, and I get so depressed when I come back home. And I know- it’s vacation- but there’s just something about Colorado. The beauty… people are HAPPY. We would both move out there today if we could, but have two big factors standing in the way: His job and the housing market (we own two houses- one is very much under water). We both hope to be able to move soon- and it would be great to do it before having kids- but that clock is ticking away…
    I think you’ll both gain a lot of perspective when you’re out in Colorado this time and just see where your heart leads you. It’s great to have family there, of course, but you have to find that place that really feels like HOME.

      1. Something BIG needs to happen very soon. Sooner than soon.

        Folks are definitely loosing out because of the housing situations.

        When we cannot sell our homes, things are not good. Haven’t been for years.

        Our dad and his siblings were born in Colorado. Most everyone moved to Chicago.

        We do have relatives that remain in CO. A nice place to live if you can find work.

        Best of Lindsay. Follow your heart and dreams!

  23. Colorado is a place I’ve always thought would be great to live – all the outdoor adventures so close to home. I’m so excited that you guys get to relocate for a month & see how things turn out. You are WAY more spontaneous than me and I love your passion!!
    I’ll be praying for you guys! =)

  24. OMG.

    first of all we totally live near where you lived in westminster. how did we not hang out?!

    second, i know exactly what you mean, but for me my “colorado” is texas. i was born and raised there and ever since moving to colorado 4 years ago i have just felt my heart yearning to be back in the plains of texas i grew up, to visit the hill country that felt like a second home, and to be back in dallas where we started our little family (well, before the baby). it’s hard though because colorado feels like home too!

  25. loved this post. :) i can relate to that question of where home truly is… i think of arizona being my home, as that is where i grew up and have so many memories. however, we now live in utah where cody and i have started our lives together. which is home? i still don’t know. i don’t mind having two “homes” though. ;) praying and hoping that God will guide you where He wants you!

  26. Wow, Linds – love the backstory and appreciate hearing it to know how I can better pray for you! When Mikey and I got married we lived in a tiny trailer in the woods and skied every day – life was simple, carefree, beautiful, and about each other. Things change, yet I’m thankful for Christ at the center of our marriage and guiding us along each step of the journey. And it’s the same for you! He is leading and will make those things clear as you trust him and step out in a direction. Praying, friend! Love you guys and go have fun adventuring! :D

  27. I’m in love with your family and your amazing marriage. I love your sense of adventure and true happiness! You got this! Can I be your neighbor? xoxo

  28. Oh I so know this feeling. Immediately after marrying my husband we relocated to New Orleans (he was in the military). It was amazing. Following that time we moved to Michigan (far enough away from home but not too far). Ultimately we moved back to our hometown. We love our hometown and love being close to family, but after 7 yrs of being back, we’re ready to move on again. Fortunately we have no children…unfortunately we bought a house. Not so easy to just move away. But, never say never…right?

    Here’s to hoping you get the answers to your questions!! =)