It’s Sunday night.  Travis and I just put the kids to bed and he’s ready to snuggle on the couch, eat some ice cream and call it a night.  Now normally, I pre-write my posts during naptimes for the next day.  Today, I spent naptime in Asheville, shopping with Katy and Mom.  Totally worth skipping out on writing time.

So where does that leave you as a reader.

Without a post??

NO!  I must post!


I need something quick.  I need something easy.  I need observations.  (eerily similar to Friday’s post…hmm…I’m just getting lazy.)

In the next 10 minutes, here’s what comes to mind.  When the 10 minutes is up, I’m hitting “Post Draft To Blog” and heading to bed.  Probably devoid of pictures and correct grammar.

(Thank you for reading.  Please come back tomorrow.)

1)  Why can’t manufacturers make a cute comforter?!?  We spent ALL day shopping for my mom a comforter that fit these two requirements: 1) comfy and 2) chic.

We came home with nothing.

T.J. Maxx Homegoods, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Target, J.C. Penney, Belk and Dillards:  the stores we braved (on EMPTY stomachs!!) trying to find the perfect comforter.  Everything was either too country (quilts) or something that belongs on a “lady of the night’s” bed.

My mom is trying to grow out of both of those life stages.

2)  Travis really is the best husband.  He let me run off to Asheville for the day, while he took the kids to church, fed them lunch, and put them down for naps.

78 Ibanez Artist 2618 Guitar

Oh, AND he vacuumed my house and washed and folded TWO loads of laundry.  Without being asked.   <-in my opinion, THE best part.

He deserves a Lindsay reward.  ;)

3)  My body needed today to rest.  After a week of teaching my own classes, subbing for OTHER people’s classes, two speed workouts and yesterday’s 8.5 mile long run, I was SPENT.


Today felt great to just rest and recoup.  To allow my body and brain to chill.

I’ll go back at it hard tomorrow.

I’m almost ashamed of how much I love to exercise.  Almost.

4)  Dreams that Travis and I have had for a couple of years now are slowly becoming a REALITY!


I’ll talk more about this later, but, suffice to say, God is good and He will give you the desires of your heart when you seek HIS will!!!  Smile

5)  I’m not sure that these are “observations”, so much as plain ol’ Lindsay rambles.  Observations seem like a classier description…so we’ll go with that.  I’m straight class.  Not to be confused with a “lady of the night”.  Those are two seperate things.

6)  I was able to put Clara’s “Bieber” hair into a ponytail tonight for the first time!  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!  Then we dressed her up as a chef.



Then, SHE proceeded to cook us strawberries, a single french fry and the smallest can of Progresso soup you’ve ever seen.

It was a little bland, to be honest.

7)  10 minutes is up.  Thanks for reading.

QUESTION:  How was your weekend?  Dote on your husband/boyfriend…what’s the sweetest thing they’ve done lately?

**Reminder – get those Tuesday Trainer moves to me TODAY!  It’s looking like a HUGE week!!**


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  1. Aaggghhhh can’t believe I forgot to film, I even told you I’d get with it again! Haha I need a reminder or something.

    Sweetest thing my hubby did recently? Other than the hardwood floor install and house cleaning, he did dishes this morning. Unloading and reloading the dishwasher + hand washing and putting away! It was so nice coming home to not have anything i have to do.

  2. Alex has been super thoughtful lately – calling from the store to ask if I need anything, cleaning the bathroom, making us a kickass brunch spread on Saturday. Our schedules are lined up for the first time in AGES in that we both had Saturday AND Sunday off together this weekend, so just being with him was the best ever. I love that guy.

  3. love these posts because you don’t overthink them, ya know? Travis is a good man. Hope you showed him some lindsay lovin! Your lindsay lovin, not mine. Although i plan on doing some of that tonight too. Sex talk, what? You know you wanted to hear it.

    God is doing great things in your life, i would love an email catch up and let me know how i can be praying specifically for you friend. xoxo

    1. Ahaha! Lindsay (C) – I love you. “Sex talk, what?” ;) Wish you two ladies (and your sex talk, sure) were a physical part of my daily life. :D Grateful and blessed by your friendship!

  4. We are looking for a comforter too and cannot find one. Yay for a rest day, you deserved it. So excited about your dreams coming true. That first picture made my day!

  5. Loved this post! And how cute is Clara?!

    My fiance is also the best! Even though he’s busy being a med student, he calls or texts me every day without fail. AND his New Years resolution was to make more time for me, while mine was to drink more water and look good for our wedding. Haha!

  6. Awww Travis sounds like an awesomely supportive and loving husband!! My husband is equally awesome, I must say. I adore him <3

    This weekend I baked him cookies to pack in his lunch, I love doing little things like that so he thinks of me during his day, and has a yummy treat waiting for him when lunchtime rolls around :)

  7. This was more of an “about me” weekend than dote on my hubby weekend, since I left on Friday after work and got home on Sunday afternoon. We did, however, take some time to relax on the couch together, catch up on our favorite shows from the DVR, and just spend some lazy time together! :)

  8. I have to say (and when readers say this to me I think REALLY?? WHY DO I WRITE AND EDIT OVER AND OVER THEN? :)) I frequently love the off-the-cuff writing stream of consciousness posts by bloggers.
    They invite us readers into your mind—if even only for a day.


    1. I agree! I always find these posts fun to read and a break from the norm (and never apologize for these posts!). ;)

      As for my man? Well, I just love having him back after almost 2 weeks of him being gone. :) His love language is definitely not words but mine is, and I have noticed in the past month or so how much more he has started being intentional with his words of affirmation to me. One little word or note keeps me going for days!

      Glad you had such a great weekend, Lindsay. :D