(TRUTH – if you take a symbol or character and replace a letter in a cuss word with it, you can turn cussing into an ok thing and not get flack for it.)


I didn’t write a post for today.  Between preparing my speaking points for tonight’s presentation and dealing with BLEND Retreat registration last night, it just didn’t happen

Oh and yesterday was a “rest and boost my metabolism” day.  Which loosely translates into laying on the couch all day and eating KitKats and Sweet Potato Kettle Chips dipped in hummus. 

You should boost your metabolism AT LEAST once a week.  It’s science.

So instead of coming up with something health or family related, I thought I’d grace you with an exhibition in, what the French have termed, “Straight Gangsta Stylz”. 

Or this:

Haphazardly, she pops a cap with her glock.

Haphazardly, she starts dreaming in “foshizzles” and quoting, “Hustle and Flow” (a quality film, sure to be on AFI’s “Top 100”.)

Haphazardly, she blogs.

And for some reason, unbeknownst to her, you guys keep coming back.

QUESTION:  Have you ever shot a gun?  Thoughts?  Have you ever been fishing?  (not sure where that question came from – just run with it.)

**Don’t forget to film your Tuesday Trainer “Heart Rate Booster” video today!**


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  1. Bahaha, the look on your face while shooting the gun is priceless. I have never shot one, they kind of scare the crap out of me.

    Also, I am always one for a good Anchorman reference. I use the “it’s science” reasoning to explain most things.

  2. Ahahaha the gun video is hysterical! I grew up with crunchy granola NC hippy-parents, who would NEVER in their wildest dreams shoot a gun.
    Then I married a Utah boy, and my first visit out there shot one of my in-laws’ gune, rode a 6 wheeler, went to a rodeo…it was a blast, and very educational :-) My FIL is the sweetest guy, but when there was a murder in his small town, he took out his gun and had it sitting next to him on the bed. We all made fun of him, but I kind of saw where he was coming from…:-)

  3. So it’s official that you are one bada$$ gangsta target shooter! I will now substitute the word “haphazard” for the ubiquitous “random” and think of you. Fun post. So haphazard!

  4. dude shooting a gun is so freaking badass its ridiiiiiiiiiculous! i shot one once when i was like 12 (i know so wrong) and since then and since the episode of atlanta housewives where kim shot a gun last night..i kind of want to go back and do it again haha

  5. I am an only child so I did all the things my dad liked to do. I got my hunting license but never shot anything and I LOVE to fish! My dad taught my oldest (4.5) to fish this summer….soo cool to see her doing something with him that I did.

  6. This is great! I am SO not from the mid-west (or Alberta, for that matter) and have never shot a gun. I don’t think I had a desire to, but watching you shoot fast and “haphazardly” made me laugh and want to try it! Nice gun control – I went my arms would be feeling that kick-back. ;)

    …we come back because we love you! Happy Monday (and I’m filming my Tuesday Trainer SOON!).

  7. I am scared of guns but working on it… Alex has a couple and I really need to learn how to use them! And, for the sake of continuity with your post, I feel compelled to say sh!t and f*ck. Ahhh, fake cussing really makes a Monday morning alright. ;)

  8. Haha, yay for target practice. I am the worst shot ever…but I always have fun trying. Thanks for the TT reminder – I, of course, forgot it was Monday.

  9. Love it! I have not shot a gun that I remember, but I keep saying I’d like to learn. I’m not sure I could have one around the house because I’m such a wuss and I’m afraid I would get freaked out and end up injuring someone who I shouldn’t.