I get asked this question more times than I thought could ever be possible.

“Why should I have kids?”

Why Should I Have Kids

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Mostly from 20-somethings, married for 2 or 3 years, wondering what their next step in life will be.  My friend, Janetha, thinks that she might never have kids.  Monica is struggling with the “when” part, hoping to get a few more “bucket list items” checked off her list before taking the plunge.  And my sister, Katy, has gone from wanting kids, to wanting a boat and vacations instead of kids, to wanting kids NOW, to wanting kids but maybe in 5 years.

There IS a lot to think about!

  • “How do you know you’re ready?”
  • “How will life change?”
  • “How do I know if it’s my “calling”?”
  • “What if I end up regretting this hugely permanent decision?”

All great questions, for which there is no really great answer.


For me, though, the answer was simple.  I’ve known since I was a little girl that I wanted to be a mom.  There was never any question about that fact.  My mom raised Katy and I with hugs and “I love you’s”, never making us feel like an inconvenience.  Having been raised in that atmosphere, why WOULD I have questioned being a mom.  She made it look effortless.  At least while we were looking.

Baby Sleeping

What a huge gift to give to your children. The feeling of being WANTED!

I realize that many readers might not be as set on becoming a mother as I was.  I want to offer some encouragement and real-life truths about this amazingly complex decision.  A way of nudging you into pregnancy jeans, if you will.  (*cough* – Katy – *cough*)

1)  Having children changes everything.

Travis and I were married for almost three years before we got pregnant.  Every single facet of our lives changed the moment we saw those two blue lines.  Most for the better.  Some not.  Children complicate travel, independence, your finances, and your sex life…that’s just naming a few.

But they also bring out THE BEST in people.  I know that I’m a better person and a better wife now that I’m a mom.  Motherhood tests your patience, your willpower, your sanity.  Your children put you through a type of bootcamp that could never be paralleled.  You learn who you are, what you want and how you react to situations.


You’re forced to become selfless.

And we ALL need to become more selfless.

2)  You’ll never have enough money.

Even if we weren’t talking about children, this statement could be valid.  Money has a way of controlling us and it makes us want MORE.  More stuff, more things, more crap that you’ll just end up selling at your next yard sale.


You’ll never have enough money.  And actually, having children really isn’t even all that expensive, especially if you nurse and cloth diaper (I do the former).  I know plenty of GREAT parents who have little finances, but they’re making due and making their children appreciate the little things in life.

You don’t need more money.  You just need to get creative.

3)  Your husband is cute.  Procreate.


Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure we’re actually supposed to be having sex and making babies.  It’s a God-given thrill of life!!

You married your husband because he was at least somewhat attractive to you.  Don’t you want to see his face on a little person?

Swaddle Me

Angelina lips.  George Costanza hairline.

Ok..so that wasn’t all that convincing.  Let’s go back to the “sex is fun” part.  Get to it!!

4)  You’ll turn into one of “those” people.

Yep, you will.  You’ll become one of those people who only knows how to talk about their child’s latest mediocre crayon drawing or how their bowel movements have become more regular.  You’ll never hang out with people that don’t have children.  They just won’t understand you anymore.

Essentially, it becomes apparent that you’re a parent….<-get it.  get it!!


But you know what?! ….change who “those people” are.  Be a cool mom or dad.  Make talking about your children the NORM.  Be someone who others want to be around.

Be cool.  Like me.


5)  It’s hard.

Pregnancy is hard.  Childbirth is almost unbearable.  And then you’re left with this tiny human who you’re in charge of?!?!  I can barely pick out an outfit for myself, let alone be held responsible for how my child will function in society?!!?

Poop is schmeared.  8 hours of sleep is HILARIOUS!!  Vacations become a distant memory – you’re WAY too poor.  And when children vomit, they’ll do it just about ANYWHERE else but into the toilet.

It’s flippin’ HARD!  But I can guarantee one thing – after they’ve thrown up on your new rug, they’ll come to you for a hug and comfort.  And maybe a wet, vomitty kiss.

Which leads me to my last point….

6)  It’s SO worth it.

Child Photography

The bottom line:  I could have written 1,098 reasons for why kids are awesome and still not cover everything.  Children are a BLESSING.  A gift.  As parents and parents-to-be, we need to adopt this mindset and change society for the better.  Uplifting the next generation – teaching, loving, spreading God’s love!

Now go procreate!!

