Hello Friends and Happy Friday!  When this posts, we *should* be waking up in a cheap hotel, somewhere in west-Kansas!  I’m praying that we got some sleep!  After a quick breakfast, we plan to drive straight to Boulder!!  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

As I aluded to in yesterday’s vlog, over the coming weeks, I’ve got some AMAZING guest posts lined up from some of my favorite bloggers!  Lindsay Cotter – you’re kicking things off!!  And you happen to be the first EVER guest poster on LL! 

Lindsay is an amazing “blend”, who supports me in everything I do!  She’s kind of amazing!   


Hi there, Lindsay’s Listers.  My name is Lindsay Cotter and I blog over at Cotter Crunch

I’m a pro triathlete’s wife, nutrition manager/fitness consultant, kombucha lover & wanna-be wino who has a joyous passion for GLUTEN FREE cooking!  It’s funny, this is my blog title and subtitle and yes, it really does describe my life.  No lie.  It’s a whole list of job titles.  In fact, the only way Lindsay is friends with me is because of my title’s list.  Okay okay, not really, but we are friends and I am SOOO thankful for this woman.  And I am happy she off doing her thang so that I can post for her.

Let’s get this post started, shall we?

So, the main reason I blog is support my husband.  We’ve created this dream together.  A dream to pursue HIS professional triathlon career and I get to play wing man woman, or is it wing wife?   Either way, I’m by his side.



I’d say my best support comes through food and fueling. I’m good at feeding that man, or so I like to think. 

In an effort to help James (aka the hubs) fuel properly for pre and post workout, I started making him healthy bites.

What are healthy Bites?  Glad you asked.

Healthy Bites are my take on functional gluten free bite sized “ball” snacks. Each bite is made with natural, gluten-free and mostly organic ingredients.

What started off as a little healthy snack option for me and my husband has now turned into my own little business. I am passionate about it and want to share these bites with others…kids, athletes, on the go mom’s, food allergy folks, and more! My mission is to make gluten free and process free food that actually tastes really good.

Sheesh, do I sound like an infomercial or what? Haha.



Anyway, today I wanted to share a TOP 5 list, top 5 reasons of why you should try my balls bites.

  • They are tasty, like really really tasty.
  • They are made with love.
  • They are functional, each flavor designed for whatever you need.. fuel, recovery, fiber, snacking, allergy sensitive, etc.
  • They are the perfect size to NOSH on.
  • Made for grown up and KIDS!!!



I could go on, but I don’t want that list to get to lengthy. Hehe.

You can see more on my site, facebook page, or in my BOOK of BITES eBook. Oh, and feel free to order some yourself. I finally ship! Well, I try to ship to most US. Still working on shipping to China and Antarctica… JUST KIDDING!

Now, I channeling my inner LINDSAY’s LIST and signing off the way she does.

SPLENDID – The other Lindsay (LC)

QUESTION:  Any fun plans for the weekend?  Any tips for keeping children happy in the car?

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  1. You’re such a wino, Lindsay! ;) So when are you going to market these healthy best balls ever at health & fitness events/shows/expos? next step maybe? And you should be going to BLEND. Dis. Glad the dream is a reality. That’s sayin’ alot. I’m just jealous. LOL

  2. I love these guest posts because I’m finding so many great new bloggers! I’ll have to check out these recipes!

    And Lindsay – enjoy western kansas!! I’m from Kansas City and I’ve made the drive from KC to CO too many times to count!

  3. I love love loooooove Healthy Bites!! I can’t wait to order more — they are the perfect little bite when I need a boost. I love that this business of yours started as part of your Sherpa-ing skills, my dear! you’re the best!!

  4. Way to kick start Lindsay’s guest post series!
    I haven’t tried your balls yet, but they look SPLENDID!

    Keeping kids busy in the car? We depend on electronics; DVD player, hand helds, laptop and don’t ever forget the charger!