THANK YOU for all of your sweet, sweet comments yesterday!!  I didn’t get to respond to any of them (LONG day, that included haircuts for both kids, which is similar to giving a cat a bath!), but they all made me smile

Based off of the response, we all need to love ourselves just a bit more!!   And we need to compliment others more often! 

I’ll go first. 

I’d like to compliment you guys.  Since you’re reading this amazing, outstanding, critically-acclaimed blog, you’re clearly SMART.  You’re also probably good-looking, as good-looking people tend to flock together.  So you’ve got those two things going for you.

Feel better??  I do.

Know what else will make you feel better? 


Animal style.

(not sure what that means.  Just go with it.)
The theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer is Animalistic!  Moves named after animals or that mimic animal movements.  Weird?  Yes.  Is Lindsay running out of Tuesday Trainer theme ideas?  Maybe. 

I thought this week’s submissions were really creative, especially considering the theme!  All of the moves were unique and some of them, I’d never seen before (Katie’s “Inchworm”, for instance). 

Rebekah, however, submitted an INSPIRING move, that I just couldn’t use in the workout.  (I honestly didn’t want anyone getting hurt.)  Just watch and tell me you’re not the least bit in awe!

Crow Pose to Tripod Headstand – Rebekah, bexlife

Uh, ok.  I can do that in my sleep!

“Welcome To The Jungle” HIIT Circuit

Step 1:  Download this song to your iPod.

Step 2:  Learn “The Snake” (see music video above).  Ironically…an “animal move”.

Step 3:  Get hype.

Step 4: Apply Deodorant.  Apply wristbands and tight gym shorts.  Apply crazed, animal facial expression.

Step 5:  Do this workout.


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The Moves

Reptiles – ME


Inchworm – Katie, yesiwantcake


Alligator Push – Paige, runningaroundnormal


Duck Walk – Lindsay, cottercrunch


Donkey Kicks – Katie, raisinsandapples


Reptile Wall Climb + Pushup – Bonnie, lifetothefull


Donkey Kick – Sarah, thehealthydivablog

Donkey Kick


Crocodile Drag – Lindsay, leangreenbean


Frog Jumps – Kristin, STUFTmama


Thanks, ladies!  For those that didn’t submit, join in on the fun next week!!  Come back Thursday to learn about the next theme!! 

I’m out like a trout. 

Which is a fish. 


QUESTION:  If you could be an animal, what would you be?  ME?  Any bird – always wanted to fly.


P.S.  Head over to Amanda’s blog and check out my “SELF LOVE” guest post.  You’ll get to read some fabulous b.s. that I wrote AND stare at those abs again.  Win win.

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  1. I will be sporting my wrist bands and tight gym shorts for this I’m sure. :) Such awesome moves. I can’t help but smile when I’m looking at the workout. Ha ha! Nice touch with the animal print around the actual written workout. Fly away lady!!!! :)