QUESTIONS:  Tell me everything!  Do you have children?  If so, what made you know you were ready?  If not, why don’t you?  Just curious.


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  1. Hi Lindsay :D Great post! I agree so much hehe. Im still buried to my tired eyeballs in diapers but I think having kids is the best thing that has ever happened in my life. It truly is a blessing from God. The first glimpse of my babies is like your peering at something truly heavenly. I have a 3 year old and a nine month old baby. In the beginning I was petrified of pregnancy and birth but I knew I would regret not having kids. Im keen to have another baby too! Hugs to you!

  2. I decided to do some reading because lately I have been thinking about whether or not having kids is the right choice for me. I always said I wanted kids and there was a time not so long ago that I felt like I couldn’t wait any longer. However I have been struggling with anxiety and depression and this has made me take some other things into consideration. I am a step parent to 2 amazing kids, a girl and a boy, and I can already relate to all of these points. When I first came onto the scene the kids were 3 and 1.5 yrs old – I know children change everything, and they have changed my life enormously. We have equal custody, and the kids have their own everything at our house, so I can relate to the money part. My step-kids look like my gorgeous partner and everyday I see how amazing he is as a father. I noticed at a dinner with some high school friends that all I talked about was the kids, and showed off pics and videos of them. I’m proud of them. I know all about hard – it’s hard to be a step parent. I’m lucky that the situation is very friendly, and that I am so close with the kids, but it is hard, when you just want this little person to grow up to be the best they can possibly be, and sometimes you aren’t sure what to do or if you are just making a huge mess of it all. Plus I’ve dealth with poo in the bath. But it is worth it, because I love seeing them happy and how fast they grow and how brilliant they are. I just don’t know if I want to go through this all again, once or twice more. I haven’t experienced pregnancy, childbirth and having a newborn, but I don’t know if that is enough reason to make me have babies. I still don’t know what to do but this has made me mentally check off the things that I have had a chance to feel and experience with my stepkids.

  3. I appreciate the honesty of your post, and the desire to spark this discussion. :) My husband and I are deeply committed and compatible, financially stable, and by most people’s estimation, perfect candidates for parenthood. We ‘sat on the fence’ for a while trying to decide if we actually WANTED to be parents, and ultimately came to the decision that we do not. We both like kids, but we are both introverted, creative types who have a very strong need for quiet time and down time. I like kids, but I also like that I don’t live with any. I think I would go insane due to the lack of personal time, constant interruptions, and lack of sleep (seriously). When I talk to my friends who are parents, I get exhausted just hearing about their day… talk about work! Sometimes, I think back about my own mother and how she always seemed to just crave a day in bed when she could read a book. I wonder if she was unhappy, because she didn’t seem very happy on a day-to-day basis. Now I know there are some people who were born to be parents… they love it and take it very seriously. God bless those parents! They are awesome! But I don’t appreciate it when parents suggest that my husband and I are “selfish” for going a different way. We have done a lot of soul searching, and we came to a choice that is right for our personalities and dispositions. I think it is a very UNSELFISH decision… it’s not fair to have children if you end up as a resentful patent. Plus, the world is going to have 9 billion people soon… it’s not like the human species is in need of more babies (from a resources and environmental point-of-view). All I ask is that parents respect my decision for what it is: a responsible, honest, and heart-felt choice about how I want to live my life. It’s not about being ‘selfish’ or ‘unselfish’. It’s about doing what’s best for the kids… for the future generations. Children deserve to have parents who REALLY want to be parents.

  4. Hmm…I have such a question. You are so sweet and I hope you will take this as just a question. One of the things that blocks me from having kids is that I believe its a selfish choice. I think of all the things that could go wrong with the child and I don’t know it I could gamble on someone’s life like that. It makes me sad because I am starting to realize that I would want kids. Just wondering if you ever thought about that. It’s worth it for the parents to have kids, but is it always worth it for the child? I say this as someone who has battled mental illness all my life (and as someone who had a beautiful childhood with the best parents in the world – my biologically-based mental illness has nothing to do with them but I couldn’t bear to see my own kids go through it knowing it was my fault for bringing them into the world). I don’t know how to rectify that with myself. Just wondering if you ever think about that. Really respect you, this isn’t mean to be an attack, just a different perspective. :)

    1. I see more people being the opposite – not having children as a way of being selfish and wanting more “me” time. I think that God will give you the grace and ability to parent a child – you just need to seek His will first! Might sound aloof and mystic – it’s so not!

