Happy Tuesday, friends!

If you can believe it, I almost didn’t publish that post yesterday.  Fearing that people would think I was getting too “preachy”.  But then I remembered WHY I blog…and it isn’t just to show you guys a new workout or what I ate.  It isn’t just to talk about ME.  It’s to share my faith.  In a way that doesn’t put people off.  But rather, sparks thought as to why I believe what I do.  I’m SO glad that it was well received.  This is a place where I can share my heart.  I need a place like that.  I think everyone does!

Enough sap..let’s talk fitness!

You guys – this is getting real now! We’re on the TWENTY-SIXTH Tuesday Trainer!!  JanethaKatieHeather.  Did you guys think it would last this long?!?!?  I honestly didn’t. 

Shows that I should have a little more faith in this genuinely wonderful idea.  And as I was showering at the gym this morning, even MORE TT themes popped into my head.  I can keep chugging along,  just as long as YOU ALL continue to submit your moves!  DEAL??

This week, our theme is SUPERSETS!  I asked for your “go-to” supersets and received some pretty great submissions.  If you don’t know, a superset is simply a program design tool, where you pair two exercises together and don’t rest between them.  I wasn’t able to fit everyone’s submissions in to the workout – please know that you’re all still important! :)


We’re lifting HEAVY!!!  Tearing some muscle fiber – the afterburn will be cuh-razy!  Please fuel properly BEFORE and AFTER!!

Tuesday Trainer


Dumbbell Chest Press/Two-Armed Row – ME


TRX Speed-Skaters/Inverted Row – Tamara, fitknitchick


Squat/One-Legged Deadlift – Katie, yesiwantcake


Incline Pushup/Tricep Dip – Angela, happyfitmama


Deadlift/Lunge w/Shoulder Press – Casey, dailydoseoffit2yoga


Bicep Curl/Dips – Ashley, vibrantlifehealthandwellness


This week was stellar, in terms of moves (and people, of course)!  Thanks to all who participated!  Come back Thursday and I’ll tell you what we’ll do next week and guilt you in to participating!! 

Every week is a little different and if you’re in need of a workout, go here to access the 24 other TT posts!  A little something for everyone!

P.S.  Have you entered the Twin Cakes Bakery GIVEAWAY yet?

P.S.S.  My latest guest post – Sometimes Running SUCKS!  Go show Heather some love!


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  2. Nice moves! :) So awesome that TT is still going strong. You just rock. And… I’m so glad you posted that psot yesterday. That’s exactly what God wanted you to do. :)Will be coming back to this workout later! Yay!

  3. I HEART this weekly series! You’ve inspired me to ‘up’ my YouTube game and the trainers have given me some new ideas for myself and my clients!
    Looking forward to next week (and the week after and the week after…)

  4. I’m in a workouty slump but I think I’ll go through the moves above to work my muscles, today! (well, all except TRX bc I don’t have that equipment :) ) Thanks for providing these videos, and congrats on TT #26