Have you ever had the awesome experience of someone looking you square in the face, and telling you that you look “tired”?


That’s code for, “You look like s*it!”

And I’m sorry, but there’s no “code” to it.  It’s so blatantly obvious that they think you look crappy.


I vlogged yesterday, instead of typing out a post.

Here’s the fruit of that labor.

And yes, I look tired.  Didn’t you get the piece about me needing to REST?  This weekend, I plan to hibernate like a bear, eat like a moose, and run like a llama on the treadmill.

Visions of animals are dancing through your head now.  Perhaps a llama running haphazardly on a treadmill, pressing the buttons with it’s snout?  Do llama’s have snouts?  They’re not beaks.  Perhaps just noses.

At least I’ve diverted your attention away from the bags under my eyes.


QUESTION:  How often do you take rest days?  Tell me one thing that makes you “not perfect”.


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  1. I had to laugh that a vlog is “easier” for you than writing. I only made one vlog. It took me ALL DAY to do that stupid thing. Ha! I’m actually starting to like the treadmill. But that’s only because I watch TV while running. But infomercials? Seriously? Ha! (And I think you look lovely, as always.)

    As for things that make me “not perfect”…oh my. There could be an ENTIRE BLOG dedicated to that.

  2. I hate when people say “you look tired”, what is the point there? Who are you helping by telling me I look “tired” aka like death. It’s the worst when you really aren’t tired.
    I have a hard time with rest days as well, I try for AT LEAST once a week. But those rest days I get so grumpy not getting in a workout and feel like a failure for not working out, when indeed I do know it is what my body needs. It’s easier said then done that is for sure!
    I hope you get feeling better soon!!!

  3. You are too dang cute…and once again I feel like a missed out, never picking up a southern accent before moving outside of NC.

    One thing that makes me not perfect? I think, at times, I am tooooo good at life.

    Kidding! I am very impatient, even with those I love best.

  4. This is great, Lindsay…I mean, I really resonated with everything you said! Rest days are SO hard for me to take, even if my muscles are aching. I really need to practice what I preach and be better at resting. I owe it to my body for working so hard! :D Thanks for this reminder! I have a vlog on my post today too (once it’s up); they’re fun to do. :)

    And I will NEVER understand why people think it’s okay to say, “You look tired today!” to someone’s face. I mean, who wants to hear that? You either: a.) KNOW you’re tired and are trying to not look drained, or b.) AREN’T tired and then it throws you off and makes you think you must look like a wreck! Come on, people. ;)