    2. I understand where you are coming from Katie. I see people having babies all the time with no consideration. I know that not everyone does this, but I think it is selfish to “drag” your children up. There are some amazing parents out there but there are also some not so amazing parents. I think it shouldn’t be frowned upon to really consider if having children is right for you.

  5. Mine are grown. Wonderful adults. Don’t live near me. Call a lot, but it is not the same. I wonder why People want them if they just leave you. Also, I see so many autistic kids now. Why is that? I wonder how having a special needs kid would affect their lives, if they have kids. Bottom line, God really decides those things for us, so if he gives them an autistic child, He has a reason. But I wish med science would find out what is going on.

  6. I love this post! I definitely agree with you on all of these things. But I’m still not sure if kids are for ME. But yes, the man = cute and we would make totally cute babies.

    As far as the pregnancy/childbirth goes, I have major panic attacks with medical stuff. Like my blood pressure bottoms out and I pass out. I hardly get them anymore, but I know there are so many things during pregnancy that would likely trigger them, so I’m scared for the baby’s sake. I guess I’ll have to cross that road when I get there, but I had a major panic attack this weekend and Mark never has witnessed one and he was scared to death. And I had to tell him that is why I am mostly scared of having kids.

    But I did a post about having kids a while back. Mostly because I’m 27, not married and I’ve already been asked “when are you having kids?” Do the math! If I was single and wanted to be a mom or if we wanted kids NOW I would most definitely have them. But there are reasons I don’t (just like the reasons you do!).


  7. I’m sorry, but I disagree with this article 100%. I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to have kids or not. So I read 100 reasons on why not to and then I read this. This article made me 100% positive that I don’t want kids. Having kids will not make you find out who you are, and that’s a stupid reason to have them. And yes, children are a blessing. They’re like the star on a christmas tree, but I could just never have any of my own. I’m not being selfish. But my hat goes off to you and to all the parents out there, because they have the hardest job in the world! Being a parent never stops. And parents truly do work hard. Kudos to you and good luck to you and your family! :)

    1. Good for you for being true to yourself. Personally, if “I’ve known since I was a little girl that I wanted to be a mom.” doesn’t apply to you, this entire article is null and void. All the reasons given work within those parameters, but if you don’t really want kids, or are on the fence, the ‘it’s all worth it’ aspect is by no means a guarantee.

      As far as I am concerned, if you REALLY want kids and are in a place to have them, do so. If not, don’t be pressured by people who feel the need to convince you how great it is. What makes them happy may not make you happy. Do what

  8. I’m 15 and not married (not planning on it anyway). When I was younger, I believe I wanted kids, though I’m not sure how many I wanted. Now I don’t want any. Don’t want to get married either. Too long to explain on both. My mom said that she thinks it’s sad that I made this decision at such an age, but still. I’m praying about it and if for some crazy reason it’s God’s will to have me marry and have kids, then I’ll do it. But I really hope I don’t have to. The only thing is that my parents won’t get to see grandchildren (from me, at least – I suppose there’s still hope for my brother and sister).

  9. I am SO HAPPY for never having to have children. And I am sooooo very happy that I figured that out in the right time. In today’s society, having kids is the norm, I grew up to the idea that everyone does it, that not having children is not even an option. Only 3 years ago I realized it is in fact an option, and I opt on no children coming out of this girl’s uterus. I never felt the need or the desire to. I don’t even like children until they’re like, 6 or 7. Maybe I will adopt someday, but with it being such a difficult process, I don’t know, besides I feel so much of a child even now at 28, I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready to educate another person.

  10. Hello! I’m 28 and married since I was 18. I’ve never had a strong urge to be a mother, although up until several years ago I wasn’t closed off to the idea because “that’s just what you do.” However, as time went on my husband and I came to the realization that it’s not for us. Thankfully we came to the realization together.

    Most people say, “You’ll change your mind.” For us it’s a done deal. And let’s just say, we’ve taken care of that, if you know what I mean. So no children for us.

