No, I’m not going to give you tips on how to eat Oreos while running.  Oreos – plural, because who can only eat one Oreo?!?! (stupids, that’s who.)  (I do think I’d forgo the “twisting of the top off” method and just put it directly into my mouth.  Seems more practical that way.)

Did you know that yesterday was Oreo’s 100th birthday??  (learn something new at LL everyday.  It might not be relevant, but it’s something!  AND, it’s new!  So there’s that.)


So in honor of this delicious trans-fatty cookie, I decided to create a run and name it “The Oreo Run”.

(yeah, that’s the reason…not because I was too tired to run 13 miles and instead, changed the run into speed work.)


You see, I was SUPPOSED to run 13 miles this past weekend.  Actually, that’s not even true – with Hal Higdon’s plan, you only get up to 12 miles, but I’m an overachiever and a bit of a rebel.  So 13 miles was on Mr. Board.

I woke up Sunday.  I did all of my pre-run rituals.  Potty, coffee, food (Ezekial toast with almond butter, chia, and agave – every.single.time), brush teeth, potty.  Put on my Garmin, laced up the Pearl Izumi’s and headed out with my Spi-Belt, full of Jelly Belly Sports Beans.  Sounds like a lot, but it was all done in 30 minutes and before 7AM.

Start running.

800 meters in: NOT feeling it.

1 mile in: NOT feeling it.

2 miles in: NOPE.  Running SUCKS!

2 1/2 miles: Enough already!  I decide to head to our local high school track.  13 miles quickly changed to “I don’t know what I’m doing, but let’s just do what feels good”.

3 miles:  Decide what “feels good” is SPEED!!  And thus, the Oreo Run was born.


Speedwork - Workout
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Two crunchy, chocolate layers of steady-state mileage, sandwiching a middle of creamy, Crisco-ey sprints.  (just go with it.)

I won’t lie.  The entire time I was doing these sprints, I questioned my decision.  Would I be able to run the 3 miles home??  Would my legs hold up?

But man, it felt good. I love speed work.  I think because I know that there is an end in sight.  And the faster you run, the faster the end will come.

Which makes me question my love for long distance as well.

How can you love both?

I’m not sure, but I do.

Medal Pickup


When running sucks, you can give up.  You totally have that choice.  You can turn around or turn off the treadmill.  You can say it’s just not for you.  That you’ll never be a runner.


You can keep going.  Adapt and change as needed.  Continue to push forward and see what your body can do.  Turn a 13 miler into an 8 mile-Oreo Run.

Running sucks.

Or maybe, maybe it’s just your attitude.

QUESTION:  Why do you like/dislike running?  What’s your all-time favorite cookie?  ME – Boiled On-Top-Of-Stove cookies!!  Can totally eat the entire pot!


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  1. im in SUCH a rut right now with running. i cannot seem to get my inspiration up to log any real miles…actually thats kinda the case with all exercise aside from cycling. anyway, thanks for a post on adapting your activity. we all need to listen to our bodies more. not give up, just modify, right?

  2. i wish you named this the rainbow cookie run. same kind of idea but the inside layers of a rainbow cookie are just SO much better than an oreo

  3. Love the looks of that oreo run! I ran with Meeker this morning and that boy is QUICK. I hated running because it was cold (freezing, finger numbing cold) and I was going way faster than my comfortable pace. But it was good to push myself!

  4. I love that! Such a positive attitude! :) I know many times I get on my treadmill for a “set” run, but end up doing something completely different because I was just not feeling that particular run at the time. As long as your out there running, doing whatever you feel, then you’re doing better than just sitting on the couch!

  5. Thank you for this post. I’m definitely not a natural runner but I’m working on building up my endurance. When I get bored, fatigued or frustrated, I try to tell myself that doing something, even if it’s not my original plan, is better than giving up.

    It might also help if I started naming my exercise routines after tasty cookies…

  6. I totally agree with you on the sprints. Knowing there is an end in sight helps to motivate me. I struggle with the long distance. My favorite cookie of all time might in fact be an oreo…dipped in milk JUST long enough to soften and melt in my mouth. Ohhhh man…now I really want some! Thanks a lot! ;-)

  7. I usually push through the first 4 miles of a long run because those are always my least favorite part of a run, and then I usually feel better about it! I’m just too stubborn. Haha I do always bring what I need to go to the gym in case I change my mind and want to hit the treadmill instead. I like having that back up just in case…

  8. What you described often happens to me at the end of training – your body is tired and it seems to know taper is really close. Motivation seems to slip and the fatigue slips in. I’m getting better at recognizing that, acknowledging the feeling, and pushing on (unless there’s pain along for the ride), but running can be HARD! Love that you turned it into a speed day – something is always better than nothing. =)

  9. HA! I love the “oreo” run – what a great analogy, hehe. I think you made the right choice though – if you weren’t feeling that long slow distance run but you WERE feeling the speed? Go with it. Your body knows what it wants so why ignore it, right?

  10. I love running! I am like you and love sprints and long distance. I guess this is why I was a mid-distance runner in high school (100 and 400 meter hurdles, 400s, 800s). I like to do intervals on the treadmill now a days! Such a great feeling after it’s over!

  11. Glad I’m not the only one that has this happen to them in the middle of training. Good idea to switch to speedwork instead of giving up.

    So I need to work on my speed. 8 months ago I was fast (for me — 8 min miles, well on my way to 7:30) and then we had a family tragedy. My cousin shot herself, and she was just as into running as I was. We were crazy about it. Since then I’ve not been able to run the same. (Major Debbie Downer, I know).

    I pretty much quit running a few months ago when I started the LiveFit workout that everybody’s talking about. I am starting again, but haven’t been able to commit to training for anything. I want running to be FUN again, and training doesn’t make it fun.

    Fortunately, I can still run 7-8 miles cold. Otherwise I’d be really upset. Mostly I’m running 3-5, but I used to run 8-10 miles daily in my heyday.

    Anyway … thanks for sharing! (pinned!)

  12. Boiled cookies??? Never heard of these. My favorite is probably this icing cookie sandwich from a bakery near me: two fresh baked choc chip cookies with icing in the middle. It’s a snooty oreo. And so divine.

    Love the “Oreo run”. Fun way to mix it up

  13. your oreo run is pretty clever, i must say. ;) i usually prefer speed work over long distance, but there’s something about long distance that i love too. as for my favorite cookie? hmmm… i’m all about a traditional fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookie. those stovetop cookies you’re talking about… are those the peanut butter, chocolate, oatmeal cookies? we call them “no bake” cookies. if so, i agree – LOVE those babies!

      1. they are the best & in my neck of the woods we’d call them no-bakes cookies. unless you do not set them out after mixing in the oatmeal to harden. so delicious!