**Get those Tuesday Trainer – Partner Moves to me!!**

Oh hello there!

Hope you all are having a nice little weekend.  We are.  And that’s why I’m making this short and sweet. 

Here’s what’s gone down so far:

  • Early Valentine’s Date with a handsome guy, celebrating National Cream Cheese Brownie day.


  • Set a new treadmill PDR by running 10 miles (flurries outside) and cursed the day I signed up for this blasted race!  The only thing that got me through it was the fact that the Hallmark channel was showing “Parent Trap”.  It’s pains me to admit that it wasn’t even the good version – that’s right – it was the Lindsay Lohan one. 


  • After a grocery store run and visit with Camila, I came home, showered, put on fuzzy socks and didn’t leave the house for the rest of the day.  It was what you’d call my “perfect day”.


  • Made Mama Pea’s “Double Chocolate – Single Chin Brownies”.  Undercooked by 5 minutes, these were low in sugar and high in wonderfulness.  They were vegan.  The ice cream I ate them with, was not.  Sorry, Sarah (and I stole your photo –  click on it for the recipe!).


Today, we have church and some housekeeping to tend to.  Then, tonight, we’re joining several homeschooling families at our local skating rink for some wholesome fun.  I’m imagining a lot of socially awkward prepubescent teens with long hair and dresses. 

(Yes, that’s a stereotype.  Which are usually true.  Plus, you’re allowed to make fun of a group if you’re in it.  That’s how I pull off all the black jokes I make.  <-wait..no.)

It’s been a pretty great weekend!  Why are they always SO short?!?

Before I go, I should probably make good on a promise and announce the Chobani Champions giveaway winners.  They are:

Email me at lindsaymwright@yahoo.com and I’ll get you squared away!!

Lastly, if you missed this little movie, well, you better watch it.  Henry’s muscles are almost as big as his Star Wars collection and he might come beat you up.

Enjoy yourself today!!  This is the day the Lord has made!!


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  1. omggfsdnkfd i was praying for you that you had your perfect saturday to celebrate valentines day haha and i hope it was in the order you wrote it in ;) bow chicka wow wow
    now give me those brownies

  2. ahh yes, love the stereotypes. Thats why i make fun of my cousins, they are so like that. But they are family, so i can do that. haha.
    have a wonderful day and congrats on the PR!

  3. I had a treadmill PDR too (mine was 9 miles). It’s way too cold to run outside! I’m sure the weather will be good for the race though. Have you done it before? In previous years, it’s been in the 50s which is great.