February 15, 2012 in Blog, Rambles, Sillyness by lindsaymwright

Really quick.  Super short.  Devoid of any “life lesson”. 

Just perfect for your attention span.

During my post-run, chocolate high, I just COULD NOT focus on writing.  So I went to “my head” for some inspiration.



*If you’ll notice, it took him 20 minutes to respond.  During that time, I knocked my Bible reading out of the way.  In my heart of hearts, I knew that’s what I would do anyway.  Time with God > blog.

*My husband’s mind is a truly fascinating thing.  For him to have said fire, means that he was subconsiously thinking about fire.  And probably war.  And ninjas. 

*It took me 30 minutes to try to come up with a way to tie this screenshot and that fire crap into a blog post. 

This is the result -

Things I associate with fire:

  • Passion in life.  At the gym.  In my marriage.  Determination.
  • Forest fires are bad.  Just ask Smokey the bear.
  • If you play in the fire, you’ll pee in the bed.
  • That horrible song that was sung by childhood bullies, “Mash potato and burn it in the fire.”  <-don’t ask.  Or do – it’s a stupid story.
  • Birthday candles and singeing my hair.
  • Light a fire under your butt, Lindsay, and clean off the dining room table.  Again.
  • Wasn’t there a character on Captain Planet that had something to do with fire? 

Then, both kids woke up from their naps and my writing time came to an end.  Reason #1,983 why I’ll never make it big in the blogging industry. 


There he is.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!  And don’t play with fire. 

QUESTION:  My turn with word association (actually, provided by Travis – I asked him again for the first word that popped into his head.) – CRACKLE.  What’s the first thing that pops into your mind?  Me?  My husband is smoking CRACKLE.