Thanks to the lovely Janetha and her foresight, I have a fun little survey today!  Something fun and light – just perfect for your Friday attention span.


A is for age:  Oh gosh.  I’m old.  29.  That means on August 3rd, I cross over into the next skincare line.  From acne to wrinkles.  (although I’ve been worried about wrinkles since I was 18.  Which probably just gave me more wrinkles.)

B is for breakfast today:  0% Plain Chobani + one scoop of the new ON Performance Whey (giveaway coming soon!!) + ground flax + a crumbled Chia Brownie Bite from Twin Cakes Bakery (giveaway coming Monday!) + Kashi GoLean + sunflower butter.


C is for currently craving:  A long, deep tissue massage.  And a facial.  And a million dollars.  I crave these things.

D is for dinner tonight:  Leftovers!!  Homemade pizza = TJ’s whole wheat pizza dough + marinara + green peppers + mushrooms + brussel sprouts + diced tofu!  Travis’ version has all of that, MINUS all of that, and add chicken.


E is for favorite type of exercise:  I’d normally answer running…but with this 1/2 marathon training, I’m kind of over it!  My legs are tired and I’m ready to direct my focus to weightlifting.  Luckily, I’m enrolled in Tina’s Bootcamp, so she’s planned out my workouts for the next 7 weeks!  So far, it’s been AMAZING and really fun to be trained by someone else! 

F is for an irrational fear:  I have many!  I fear that Henry’s going to fall into a river again.  That we’ll never sell our house in Chattanooga.  That after the next child, I won’t be able to get the baby weight off.  Actually, I guess those are all RATIONAL fears.  I’m trying not to worry anymore.

G is for gross food:  Olives, lima beans, fatty meats, kombucha.  Bleck!

H is for hometown:  Franklin, NC.  A little mountain town west of Asheville.  Born and raised here.


I is for something important:  My relationship with God.  It effects how every single other thing in my life is going.  When I’m near, I feel balanced.  When I stray, I feel unsettled.  The thing is …HE doesn’t move.  I do.

J is for current favorite jam:  Jam, as in food, or jam, as in music?  I’ll answer both.  Food jam = my daddy’s homemade blackberry jam!!  Music jam = Bethel Churchs’ “Be Lifted High” has been in the #1 slot for a while.

K is for kids:  2 toddlers, Henry Cole and Clara Kathleen.  God willing, there will be another one in the oven after BLEND. 

L is for current location:  My couch.  Laptop propped on my legs.  Where I do all of my blogging, from the hours of 2-4pm.

M is for the most recent way you spent money:  So NOT “healthy living blogger-ish”, but we went through the McDonald’s drivethru yesterday and got an Oreo McFlurry, then drove to Travis’ work and surprised him.  Best surprise ever, he said.  He got maybe 1/10th of it.


N is for something you need:  I’m not sure if this qualifies as a NEED, per say, but I WANT this steam vacuum from Hoover!


After some blood tests on Clara (that was fun!), we found out that she’s HIGHLY allergic to dust mites and dog dander!!  Aside from changing her HEPA filter and buying a new hypoallergenic mattress pad, I want to deep clean our rugs!  Anyone have suggestions as to the best one??

O is for occupation:  This one is so hard to answer, because I wear many hats.  But the job I get PAID money to do = NASM-certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.  I teach Step Aerobics, Bootcamp, and Aqua Power (and sub for whatever!).  But that’s not really my job.  My job is being a stay-at-home mom.  No pay.  In fact, on Monday, I got puked on. 

P is for pet peeve:  When people don’t pick up after themselves.   Oh, and when people puke on you.

Q is for a quote:  I’m not really a “quote person”, but I like this one I saw on FB the other day and it really hit home.


R is for random fact about you:  I know all the lyrics to “Ice Ice Baby”.  There might also be a video of a *poorly* choreographed dance to said song.  Might be.

S is for favorite healthy snack:  Probably just a spoonful of almond butter. 

T is for favorite treat:  Easy.  Under-baked brownies with some sort of chocolate chips or Reese-chips in them.  A little cookies and cream ice cream wouldn’t hurt either.

U is for something that makes you unique:  I’m married to a man who has 16 brothers and sisters!  4 “natural borns” and the rest adopted!!  (I should do a post on the Wrights sometime – any interest?)  I’m not sure if that makes ME unique, but I’m going with that one.


(Old picture..they just adopted two more boys from China!)

V is for favorite vegetable:  A tie between broccoli and my newly discovered favorite, brussel sprouts!  (who knew?)

W is for today’s workout:  Bootcamp and Core Conditioning.  Then a complete REST day tomorrow before Sunday’s race!

X is for X-rays you’ve had:  None?  I honestly don’t remember having one.  I DID have a mammogram and needle biopsy a few years back (lump in breast – benign).  But no X-Rays.

Y is for yesterday’s highlight:  What day was yesterday?  What day is today?

Z is for your time zone:  Eastern Standard Time.  I miss living in Colorado, because all of the important awards shows and games came on early enough for this old lady to actually watch them!

Phew..that was long, but fun!


QUESTION:  Choose a letter and answer for yourself!!


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  1. These lists are so fun to read. I loved learning more about you. I really wish I were able to come to the Blend Retreat- so many amazing people going that I would LOVE to meet!

    Oh, and I LOVE your cravings ;)

  2. I totally want to hear more about those Wrights. And does that mean you married Mr. Wright? Love it. I’ve never tried brussel sprouts. I think I need to get in on this and see what all the buzz is about. “Be Lifted High”…makes me cray every time!

  3. Poor little one… I’m highly allergic to dustmites, too. HIGHLY. Some tips: get a hypoallergenic case for her pillow and mattress and don’t vacuum when she’s around. Vacuuming throws a ton of dust (and dustmite poop) into the air.

  4. i love francis chan! he came to spoke at my college’s chapels on a regular basis, and i always looked forward to hearing him speak.
    i also have to say that your favorite treat sounds amazing. i have no self control when it comes to freshly baked brownies or chocolate chip cookies. add in some peanut butter chips or ice cream? self control REALLY goes out the window. ;)

  5. These posts are so fun. You’re young. I’ve been using the anti wrinkle skincare line for way too long already. :) I’m going to say that vacuum is so cool that it’s a need. :) Please write a post about the Wrights. 1 in 16…… just awesome! Love ya! Rest up and good luck in your race!

  6. My favorite part was when you described your awesome pizza with all these amazing vegetables on top, and then you said basically remove ALL of that and add chicken for Travis :) Sounds like my hubby!!

    And I totally agree with “I”…

    I’ll pick M – recent way I spent money – at Sprouts Market buying my first ever cauliflower and nutritional yeast. It ended up being a good investment and yummy in my tummy (via cauliflower crust pizza) :)