    I can’t say specifically what made us decide to not want children as it was a variety of things. With that being said, I live vicariously through those that do choose to have children and like sharing all of their experiences. =)

  11. I really love this post and just… how you communicate your thoughts and the realities of being a mom. I’ve been with my husband for almost 5 years, and we just got married last July. I’ve never been in a rush to have kids, even though all of my friends had them in their 20s. My husband and I both agree that we (think) we just want one, and that there are just more things that we want to do before that happens. But, what I’m coming to figure out is that there will ALWAYS be more things that we want to do, and we’ll just have to figure out a different way to do them once we have a kid. I’ll be 32 in a little over a week… I kind of think that (just medically speaking) trying sooner rather than later might be smart. Another issue is that we want to move to Colorado within the next few years (we live near DC) and know that it will devastate my family – especially if there’s a kid – but living there is something that we have both dreamed about for so long and talk about literally every day. I don’t know if it would be easier to move first, and then have a kid or vice versa…
    I also really want to experience pregnancy to gain a new appreciation for my body. I’ve had such issues with my body image throughout my life, and I’d just like to think about it in a different way (hopefully that makes sense. :))
    Sorry for the long ramble, obviously it’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot.

    1. Moving will not devastate them at all. Just act like it is normal and they will feel the adventure. We moved 6 times before ours were in 3rd grade. Mine did fine! Middle school up is harder- I wouldn’t move them in high school.

  12. Having kids is something I’ve been thinking about A LOT lately because chemo can make you infertile. I was lucky enough to not go through early menopause during treatment, but I can still go into menopause at any time after treatment. In other words, my internal clock is ticking even faster! I’m as far as a person can get from ever being married though, so I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that if it happens, fantastic. If it doesn’t, I’m not a worse person for it. I think you’re right that kids are hard, but the good kind of hard that makes you a better person. Also, I kind of selfishly want children so I have someone to look after me when I’m old!

    1. That last sentence about being old and having a caretaker – SOOO true!! I also wanted to have someone to enjoy holidays with. A Thanksgiving table FULL of children and grandchildren!

  13. Ahhh! How did I miss this post!?! I could write a novel on how wonderful and amazing and humbling and joyous it is to have children (well, one child) – but you said it pretty well. I am so blessed to have someone like you as my friend.

  14. I was told I could never had kids and then after my boyfriend bought an egyptian fertility statue(after 5 years of trying to no avail) we got pregnant and I met the love of my life. My son Aeron. I have depression and he made me want to get out of bed in the morning, or sunggle up when he climbed into my bed, and he shows me things I never noticed before. Also he reminds me of everything I loved about childhood. I never had a loving mom and I make sure my crew of 3 now get all the hugs and kisses they could ever need and sometimes I need them more than THEY do! Even when my son brought home a dead mouse and made it a bed in a blanket I sat him down calmly and explained that it would be asleep forever and he decided that he would keep it for the day and then have a funeral. the next one he found he brought to the others grave and made a plot beside it and told me “mommy I found a dead mouse by the car and I buried it, Its okay I let him sleep with the other one’ and then him smiled and went back to playing with his cousins…silly little guy…Im glad he washes his hands well!

  15. you two certainly make some BEAUTIFUL babies! and I love this post – I love you – I LOVE that you have kids because you are an INCREDIBLY AWESOME mom. I knew this already, but reading just now when you said “it brings out the best in people”… I knew it again. because YES, for you it brings out the best! that is not the case with everyone…

    Jason and I both LOVE children, but neither of us want our own! we revisit this conversation often, just to make sure we are still on the same page… since college we have both been very career oriented, and we like to travel a lot, we like our lives now. I have some other feelings about this world in general – I promise I am a very positive person – and have hesitation about adding to it. I know my choice is an unpopular one, and one I have to justify a lot… (heh, you’d think I’d be able to better explain, yes??) :)

  16. I never wanted kids. I just wasn’t drawn to children at all. Suddenly at age 30, I HAD to have a baby. The NEED was so intense. 11 years later, I have a 10 year old and a 6 year old, both boys. There’ve been moments when I’ve thought “what the hell was I thinking” (usually when one of them was having a “throw yourself on the floor and scream” tantrum. In public.), but 99.9% of the time I think it’s the awesomest thing ever.

    1. Hi MCM Mama, my husband and I feel exactly the same way, we have always said no, not for us but lately we have been discussing our next steps and feel that bringing a child into this world would further enrich our lives but scared as we have come around to this thinking so quickly and scared that we may be making the wrong decision. So hard to decide whether doing the unknown/unfamiliar is right for you without experiencing it first….There is only so much you can learn from another family/nieces etc….Any recommendations/thoughts would be appreciated….

  17. We don’t have kids…yet. Mainly because we got married only 1.5 years ago. There was a period when we sort of were trying but then I lost my job and we stopped. But now I have a job again, so we’ll see. Although I need to get more acclimated before making any big life changes!

