It’s FRIDAY!  Can I get a “whoot whoot”?  (spelling?)

Here’s some fun crap for you to read on this lovely almost-weekend day.

1.  I’m in love with this song.  I think I’ve worn out my Bethel CD from overuse.  That’s not a bad problem to have.

2.  I’m in love with Susanna Makinson.  Remember when I hosted the Thimble Times slipper giveaway and Chelsey won?

SlippersThimble Times

Yeah – well Susanna made me some of my very own slippers!!  I’m wearing them right now actually!  Adorable, no?

Thimble TimesEtsy

I also snagged some of her homemade LAVENDER laundry detergent!  If only for the packaging alone, these would be just the cutest little gifts.  Go here to get your own!

Homemade Laundry Detergent

Ah, lavender.  I smell good, guys.  This is a new development.

3.  I stink all the time because I flippin’ workout too much.

W Streak 2

Yesterday’s run called for SPEEDWORK.  Say it with me: “Speedwork is our friend.  Speedwork makes us stronger.”

Yeah, I don’t buy it either.

Here’s what I did:


Pin It

My body hates me right now.  But I love my body for running fast.  We’re canceling one another out.  Think about that real hard and your brain will freeze.  Psychedelic.

4.  I just took a break from typing to get a spoonful of ice cream.  Pet Extreme Cookies and Cream.


It’s extreme, guys.

5.  Lately, I’m loving this blog and this blog and this girl who made me granola and this other girl who made me granola and some other gal who I’ve been praying is cancer free!!

6.  Did you hear about Green Mountain Coffee and the FREE Keurigs?!?!?!

7.  This just happened at my house.


Annnnd…we’re done!

Happy Friday, my friends!

QUESTION:  Any exciting weekend plans? IS there any money in stripping these days?  <-Me: 8 mile run, birthday party, lots of rest.  I’m taking this weekend off from blogging!  If you’re missing me, you can read this guest post I wrote for the Fitfluential blog!  See you on Monday!


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  1. The text was hilarious. I need to do that workout on the treadmill, but I always find excuses to avoid repeats. I smell all the time too. We’d make a good pair. Off to check out your FF guest post. :) have a great weekend friend!

  2. I love coming here for my daily dose of random! :) And I do love those slippers. I’d probably wear them as shoes. No, really. They’d look really cute with jeans.

  3. I really truly love speedwork! I did almost the exact same workout yesterday! 8x800s with 90 seconds of rest in between. I felt so dang good aftewards.

    Happy Friday to you – hope there are no naked toddlers or poop smearing today. xoxo

  4. I love random posts! I also love your speedwork – holy buckets of sweat, that is intensely fast!!! I’ll have to work on my speed so I can get thru this workout at some point in the future ;-)

    YAY for Friday!! I spy wine in my near future :)

  5. YAY can’t wait to get my slippers! And with having a harem girl as a mother…I’m sure Henry will grow up to be an excellent male stripper. :D

  6. Hahah – me and running are not on speaking terms right now, so I understand that love/hate relationship. I think running hates me too much and I’m giving it some space to miss me. Or is it the other way around?

    FoodBlogSouth this weekend – wish you were coming! I know absolutely no one, it should be fun. :)

  7. Those shoes are so adorable!!
    I love lavender too; Tide makes a Lavender touch of Downy detergent that smells SO good but I haven’t been able to find it in a while; I’ll go check this one out!
    Great job on speedwork – that’s just not in my blood ;)
    have a great restful weekend!

  8. I seriously love your blog. You are hysterical. I think I had close to 6 buckets of sweat yesterday too…I think doing speedwork on the treadmill in the house is a recipe for losing half my body weight in sweat!
    Not sure about the male stripping! LOL =)
    Have a great weekend – enjoy the 8 mile run! My hubby is away on a boys’ hockey trip (pond hockey) so it’ll be just me and the little guy holding down the fort. Hoping that my mom or sister can babysit him so I can get my long run in!!