What happens when your child poops in her diapers, sticks her hand down her diaper, then smears the poop all over her face, hair and sheets?

You wig out!  Yell “No! No! No! No! No!”.  THEN, you get your s*it together and you give her a bath. 


What happens when you can still fit into the running tights you wore in high school?

You wig out!  Then, you make your husband come outside in 27 degree weather and take your picture. 


THEN, you spend the remainder of the weekend “making it up” to him.

What happens when you’ve got 12 miles to run and the snot in your head is creating an intense sinus pressure, that makes it feel as though your head is going to explode and also makes you type THE longest run-on sentence in the history of run-on sentences?

First, you complain about having to run to your online friends.fbrun


Then, you go out and see what your body will allow.  And today, it cooperated and allowed me to run the full 12. 


I took it a bit slower and tried to take breaks if I needed, but overall, I think the run actually helped me feel better!  At least mentally – and that’s gotta count for something!

What happens when one of your best friends decides to move 9 hours away??


You wig out!  Then, you go over and help her clean.  THEN, you eat all of her food and hug her so tightly that her husband gives you the stink eye.  Miss you already, friend!

What happens when said friend is looking to unload her fridge before the move?


You quickly swoop in, elbowing all the other helpers, and declare that the vat of chocolate chip cookie dough, is in fact, probably rancid.  In the most dramatic voice that you have, you say you’ll dispose of it when you get home – wouldn’t want anyone to get sick.

What happens when you’re sick, you’ve run 12 miles, AND helped a friend move? 


You take a nap.  No explanation needed. 

What happens when you’re forced to wake up, because, you know, you’ve got responsibilities and two kids? 


You let them hang out in their cribs and bake the “rancid” cookies you scored.  Turns out…not so rancid.

What happens when you live a mile away from your parents, who can’t seem to get enough of those Chobani-commercial stars


You go out on a dinner date with your handsome photographer.  You laugh so much, food comes out of your nose. 

What happens when you’ve got a rich life, full of ups and downs, cuddles and poop, laughter and cookies? 


You blog about it.  Obviously.

QUESTION:  What happens when the weekends come around at YOUR house?


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  1. Oh man. I had to laugh about your kiddo. That sucks. I don’t have kids YET, but when I was little (about 4) I distinctly remember my sister DUMPING her diaper out on my parents floor and then running away naked. YUCK.

    Also, I remember both times I half-marathon trained that I got to the 10-12 mile weeks and just didn’t feel like running them. I’d run 10-12+ miles on my own volition several times before, but just don’t like being scheduled. I do and I don’t I should say. I like having the stuff in front of me, ready to go, but I don’t like being stuck doing it if I don’t feel like that, and would rather do something else.

  2. Oh my goodness!! Gotta love kiddos right?? Sometimes I feel ready for them, but then I babysit or I hear stories about poop on faces and I feel pretty satisfied with where I am. ;-)

    Awesomely constructed post!! Pretty sure I laughed out loud! ;-)

    Lately my weekends consist of studying (since I have quizes due on Saturday…and obviously I wait until Friday to start going over the chapter) but I got to attend a hockey game and have lunch with some friends and their adorable daughter. Good weekend. :-)

  3. I would totally give the rancid cookie dough a shot myself! Love the photo of the little baby foot…babies have the cutest little chubby feet! And way to go, getting your run on when you are sick. That is one area where I tend to wuss out. Totally.

  4. Wow what a great post I had so much fun reading it. I felt like I really did have a peak into your weekend. BTW totally sucks that your friend moved away

  5. Oh you do have a full life. :) Good thing you blog about it! My parents live 2 miles away too! :) Blessing……. Hope you’re feeling better. :) I got to clean up my fair share of poop this weekend too. Fun fun!

  6. Aww, I love this post, friend!! I also LOVE the running tights I wore in HS. Mine have holes that I’ve stitched up with white thread (the tights are grey) and I never want to get rid of themmm!

    Also, Clara and the poop smearing – ahhh!! How do you even deal with that?!?!

    Glad you got a night out with your man. :-)

  7. you do have a rich full life! thank you for reminding us all that we do to! just gotta look around, yes? Hope you get some rest this sunday. Should I come replace your best friend?? Maybe we can buy her house.

  8. I’ve been feeling pretty sick too this week, and I think it culminated on the weekend. The thing I hate is it’s not just a cold, it’s a pretty scratchy and sore throat, so cardio or moving fast enough to breathe hard really hurts my throat. Have got good workouts in this week, but no running all.week.long. Guess it’s okay as the snow’s been falling and the temps dropped, but I miss it! :( Glad you got your run in and fun to see your weekend played out like that! Your dinner date with T sounded fun. :D

  9. Ridiculously cute post. Gotta love the poop smear. Also, can I just say it’s pretty amazing that you posted about poop and chocolate chip cookies, and made it all make sense? You’re my hero.

  10. what happens when its 9:24, your 3 friends are still asleep and you’ve already worked out and showered and brunch isn’t until 11? you eat some almonds and chocolate and read lindsay’s blog ;)