This is going to be one of those posts where I yell at you to get off the couch.  If you don’t like to be yelled at, turn the volume down on your computer. 

(since there’s absolutely NO audio, that was a joke.  I think I’m hilarious.)


Stop whining about how you can’t do something and simply do it.  Or at least TRY!  Trying’s the best part!  In trying, you learn much more about yourself and your limits.  Take whatever preconceived notion you have about what you CAN or CANNOT do and break it. 

But how??? 

Practice.  Train.  Evolve.  Work.

All of those are action words, because changing requires action.  It requires putting one foot in front of the other.  (don’t trip.) 

Two things that were most commented about in yesterday’s post:

  • My half-marathon time.
  • The fact that I’ve only been blogging for 6 months.


Today, I’ll touch on the half-marathon subject and leave the blogging one for another day.  Sound good? 


I’m a runner.  I grew up running cross country and track.  I’ve ALWAYS enjoyed it – running is my “go-to” exercise.  When I have an hour to spend working out, I like to lace up my Pearl Izumi’s (or Five Fingers) and GET OUT AND MOVE!  The first two miles are ROUGH, but once I break that barrier, it seems like running is absolutely the only thing I’d want to be doing at that moment.

The fact that I’m pretty good at it, is just icing on the cake.  I often wonder – “Would I enjoy running if I weren’t fast?  Or if I could only run short distances?”  

The answer isn’t important. 

The fact that I’ve found a passion and that I make time for it.  That’s what’s important.


My first half-marathon was the WNC Valley of the Lilies, April 3rd, 2011. 

I said yesterday that my time was 1:43:39, but when I looked up the Valley of the Lilies website today, they clocked me at 1:42:46.  Well, ok.


I’m pretty happy with that time (and with the fact that I won 1st in my 20-29 age group!).  I realize that there are many people reading this, thinking that 1:42 is a fast time.  I also know that there are THOUSANDS of people who think it’s pretty slow.  It’s all subjective.

I said I was a runner.  What I failed to mention was that prior to training for and running that 1/2, the most I’d run was like 8 miles. I don’t like distances over 6 miles really. 


Long, long runs are boring.  And they hurt my body.  My legs ache and muscles tense up.  Don’t even get me started on the hours spent on the toilet after my first 12 mile training run (too much?). 


I knew I wanted to push myself to run 13.1 miles.

In order to do so, I had to train.  To change.  To work.  To evolve.

So I did.  I put in the hard hours – the time away from my little family.  I ran in the rain and on the treadmill and in the cold. 

I “bit the bullet” and just DID IT!

After that race (and just like with natural childbirth), I fell in love with that high.  That sense of accomplishment. 

So I’m doing it again. 


Hopefully, faster. But maybe not.  At least I’ll give it my best TRY.


I encourage you to BITE THE BULLET and work towards that goal!  Changing your diet, working out more, spending more time with God.  Whatever it is, just take that first training step! 

It’s well worth it.  And you might just come home with a cool clay medal.


QUESTIONS:  Are you “a runner”?  When’s the last time you “bit the bullet”?


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  1. I love this! And I love that you got the same time that I would have gotten if I wasn’t all like “well I just want to hit 1:50” and slowed down last time I ran one. I would have won my age group too! Dang. Next time balls deep. ;)

  2. Thanks for the kick in the butt. :) I definitely needed it. I’m a runner, but I didn’t start running until I was in my early 20’s. I’ve set a lot of running goals I’m hoping to hit this year. And if I brought home a clay medal, well that would be just awesome. :)

  3. Yes, I’m a slow runner. I really need to bite the bullet and drop a few pounds. I just did a double half marathon. One half one day and one half the next day. Running is not my problem. I need to stop eating when I’m stressed out!! Food is my problem!! It always has been. But, I just need to do it! I’ll feel better about myself, my running and my health!!! Good motivating post!

  4. I am most definitely a runner! Like you, I ran cross country & track through high school, college too actually. I have run a few halves and am about to start training for my second full this spring. And about biting the bullet and just DOING it – I definitely used that mantra during my half this fall, where I PRed by 4.5 minutes. I wasn’t sure if I could go out at my goal and hang on, but I knew I’d kick myself if I didn’t at least try! I totally surprised myself and finished in a 1:31… so it’s definitely worth it to just DO IT!

