I said no to blogging yesterday.

Saying no

You “everydayers” should try it sometime.  We can have a “Say No” REVOLUTION! 

Now go add that to your “to-do” list.

QUESTION:  When was the last time you said no to something?  Didn’t it feel great!?!


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  1. I know how you feel! There are some days when I just don’t have anything to write about and I just don’t feel like it! This usually occurs on Saturdays, thus a Sunday post doesn’t go out. And you know? Life went on!

  2. I said no to some McDonald’s last night, as that is what the family was eating, and instead made myself a healthy chicken and black bean dinner. Theirs might have smelled a little better, but it felt good to turn down the junk and eat healthy! ha

  3. After two years of posting something EVERY DAY, I finally gave up weekends (starting two weeks ago). I still cooked, still took pictures, and still thought about my blog…but even the act of not posting gave me some sense of relief I didn’t even know I needed.

    Giving up a weekday though? Not sure if I’m ready. ;)

  4. Hm I tried to comment and it booted me out. Here’s take two:
    I’m GLAD you did this! It can be so easy to stay connected ALL the time but sometimes disconnecting to reconnect with your IRL “life” is more important! Good for you!