Thank you all for the pleasant remarks about my little ones yesterday!!  My intention for that post was to raise some questions in people, to encourage and inform.  And no, Kristin – I’m not pregnant.  Not yet.

Today’s theme is so fitting for how I’m feeling.  I’m tired, which might have something to do with yesterday’s post.  Two toddlers running around, creating messes and chaos will tire you physically and mentally.  So will being at the gym for 4 hours, teaching.


Not complaining – I LOVE my job and feel almost bad for being paid to workout.

I said almost.  I DO have a blogger’s retreat to pay for, remember?!

Blogger + Friend = Blend

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Which by the way, there are STILL tickets available to purchase!  If you’re on the fence, don’t be!  Just come and hang out with some cool people.  Just as a quick comparison, tickets to FitBloggin’ 12 are $249.  Tickets to BLEND are $75!!  Do the math – that’s a $175 difference?!?!  All thanks to our sponsors, who I’ll be starting a feature about tomorrow!

Now on to Tuesday Trainer.  (but seriously, if you can make it happen, come to BLEND!)

The theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer is “Meet Your Trainers”!! Alternate title: “REST WEEK”  Holla! (what?) It

Basically, you guys are going to submit vlogs of yourselves answering some questions I’ve come up with.  We’ve done these a few times in the past, so feel free to go back and look through the archives on the Tuesday Trainer page!  I always try to keep them fitness related.

So in your vlog, you’ll answer the following:

  • Do you prefer to workout solo or with people?
  • Who inspires you when it comes to your fitness?
  • What is your “go-to” protein powder?
  • What’s your next fitness goal?

Here’s my “Meet Your Trainer” video:

Some helpful guidelines:

  • If you’ve never participated in Tuesday Trainer, you can still submit a “Meet Your Trainer”!! Anyone can participate – blogger or not!
  • Don’t afraid to be yourself!
  • Wear comfy clothes.
  • Try not to ramble on – submissions should be no more than 4-5 minutes long.
  • If you do blog, remember to introduce yourself and your blog.

***DEADLINE for submitting moves is Monday night, the 6th, at 8pm EST. Again, go here to learn how to upload your video!***

I’m headed to the gym for BodyBugg training and sprint intervals!  Then home to clean this house.  Everything in those last two sentences excites me.


QUESTION:  If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would your last meal be?  If you flippin’ answer protein oats, I’m going to hit somebody.  Me?  Carrot cake with lots of cream cheese icing!  That’s a meal, right?


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  1. I like just four questions. It seems less stressful to stay under time. I really like hearing people talk — not ramble — & explain their answers a bit rather than just go straight down the list. Maybe you all know each other a little better, but I feel like this gives me a chance to get to know most of you a little more, if you don’t just answer boomboomboom. But yes, I don’t have time to listen to long ones either, which I’m totally guilty of making myself! Under 5. Promise promise.

  2. There’s this Tres Leches cake from a tapas restaurant here in Atlanta that would be my last meal, for sure. Your carrot cake is a good suggestion though, as long as it doesn’t have raisins. Oh and pizza.

  3. Oh yaya, a rest week! :) Just in time! :) Ha ha! FYI- I have a weird sense of knowing when people are pregnant by the way so watch out if you get weird emails from me. :)
    Last meal… hmm…… veggie pizza or chicken nachos. Weird. I’m in a late afternoon funk right now. :) Those don’t sound healthy do they? :) oops. I’m still trying to figure out where you should get your TT tattoo too. :) Ha ha!

  4. That retreat sounds fun and I would LOVE to go to Colorado! I haven’t been since Junior High one summer for a camp. I am trying to get a friend to go with me since I want to drive (and 8-ish hours is a bit to drive by oneself).

    Rest weeks are awesome. So are rest days and I am taking one today since I am feeling sore and tired. :-)

  5. Last meal? Sushi like whoa! And yellow cake with chocolate icing and a mountain of vanilla bean ice cream. And a steak. With bacon. Pickles. A sleeve of saltines. Smoked salmon. Sourdough bread with garlic butter. A jar of peanut butter. Is that too many things? ;)

  6. Okay, 1, I would eat a container of icing. Like the pre-made icing for cakes. Then I would get all flavors of fro yo with my favorite candies. And Then I’d eat a ton of food that I miss with gluten! Baked goods here I come! haha.

  7. My last meal would be lots of sushi.

    I would come to blend cause I live in Colorado, but I have a half to run (my first)

  8. Last meal? PIZZA. And something combining chocolate and peanut butter. Though I have to tell you, my favorite cake is carrot cake :)

    I SOOO wanted to do last week’s Tuesday Trainer! (It would’ve been glute bridges, just for the record.) Since I don’t have a 5-page grad school paper and student grades due this week, let’s see if I can make this week’s theme happen!

  9. i’m in a hurry, but i saw the question and HAD to answer it because i love thinking about delicious food and what my last meal would be… ok, mine wouldn’t be a meal, more like a massive dessert that i’d make into a meal. i’d have a massive underbaked chocolate chip pizookie topped with tons of cookies ‘n cream ice cream. YUM. maybe a brownie on the side? lol. can you tell i love my sweets? oh man.