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Hey, hey, hey.  Hand on hip.

It’s Tuesday.  Aladdin opens today with a 10:30 school show (We’ve got three 10:30 shows and two 7:30 shows).  In fact, as this is posting, I’ll probably be putting on my M.C. Hammer Harem girl pants and fake eyelashes.  Don’t worry…the black Egyptian wig I’m wearing really sets off the pants.

I wish I was joking.  Do you have ANY idea how hard it is for me to put on a wig??  Not only do I have a humongo head, but I’m not exactly the most coordinated of people.  Hannah Montana wore a wig.  Lindsay Wright wishes she was that cool.  I promise pictures sometime this week.  As long as YOU promise not to laugh.

This week on Tuesday Trainer we’re RESTING!!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  Feels good.  I think I’ve been wearing some sort of pajama or yoga pant since 2005 (coincidentally, that’s the year I got married – only the best for my dear Travis).  These rest week’s are just a good excuse to not feel bad about that fashion decision.

I asked our trainers to answer the following questions:

  • What piece of fitness equipment is on your Christmas wish list?
  • Name one tip for staying fit during the holidays.
  • Name your best physical feature. What are you most proud of?
  • Name your best non-physical attribute.
  • Plastic surgery: Yay or nay?

My “Meet Your Trainer”

The past two times we’ve “rested”, I’ve come up with commentary on everyone’s post.  Not today.  Janetha, Katie and I spent ALL DAY yesterday, hashing out plans for BLEND!  We must have sent 40 or 50 emails back and forth.

We’ve got some SUPER exciting news to share once all the paperwork is signed.  Let’s just say – you’re going to want to come!  The three of us will be sharing more information as we get closer!  If you haven’t already been, you should check out www.blendretreat.com, like us on Facebook, and follow on Twitter!  Oh, and mark your calendars!  May 4th-6th!

I will say that I watched each and every one of these ladies!  My favorite part – the answers to the NON-physical attributes.  And it was neat – even though I don’t know any of them in real life, the personality traits that they stated, come across in comments and email interactions!  Proud to call them friends!

Without further ado…your trainers!

Meet Your Trainers

(in alphabetical order)

Ashley, myfoodnfitnessdiaries


Bonnie, bonnielangfitness


Heather, betterwithveggies


Janetha, mealsandmoves


Kirsten – kcaptures


Kristin – eathealthybehappylivewell


Kristin – STUFTmama


Lindsay, cottercrunch


I loved how everyone was so laid back and nice and cozy! And James Cotter, doting on his wife, was wonderful!  Thank you, ladies!!

A little announcement – we’ll be taking the rest of the year off from Tuesday Trainer.  I, for one, feel bogged down this time of year (as evidenced last week!), and I’m sure you all can relate.  The last thing I want is for someone to have to choose filming a TT over spending time with family during the holidays!

So, for the rest of December, there will not be any Tuesday Trainers!  We will DEFINITELY resume in the New Year!  I have WAY too much fun doing these!!  I hope you do as well!

QUESTION:  Pick one of the “Meet Your Trainer” questions and answer it!  Here they are again:

    • What piece of fitness equipment is on your Christmas wish list?
    • Name one tip for staying fit during the holidays.
    • Name your best physical feature. What are you most proud of?
    • Name your best non-physical attribute.
    • Plastic surgery: Yay or nay?



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  1. These videos are awesome! I love how James answers Lindsay’s question and says she has nice legs when she wears high heels haha :). My one tip for staying healthy during the holidays is definitely keeping up with your workouts! Whenever I stop working out that’s when other things start to go as well! Can’t wait til these videos resume in the new year…maybe I’ll actually get my act together and participate!

  2. these are awesome!! nothing wrong with living in sweats :)

    and the cotters are so adorable.

    my healthy tip: just put down the peppermint bark (repeating this to myself over and over again).

  3. Bookmarking this. I actually even VIDEOED a TT…but had no time to edit yesterday. ..FINALS.. Finally done though!!! & anxious to catch up with my friends in the virtual world. :)

      1. It was in several separate recordings. I was hanging at the climbing gym while Dave & some guys set routes…& they kept asking me to grab things for them. :P These were such fun question. I am loving going through them. So sad I missed out.

  4. Loved this!!! I had every intention of recording a video yesterday, and then the whole day just got away from me, as it tends to do during this crazy holiday season! Linds does definitely have great legs! Miss her tons. I think my best physical feature is my smile… though I’m working on my yoga butt! ;)

  5. WHAT IT’S TUESDAY?! I am so sorry, friend. I have been so out of the loop lately! I’m way behind. Waaay. Love these getting to know you TT…so fun to watch.

  6. Bonnie, i can’t believe you were sick right after this. You look so good there!
    Kristin….HELLO KITTY!
    JG- love your openmindedness!!
    HEather= i miss Christmas light, none here.

  7. Loved this! You are right, we have been busy freaking bees with BLEND. I am so excited!
    I did listen to these while working–instead of Pandora ;)

    Lindsay–Coke hoodie? Gosh, don’t you know that’s bad for you? ;) Good job on going so long w/o it. That was Marsh’s resolution in 2011 and he’s going strong. Proud wife. I think you are gracious but I also think you are very hard working and you follow through on all you say you will.
    Ashley–I bet you are really great at encouraging people as a trainer! That’s great.
    Bonnie–I will mail you a jumprope :) I loooove your arms. Envy.
    Heather–Gorgeous tree! I agree, bundling up and getting outdoors is so great for our health.
    Kirsten–I love my Gymboss! You will really love it. Great job on lifting heavier on those arms. Ow ow!
    Kristin 1–I agree, getting the workout out of the way is so key! Then you don’t have to worry about it. I loved your plastic surgery answer, too. Your lights are rad.
    Kristin 2–I <3 your kitty! I bet your belly button is cute-that made me laugh.
    Lindsay–UM hello sunshine! You are gorgeous in the kiwi sun. And awesome that you had an interviewer haha. James wins. He really added a lot of personality to those questions! And the high heels comment. I am dying over here.

    Love you all!

  8. I’ll be looking forward to the videos resuming in the new year! Today’s videos just make me want to put on my pyjamas and drink hot chocolate. And since I’m already wearing my pyjamas right now…I’m half-way there!