  18. What an awesome post Lindsay! Although I am not married yet and don’t have kids… I know that it is my calling to be a mom. Like you my mom raised me in a nurturing environment that really shaped who I am today. No other job satisfied her like raising my brother and I. I hope to pass that love onto my children one day. I love the photos of our beautiful family.

  19. I asolutely do NOT want kids. I’ve never had a calling/desire and, at 32 yrs, don’t think I ever will. I value my independence, freedom (yes, selfishness with my time and ability to do what I want, whenever I want), and SLEEP! I’d rather travel and focus on my career than anything else. Not to mention, I go ga-ga over animals, not babies. I think a woman should do whatever she feels is best for her…not feel pressured to follow a “cookie cutter” norm of what her life should be like. I’ve seen that pressure make women have kids who maybe should have thought twice about having kids! Its not as if our world is underpopulated…quite the opposite. Now, finding a guy who doesn’t want kids puts a bit of a twist on the dating situation. There’s a lot of compromises that can be made in a relationship, but the issue of having kids (or not) is pretty black & white. :)

      1. I’m sorry, but I find this comment cruel. In a sense, it implies that people who struggle with infertility or miscarriage haven’t been “granted” children by God simply because their desire isn’t strong enough, and that’s just wrong.

        1. I was in no way being cruel! Simply quoting scripture. Psalm 37:4 – Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. Or Romans 8:28.
          I’m sorry if I came across as being insensitive! It was certainly not my intention, Anna.

          1. No, no, I know– and I hope my comment didn’t come off as rude!! I think I’m just sensitive to the idea that if one doesn’t get something they want in life, it’s because they haven’t prayed *hard enough* or that they are somehow responsible for that fact. Again, not trying to be rude– this is just an idea that I’ve struggled with in my own life, and I thought I’d comment!

  20. Great post!!! I am only 22 and certainly know I am not ready right now to be a mother. I used to think I never wanted kids, the thought did not exactly intrigue me. I then was blessed with an adorable nephew and now know I do want one for myself (in the far future of course!). I think until you are around children you never really know the love and joy they can bring to your life!

  21. Love this! As a soon to be mother, I feel like I focus alot on just good thoughts for the future. I like this reminder that although it’s wonderful being a parent it’s also going to be hard. Reality check Callie :) Great post Lindsay!

    Bennett Love

  22. Awesome post! Vishnu and I talk about having kids fairly often. And in the past few months, he’s brought it up more then me. :) I think the whole idea of having kids is a beautiful thing. And I too want to raise my kids the way my parents did – with love.

  23. I LOVE this :)! I am getting married in July, and my fiance have already discussed our timeline for having kids. Of course, that could change over time, but my whole life, I’ve known that I want to be a mom. I’m scared about the actual delivery part- but I guess thousands of women do it everyday? :)

  24. I’m working on it! And working on it and working on it…luckily, the work is fun. Ha! I hope I get to write a post like this someday. I love everything about it…thank you for the smile and the warm fuzzies.

  25. BEAUTIFUL POST!!! I can tell you are such an incredible mother even when cleaning poop out of hair:)

  26. What a nice post..you had me crying :) My husband and I are expecting our first child (boy!) due in June and we feel so blessed …we always knew we wanted to become parents and now God has given us this beautiful baby .. Thanks for sharing! (I am off to wipe my tears..lol)

  27. Wow. I feel like it’s so timely that you posted this. My boyfriend and I are really struggling to move forward in our relationship because one of us can’t decide if they want kids or not. That someone happens to be me. I agree with 1, 3, & 4, as part of my hesitation, but those are the easy excuses. I also feel like I’ll never be a good enough, patient enough, fun enough, anything enough mom. I absolutely love babies, and totally think that would be the easiest part, but when they get older? Yikes. Thanks for sharing your point of view, it’s a good reminder of why it’s such a big decision, for me at least :)

  28. I’m glad I have friends who are passionate about procreating to make up for my lack in it. I want dogs. Lots more dogs. Not kids. Alex and I joke and say by the time we’d be ready for kids, he’ll be 50, I’ll be 42 and having a high-risk pregnancy… but there’s a little truth in every “just kidding.” I have 100% no desire to make babies at this juncture in my life, and I hope it continues that way for a good long while. :)

  29. I definitely want to have children. But not for a while. For me it’s important to figure out my life, live it the way I want for a while, then have some little Kirstens running around. By the way, your family pictures are absolutely wonderful!

