I definitely felt all the love yesterday!!  Seems to me like we ALL need to take a few things off of our “to-do” lists.  Fortunately for you guys, I do ENJOY blogging tremendously! 

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It’s (typically) not a chore for me – blogging provides an outlet of expression, and more importantly, a supportive community, that I would otherwise not have!  But sometimes, sometimes it gets overwhelming.  (plus, now I’ve got this neat, “pinnable” jpeg to use whenever I feel like saying no!) 

Some coffee talk –

So lately, I’ve been relying a little too much on my afternoon K-cup.  It’s like my little naptime treat- the house is quiet and I sit and sip and blog.  But I’m starting to think that my body is getting used to all the caffeine I give it (which isn’t much really – 1 cup in the morning and 1 in the afternoon).  Coffee just isn’t giving me the energy that it used to – my body has become immune.  Wah-wah.

Anyway, I’ve been looking for a little more natural “pick-me-up”.

In the form of exercise.

With 6-7 minutes of effort, you too can feel refreshed and energized!  Endorphins released, energy level up…a firm tush!  What’s not to love!?

Here’s what I’ve done the past week or so, around 3pm.  My little “Afternoon Delight”, if you will (minds out of gutter).


Try this one! It’s fun!  The 40 burpees might be challenging, but push through!

Let’s move on to Tuesday Trainer!

The theme for this week is “My Go-To Superset”!  As you’ll see in my video, a superset is simply a program design tool, where you pair two exercises together and don’t rest between them.  If you added another exercise, it would be called a “TRI-SET”.  Four or more exercises would be considered a circuit.  Supersets are often used to work opposing muscles in one streamlined design (i.e. a Bicep Curl, paired with Skull Crushers).  When I’m at a loss for what to do at the gym, I almost always turn to supersetting exercises! 

Here’s one of my favorite supersets:

Some tips for TT newbies:

  • Tell us who you are!  If you blog, tell us the URL!
  • Do the exercises correctly!  I can’t post videos with improper form or sketchy descriptions.
  • Be yourself – let that personality shine through!
  • Anyone can participate.  Man, woman, blogger, non-blogger, sheep.  Anyone.

Video submissions are due next Monday, the 26th, at 8pm, EST!  Please have them to me before the deadline! Go here to learn how to upload your video.

One more day until Friday!!  I think I can, I think I can.

QUESTION:  Do you drink coffee?  Favorite flavor? (ME – Hazelnut)  Ever had to take a break from it?

p.s.  If you were thinking about coming to BLEND, NOW is the time to buy your ticket!  Prices will increase on April 1st!  Go here to check it out!


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  1. i know you and me are on the same page as afternoon delight. you shouldn’t have too much of a problem, i on the other hand am single.


    JUST SAY NO TO BLOGGING…sometimes..

  2. I love the idea of a quick exercise set in the afternoon instead of caffeine. I don’t drink coffee (gasp!) but do drink green tea once in awhile. I do get sleepy in the later afternoon but it is right about the time I walk down to the bus stop to pick up my kids and once I am home again I am good. I think the fresh air helps too.

  3. I just found your website. I’m loving all the demo videos – as working out with weights are still a very new thing to me. As for super sets, what do you usually recommend in terms of how long, how many super sets to do.. and your weights look heavy!

  4. I drink a cup of coffee every morning, but I actually HATE flavored coffee! I have no idea why because I like getting a pump of syrup in things like a latte or cafe au lait, but no matter how many times I try I just cannot stand flavored coffee! So weird.

  5. I go through coffee spurts. Sometimes it just sounds and tastes good. Then I’ll go for weeks or months without ever having a sip. I’ve never had more than 1 cup a day. My hubby accidently got me a medium iced coffee last week and I couldn’t finish even a 1/4 of it because I had the caffeine shakes so bad!

    I love supersets. They are the perfect way to get a workout in fast. I’m not a fan of waiting around. I’ve got things to do! :)

  6. I do love coffee, but actually try to use plain old water as an energy pick me up – and it works! I nixed caffeine a while ago, and have a little bit now and then (if I have coffee, it’s usually half caf) but really- I’m just happy with a warm drink, whether it’s coffee, tea, Teecino, Pero, Dandy Blend, etc. Dandy Blend is probably my favorite- and it’s caffeine free!
    And yes of course- an afternoon workout is ALWAYS a good pick me up!

  7. Alright! Supersets are my favourite way to train; don’t have to ‘hog’ very much equipment or risk losing your bench/machine between sets!
    I’m a coffee girl too, Lindsay. Can’t get out of bed until my husband hand delivers my morning espresso (he’s been doing it for nearly 20 years now; how spoiled!).
    Recently, I’ve gotten away from my mid-afternoon cup for two reasons; it made me want something sweet and carby to go along with it (and I always crashed by dinner time) and it was keeping me up at night (even if I drank decaf).
    I’ve found replacing it with either a cup of herbal tea or a proteinacious (word?) snack helps a lot with both energy and sleep.
    Good luck!

  8. I love supersets! Mixed with some plyo in between the sets and time passes so quickly! And I love your afternoon delight workout ;) I seriously have an obsession with coffee. I like the plain black in the morning and if I want some in the afternoon then flavoured is the way to go, I have mocha coffee that is awesome! I hardly feel the effects of caffeine, unless I drink it right when I wake up before eating, then I am insane haha. Have a great thursday! :)

  9. 40 Burpees??? You are crazy woman and high-fives to you for being able to do that many! I LOVE coffee and have it every morning. I stop drinking it though before 11:00 AM. No need to do anymore after that. I really need to add myself to your Tuesday Trainer and get over my fear of being on camera. Enough is enough! xoxo

  10. i usually will have an afternoon slump around 2-3 PM too… i’ll usually shut my office door and do 50 jumping jacks and it wakes me up a bit. i’ll have to try this little workout you put together! it looks like a great one. i LOOOVE coffee. i usually just enjoy plain coffee, but i also really like cinnamon and hazelnut. i had to wean myself from it a little after college… i would drink it nonstop! now i have 1-2 cups in the morning, and that’s it.

  11. LOVE my morning cup of coffee and have done the sit and sip and blog in the afternoon thing too. It’s just so relaxing! Love the circuit, though. Just pinned it!

    Maybe I will get my act together to do this week’s TT. You know I love my supersets. ;)