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I’m not going to ramble too much and just get right to it.  You’re all here to see the trainers anyway!

I did want to tell you a short story that ties in with this week’s theme – REST.

Rest is just what I did this weekend.  I hurt my neck pretty badly on Friday, doing plyo burpees during Bootcamp (there was an audible *POP*).  I couldn’t turn my head from side to side or up and down and was in extreme pain.  I ended up going to the chiropractor and masseuse later in the day (both helped), but when Saturday morning came, I knew I shouldn’t run.

runningI took the advice that was given and skipped my long run.  I also rested all day yesterday.  Very glad I did, because today the pain is almost gone and during today’s follow-up chiropractor visit, my doctor said everything was looking MUCH better.  Amen!

I can’t STAND to be out on injury.  I’m hoping to just pick back up where I left off in my 1/2 training (5 miles on the schedule today).

So that’s another “TAKE SOME REST DAYS/YOUR BODY WILL THANK YOU!” advice schpiel. (yes, mr. red squiggle – I know that’s not a real word.)

The theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer was “REST”! It’s a chance for me to ask some questions, for the trainers to respond with witty banter and for the readers to get to know these ladies a little bit better.

Plus, I don’t have to come up with a real theme for the week!


My “Meet Your Trainer”:

I happily introduce to you our trainers!!  All 12 of them!  (With a little “commentary” from me, of course.  I really just wrote down the first three things that popped into my head.  The cobwebs are outnumbering the originality these days, folks.  I apologize in advance.)


Alyssa – Life of Blyss

  • Geez, Alyssa.  Clean yourself up a little.
  • Must check into Aria powder
  • Going balls to the wall in her next 1/2 Mary.  Under a 1:30?!?!  You’re a rockstar and I forgive you for the dirty hair.


Ashley – My Food N’ Fitness Diaries

  • Sometimes she likes people, sometimes not.
  • Is it just me or is she super pretty?
  • First 1/2er – you’ll do GREAT!!


Ellen – Undercover Runner Eats

  • Tuesday Trainer virgin…not anymore.
  • Somebody RUN with this girl!!
  • Optimum Nutrition TWINS!
  • Good luck on your marathon!!


Carla – Miz Fit Online

  • Everytime I see this woman, I feel like I need to do a bicep curl.
  • MetRx fiend.
  • Has no goals. ;)  Just living fit.


Kirsten – kcaptures

  • Is easily distracted.  Look!  What’s over there!!
  • Watching this makes me want to move to Florida.
  • Watching this makes me want to go to China!
  • Good luck on your test!!


Katie – Raisins And Apples

  • Her accent makes me feel at home, ya’ll.
  • Loving her “futuristic” view on fitness!
  • What’s not futuristic is that little tv in the background.  It’s simply rad, Katie!


Allie – Colour Me Happy

  • She does NOT want to talk at the gym or hear about how you’re a wimp.
  • Hemp devotee
  • Talks in climbing lingo that makes me want to learn how to boulder (but I’m probably saying that wrong.)


Lindsay – In Sweetness & In Health

  • When she’s in “the zone”, don’t mess with her.
  • She and Chris will make some super fit offspring!
  • Has a cool new blog feature, FLOW, that you guys should check out!


Katie – Yes I Want Cake

  • This cute little mama is my BLEND co-host.  She’s more organized than first meets the eye, promise!
  • I want her hair!  And jewelry.  And baby.
  • You want to do handstand pushups during BLEND bootcamp?!?!  Well ok.


Paige – Running Around Normal

  • She’s not selfish – just independent.
  • Kept trying to read her shirt…still couldn’t understand what it said.
  • And where did Niko go?


Lindsay – Cotter Crunch

  • One of my most favorite Sherpas!!!
  • Running for little old ladies worldwide.
  • There are just TOO many “big butt” jokes to pick from.  I’ll leave that one up to the home viewers.


Heather – Better With Veggies

  • Just ran 50k.  I can barely run 10 miles.  #abitjealous
  • AND…she was making brownies?!!?  I’m coming over!
  • ]The buzzer went off and she kept filming?!?!  Rookie mistake.


Kristin – STUFT Mama

  • Flat Kitty bomb!!
  • Thank you for covering up your arms.  They’re disgusting.
  • Putting family first.  I love that.


Thanks to all the participants!  I love Tuesdays SO very much!  I’ve got a little trick up my sleeve for next week’s TT, so come back Thursday!

Oh, and if you missed yesterday’s video, PLEASE go watch it.  That thing took me Travis HOURS to film and edit.  Mostly due to our little champions and child labor laws.


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  1. i know i keep saying this but im SO SAD i dont get to meet you and katie (and everyone else) at the blend retreat. boo. of all the weekends for you to pick…
    ok ok enough moping. excellent post as per usual :)
    happy tuesday!

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  3. p.s.
    When i first met Carla in Austin, all i wanted to do was pick up a weight and start curling. I would like her arms and paige’s butt please. Dang, guess i have to work on that myself. ;-)

  4. Definitely bookmarking this page AND your video from yesterday. Can’t wait to see your Chobani fun in action! :) Your comments on all the stills are fabulous! Love ya! Win-win for everyone! :)

  5. Whoo for 12 solid, beautiful, inspiring trainers! NO IDEA what happened to mine this week…it just didn’t happen! You even tweeted me and somehow it slipped my mind. Argh! Ahh well…there’s always next week. ;)

    …love ya trainers! Will check out these videos later today!

  6. Oh my gosh I’ve enjoyed this so much just from your comments before even WATCHING the videos. I’m resting right now with runners knee from going too far too soon last week – hoping to start official half training next week! Thanks for all the expert advice. :)