My year old computer is dead.  Travis thinks he can fix it.  I’m hopeful.

But also shopping around for a new Mac. ;)


My morning was spent looking at this:


(and going to church.  I needed to after looking at all that mess.)

Until we can get things working on our end, Lindsay’s List might be taking a little unexpected vacation.  I’m posting now from our teeny-tiny prehistoric Tandy.  (not really.  It’s old.  But I think Tandy is obsolete now.)

Please pray.  Pictures might be lost.  That’s the biggest concern for me!

What did people do before computers?

I’m at a loss.

QUESTIONS:  Can your husband “fix things”?  Computer problems in the past?  What should I do with all this free time I have now that I’m forced to be offline?

**Get those Tuesday Trainer submissions to me!!  Come hell or high water, Tuesday Trainer WILL go down this week!**


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  1. oh my poor husband only knows how to fix bikes. We are clueless with technology. We did invest in carbonite though. Best thing ever! good linz. so sorry. Let me know if i can do anything.

  2. Ugh. It’s amazing how inconvenient and stressful a broken computer can be. I always think “Oh, no big deal…I could live without a computer”…until I actually find myself in a position where I have to. Good luck!

  3. My husband is really good at fixing things but even he can’t seem to fix the fact that my computer is 5 years old and slow as molasses. I hope it doesn’t break! At least not until I bite the bullet and get a new one.

  4. I would die!! I am so sorry, that is lame. I hope he either fixes it or you get your new mac ASAP!! Computers are beyond frustrating to me but Billy is a genius when it comes to this kind of stuff. Good luck!

  5. Oh goodness! My laptop crashed in my final semester of college…I was a grouch.

    I may not be married yet, but I just recently told a coworker that I definitely want a manly man who looks like he can build stuff all by himself.

    good luck :)