    Thanks for the inspiration!! :)

  5. Lindsay, found you through Katie from “Yes, I want Cake”. RE: running I hate it the 1st 2 miles. Unlike you its no my go-to but the high is awesome. I ran a 1/2 about 3 years ago and then pretty much gave it up after that cause it took so much time and energy not to mention the immediate bowels effects. Yea TMI. Anyway, I’m starting again in like 10-15 minute increments so that it is for fun and not a drag. Thanks for sharing and that 1/2 time is awesome by the way. -Alanna

  6. This totally makes me want to run! I ran alot in high school, though I was NEVER a distance runner, I did quick sprints, and hurdles. I played basketball, volleyball, and track, so short distances were more my thing. Now I try to do power walking and jogging. Long distances are still not my thing!

  7. Okay you are just freaking awesome. I totally wanted to comment about your amazing half marathon time and forgot. Just love your approach and your modivational tactics (I like being yelled at). :) I’m excited for you and your next half marathon! You just plain rock friend. Love ya! One of these days we’ll have to run one together. :)

  8. Whohoo! I had to bite the bullet this morning when my alarm went off and I desparately wanted to bury my head back under the covers. But I didn’t and I felt great for it…no surprise there, really.

    Also, I love that “my feet hurt…” thing. I may have to print it an put it up in our garage.

  9. I love running – especially long distances. My goal for this year is to be able to keep running through this pregnancy (I’m due with #3 in May), and then run another half-marathon or full marathon the end of the year.

  10. I am all for biting the bullet and trying something new. With anything there is a scary beginning, but the reward can be far greater than the scary start. I love running too, definitely need to try and keep it up more often than I have been. It felt sooooo good to run on Saturday for those 30 mins.

  11. i’m scared and nervous and ahhh apprehensive to change but i’m biting the bullet and starting a new job soon because i work hard and deserve it. gahh bite that bullet baby

  12. I am a runner!! I love to run, it’s what I come back to no matter what else I try to keep me entertained. I definitely did NOT grow up running and I was very slow at the start, but I get faster every year. :) So while I won’t be able to keep up with you at this Publix half, maybe next year!

  13. Great job! Woo hoo! Way to make the commitment and stick to it. I’m a runner, but only seasonally. I enjoy other workouts so much as well that it’s hard for me to stick to just one. But there’s nothing better than coming off of an intense runner’s high!

  14. I’m not a runner at all, and I’ve grown to be okay with that. Yoga has become my passion, and I am going to push my limits in yoga this year, starting with my 30 classes in 40 days challenge that begins 1/16. I am beyond excited at the physical and mental breakthroughs I have the potential to experience!! :)

  15. As you know, I bit the same bullet! I’d love to get my time under 2:10 but this is a hilly course so I’m not too sure if I can. I’m the same way about long runs – I hate them when I’m doing them but I like the end result, both the way I feel after and the actual race that I’m training for.

  16. Love love LOVE this!!!! You are SUCH an inspiration girlfriend, truly! Not just in your speedy running ways (as a newbie no less!) but just how passionate and committed you are to living your best life right now, with your family and keeping a semblance of balance, and sharing it all here with us. I love it! So glad I “found” you through Lindsay :)

  17. i really like running & i feel so accomplished when i finish a great run! but i let myself fall out of the habit of getting out there, so to push myself, i registered for my first half marathon! i am so excited about it!

  18. love this post and your boldness in it – all you’re saying is so true! we just have to bite the bullet and as Nike says, “Just Do It!”. i don’t know if i’d consider myself a “runner”… what does that even mean? if it means i enjoy running, then yes, i’m a runner. if it means i’m good at running super long distances or i’m super fast, then no, i’m not a runner. i don’t really care if i’m considered a “runner” or not, but i do know that i enjoy it and am going to continually work harder at getting better at it! i’m “biting the bullet” this year and plan to run my first half in June – super stoked!

  19. I’m not a runner – my body hates it and I do it mostly to burn calories. Since I injured myself last year in a 5k, I can only run without pain for about 3 miles – but it makes me WANT to run since I know I shouldn’t. Funny how our minds work!