Some fun.  And a list.  Which I always love.

1.  Throw sticks and stones, but I kinda wanted it to snow just once this Winter.  INSTEAD, North Carolina has skipped Spring altogether, and decided that 86 degrees is acceptable for March.  Apparently, North Carolina doesn’t understand seasons.  North Carolina needs to buy me some sunscreen and a spray tan.  North Carolina needs to butt out.

2.  Every Thursday, our local health food store has a huge sale and I go spend money on things we really don’t need (much to Travis’ chagrin)!  Yesterday’s finds:

healthy snacks

L to R: Nana’s Gluten Free Lemon Cookies, Once Again Organic Sunflower Butter, Way Better Sweet Chile Tortilla Chips, Go Raw Original Super Cookies, Newman’s Own Cinnamon Hermits.

For afternoon snack…

nana's lemon cookie

For tomorrow morning’s yogurt mess…

raw treats

3.  I’m loving this post and this post and TOTALLY agree with this latest finding!!!  (who’s with me?!)

4.  I have a date tonight with Travis.  He’s taking me out to dinner and show at our local theater.  I’m excited.  I am.  But couldn’t we just drop off the kids, pick up a pizza and come back here to veg out?  Getting all gussied makes me want to vomit.

5.  Have you heard of Greyson?  She explains things.  Henry has a crush.

6.  I did this leg workout yesterday.  I can’t walk today.  I have a crush.

lindsay wright

7.  A fun baking tip for all you foodies.  When you add Sunflower Butter to a cookie recipe, the next day, your cookies will turn GREEN!!  Like broccoli green!

 cookies turn green

I did not know this.  A normal person might stop and think before tasting a green cookie, that should be a normal brown color.  I am no such person.  I live on the edge.  I’m a rebel.

Why the distinct color change? 

The chlorogenic acid (chlorophyll) in sunflower seeds react with the baking soda/powder when baked causing the green color when the product cools down. Depending on the recipe, even a splash of lemon juice could help.  Source.

(Green or not, they still tasted great – recipe to come!)

8.  Did anyone go to the midnight viewing of Hunger Games?

hunger games movie

Worth all the hype?  Worth spending $8 on? 

9.  Do you like ending lists on odd numbers?  I usually don’t.  It’s almost akin to stopping the gas on an odd number when pumping.  Eeeek!

But like I said, I live on the edge.  So we’ll stop here for today.

HAPPY FRIDAY, friends!!  See you on Monday!

QUESTION:  Who are you crushing on recently??


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  1. greyson is so dang cute and funny. i don’t like getting gussied up either! can’t wait to veg out in may.

  2. My coworker was telling us about the orgasm finding. She says she orgasms every time she does push ups on the swiss ball. Hmmm…never had that happen! Gotta figure that one out. Ha ha!

    I think I’m the only one in the world who isn’t interested in the Hunger Games. In fact, I don’t even know what it’s about!

    Seriously crushing on Trader Joe’s Almond Butter this week. I’ve been putting it on everything and eating it straight from the jar. It’s divine!!

  3. Definitely worth the $8…it was incredible. GREEN cookies, I definitely did not know that. Enjoy every second of your date night tonight!

  4. You crack me up. All your food finds look delicious. I need toget my hands on some of those gluten free cookies. :) Oh and the whole green thing. That hasn’t happened to me with my SunButter cookies. Weird. Gotta love green cookies though. Have a great weekend and enjoy every second with your beautiful family.

  5. You have orgasms at the gym? Like often?

    My co-worker went to the midnight showing of the Hunger Games (and we had an all day conference to go to today, complete with lots of powerpoints, I’m not sure how she stayed away) and said it was great.

  6. Orgasms while working out? Heard of this before but certainly never experienced it – must be kinda crazy and weird; I think I’d respond like Katie does in the comments. ;) Freak out!

    Have fun tonight! I hope you enjoy getting gussied up once it’s all said and done. And pizza? YUM. :D Happy weekend, friend!

  7. We love making coloured cookies at our house.
    In fact, this week’s healthy chocolate chip cookies were turned green (via food colouring, not everybody’s thing, rather than sunflower butter).
    I’m waiting a week before seeing the Hunger Games; the lineups will be too long this weekend and hubby wants to finish reading the book first!
    Happy Friday!

  8. Um, I can’t believe that I’m admitting this, but that gym thing has happened to me. More than once. I freak out and get embarrassed and have to stop working out. And it’s not nearly as much fun as just having sex with my husband. Meeker thinks I’m making it up…so now he is going to have to read this article.

    Also, don’t worry about the weather…it won’t be 86 degrees when you come out here, promise!

  9. I’m jealous your local health store has sales every thursday, it must be insane that day! I’m crushing on daily Starbucks all day this week…does that count? seriously I think I have a problem now!

  10. Your number one–funny b/c I just wrote a post singing the praises of this warm weather. I’m quite content w/o having seen snow this year!

    Just started reading the Hunger Games so that I can be hip like everyone else!

  11. I love Fun Fact Friday! It’s such a fun post to write…and read! :)

    I want to see Hunger Games so badly! I would get gussied up for that. Otherwise I’m loving lounging this weekend. Have fun on the date night and tell Travis I said Hi!

    Secret: I have a girl crush on you. Now share your hermits with me. Those things are GOOD!