  30. My husband and I are in the “camp” that thinks we probably won’t have kids, but we’ll revisit it in a few years after we get some more traveling “out of the way”. I do find it frustrating at times that all my friends with children (80% of them) only talk about kids now, BUT I do love and adore their children to death, and find this post very sweet, and interesting. I think our society has become very harsh and judgemental of both those who have and do not have children; but either way this is a very refreshing post and perspective, so thanks for putting it out there!

  31. Love this poast too! And I have a feeling there’s something you’re not telling us. :) I had a really hard time getting pregnant nad truth be told the fast that I have two beautiful boys is a miracle in itself. :) It was all GOD! :) Being a mom is the BEST job in the world! This post just made my morning!PS- your kids are going to be sooooo cool! :)

  32. I love this post! I do not have kids, have been with my boyfriend for 4.5 year & want them some day. The thing I love most about this post is your #2. I cannot tell you how many people I’ve heard say they don’t have enough money or they want to have them when they have “enough” money. Well this does not make sense to me. I figure when I have kids, I’m sure I’ll have to change spending habits and choose to do things differently. I do know they will be brought up in a loving, caring & nurturing home no matter how much money we have or don’t have & that is what really matters to me! Love all of the pics you have, the top one w/your kids in the forefront is just adorable!

  33. love this! it kinda makes me want to go get my hubby right now and get pregnant. ;) hehe. in all seriousness though, i’ve always wanted to be a mother since i was little too. it’s one of my biggest dreams in life. like you said, i know it’s hard and there’s always challenges that come up, but i totally believe it’s worth it. you seem to be a great momma and totally cool too… thanks for being such a great example! i always tell my husband i want to be like you and stuft mama when i grow up. ;)

  34. This post could be called “The Case for Kids”! I love other people’s kids, but my hubby and I truly don’t feel called to have children, it’s just not something that we have any desire to do. I don’t say never, that’s just where we are now. If that changes in the future, I know God will let us know. :) Your kids are adorable though!!

  35. I love this post! I’m not a parent yet (a few more years until the sleepless nights begin), but I loved the honesty with which you spoke about parenting!I grew up in a house with not tons of money, but that’s not something that made a big difference! I still have amazing memories of my childhood with my parents and 3 sisters.

  36. I have one son who came as a surprise my last semester of college. I didn’t have that much time to contemplate whether or not I wanted kids or not LOL. it’s been a but of a rollercoaster these past five years, but I wouldn’t give him up for anything. I’m getting married in may and we’re thinking about one more.

  37. I don’t have kids…yet. I guess I’m afraid. Afraid that I’ll end up being a very unnatural mom or something. I hear it just sorta “happens” once you have a baby – you instantly know what to do. Is that right?? Either way, I know I want them, I just don’t know when. My husband will make a phenomenal father and that is honestly a main reason for wanting them someday – because he will be amazing. And hopefully so will I.

  38. Similarly to you, I’ve always known I want to be a mother. Although my short term goals change, the big picture of future happiness in my mind is a happy marriage and healthy children. My husband is fantastic (check), but we’ve only been married a few months and I want him to myself for a while… but we get so excited at the thought of having a family together.

  39. Such an awesome post Linds! And that picture at the top is soooo cute :D. I definitely want to have children with Chris, just not now haha. I want to get married first and have several years together before we go down that road! I just want that family life, and I want to experience the intense love and joy that I’ve heard children bring into your life. Also, I want to experience being a parent with Chris- I think he will be an awesome father and it’s something that I can’t wait to see!

  40. Your little ones are adorable. And yes (in response to a question you asked me ages ago), Carter and Clara can meet up and maybe one day they will marry. We can start with a playdate. :)
    I couldn’t agree with you more. Having children is something I just knew I always wanted. I honestly never felt like there was any other option because in my mind, I just don’t understand how someone could NOT want children. My sister is 4 years older and doesn’t have any kids. She still doesn’t know if she wants to and the main reason is because she and her husband are selfish – and they admit it. They want to shop when they want to, go out when they want to, vacation when they want to, and not have to worry about children. I suppose having children isn’t for everyone and I absolutely respect that. But it’s definitely for me. The smiles and laughs he gives me each day far exceeds the days where I want to run out the door and escape. :)

  41. First off….that first pic…OMG. It’s gorgeous. I have always wanted kids. Same as your mom, my mom raised my sister and I the same way. I struggle with the “when” also – but I know i want the little people one day! ;)