Really quick.  Super short.  Devoid of any “life lesson”. 

Just perfect for your attention span.

During my post-run, chocolate high, I just COULD NOT focus on writing.  So I went to “my head” for some inspiration.



*If you’ll notice, it took him 20 minutes to respond.  During that time, I knocked my Bible reading out of the way.  In my heart of hearts, I knew that’s what I would do anyway.  Time with God > blog.

*My husband’s mind is a truly fascinating thing.  For him to have said fire, means that he was subconsiously thinking about fire.  And probably war.  And ninjas. 

*It took me 30 minutes to try to come up with a way to tie this screenshot and that fire crap into a blog post. 

This is the result –

Things I associate with fire:

  • Passion in life.  At the gym.  In my marriage.  Determination.
  • Forest fires are bad.  Just ask Smokey the bear.
  • If you play in the fire, you’ll pee in the bed.
  • That horrible song that was sung by childhood bullies, “Mash potato and burn it in the fire.”  <-don’t ask.  Or do – it’s a stupid story.
  • Birthday candles and singeing my hair.
  • Light a fire under your butt, Lindsay, and clean off the dining room table.  Again.
  • Wasn’t there a character on Captain Planet that had something to do with fire? 

Then, both kids woke up from their naps and my writing time came to an end.  Reason #1,983 why I’ll never make it big in the blogging industry. 


There he is.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!  And don’t play with fire. 

QUESTION:  My turn with word association (actually, provided by Travis – I asked him again for the first word that popped into his head.) – CRACKLE.  What’s the first thing that pops into your mind?  Me?  My husband is smoking CRACKLE.


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  1. Chocolate Crackles was the first thing that popped into my head. In Australia they are made with rice bubbles cereal and cocoa…pretty much a chocolate rice crispy treat, but they call them crackles here. They are not in the least bit healthy…but they taste darn good!

  2. Hehe, a funny list of associations with fire (er..well, forest fires aren’t very funny). ^^; For me, when I think of crackle I think – tofu rinds, Rice Krispies, Pop Rocks, fire and popping those packaging bubbles.

  3. I think I might have to ask my husband the same thing to see what he says!! It could be a whole new blogging thing….when you run out of inspiration, just go to the hubs and he will guide us into interesting topics.
    Crackle: the plastic wrap I had to take off of the chocolates that I got yesterday. Took way to long to get to them in my opinion!!

  4. The pyro in me was automatically draw to this post. I need a fire under my butt to study for my midterms. Thanks for remind me :P First thing that comes to my mind is how much I love caffeine highs… like LOVE…

  5. one thing stood out from this post… all the things you mentioned about your life are the very reasons you ARE going to make it big. you need to start vlogging more, girl. xo