henry and the case of the shrieking eels – vlog

March 4, 2012 in Blog, Family, Kids, Worship by lindsaymwright

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Happy Sunday Monday!!  (By the time this posts, I’ll be midway through a 13-mile run.  Wanna switch places??  Are you drinking any good coffee?)

Thank you all for your comforting words regarding Henry’s fall.  I thought about not posting at all on Friday, but knew that some of you had seen that “I could smoke a joint” tweet, so I couldn’t leave you hanging.

Instead of typing up the story, I thought I’d tell it.  With some reflection at the end. 


  • Went over the 5 minutes.  On lots of tangents. 
  • Wearing a tuxedo under that robe.
  • I can really hear my accent.  Especially when I say that bad word.
  • Missed my chance to make a reference to the “Cliffs of Insanity”.  Dang.
  • Could have expelled more on how wonderful God is.  There’s always tomorrow.


So…the title of this post. 

PLEASE, oh, PLEASE tell me you know what the Shrieking Eels is a reference to?!?!  Only the best movie EVER (actually, that’s not true – have you ever seen Gigli?) 

The Princess Bride!! 

As soon as Henry calmed down after he fell, he looked down and noticed a hole in his shirt (which was caused as he was leaning over, before the fall). 


He looks up at me and says, “That’s where the shrieking eels ate me, Mom”. 

I kinda love that kid.  So glad that he’s ok. 

QUESTION:  Princess Bride is an ALL-TIME favorite for me.  Tell me – what movie is on your top 5 list??

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