Today is a challenge for YOU.

In the comment’s, leave links to your best 2011 posts in the following categories (feel free to leave a link for each category!):

  • Fitness/Workouts
  • Food/Recipe
  • Self Love/Self Improvement
  • Best Photography
  • Rambles
  • Hilarious
  • Other



Show me your best work and feel free to write one or two sentences as to why you think this particular 2011 post was a great one!!!  On New Year’s Day, I’ll feature everyone’s links (as well as my own) and we’ll have a huge link love orgy.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

I’m off to Asheville for the day!  Kid free.  Might get lost and have to spend the night.

Happy Thursday!! (and just a heads up, NEXT Thursday, I’m starting Tuesday Trainer themes back up, so get ready!!)

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  1. Kind of feel like a scammer posting to this because I just started my blog…ahem…5 days ago! But hey…I didn’t see a timeframe in the rulebook!! Come and check out my new blog, I swear as I learn it will get better and better! LOL ! Even better, leave me a comment and I will list your blog under my favourite reads. Here are a couple of posts I’d like to include in the link love!:

    In the “other” category:
    In the “food/recipe” category:

  2. Love this idea!!! Looking forward to the completed post!

    Fitness/Workouts – treadmill workouts to get you through the winter months!

    Self-Improvement – after a failed attempt at a 30-mile training run, I regrouped and learned from all my mistakes from the 1st:

    Rambles – dealing with the guilt of leaving my son to do things for myself

    Other – participating in the Foot Locker 5 Borough Challenge –

  3. I 100% get Janetha’s comment/post & didn’t do my own 2011 recap, but this is really awesome. While it will be a bit overwhelming sifting through all of the links, I’m excited to see what everyone shares – so the more descriptive the short explanations are, the better for me.

    *FITNESS/HEALTH* I love to travel & experience new places. I am also pretty particular about food & getting in exercise, so I share how I maintain healthy habits while traveling.
    *WORKOUT* Though I did not continue to use this page separately from my main blog, this is where I posted one of the most challenging workouts I’ve created (~12 min). It is pretty full-bodied with only four bodyweight exercises broken up by a lot of sprinting. The sprinting is what kept it intense for me. Short & sweet.
    *FOOD* We made taquitos for the first time, which were so fun & easier than I expected: boil water, dip, spoon, roll, bake. Crispy & yum.
    *SELF LOVE/IMPROVEMENT* While out bouldering alone, I videoed a brief vlog (~4 min) about overcoming mental barriers & persevering when “failing”.
    *PHOTOGRAPHY* Our entire San Francisco trip stands out to me, because it was a turning point where I realized I was capable of taking pretty nice photos. This isn’t necessarily even my favorite, but it opened a door to a desire of pursuing black-and-white photography.
    *RAMBLES* This is about the silly, magical moments that make my life meaningful & happy. The comments from readers’ about their magical moments make my day.

    **Lindsay, this looks like a lot of work. Let me know today if you need help compiling the links & descriptions. xo

  4. by stats/views, this is by far my most popular recipe:

    another popular recipe post, mmm avocados:

    this would fall under self improvement or… rambling? :) still gets a lot of views!

    one of MY favorites, that has been featured a lot (print magazines and newspapers as well as online publications!) and is just… good!

    I can’t wait to see this roundup and your posts! XO

  5. This is fun! I can’t wait to see yours! Here are mine:

    fitness/working out: a post that I wrote about trying to do parkour at the park –

    food: learning to take food photos (PS I am NOT a food blogger) –

    Self-love: not body-related, this post is about learning to be creative again as an adult –

    photography: a photo safari on the beach near my house –

    hilarious: what not to say to someone with an uncooperative uterus –

    rambles: apologizing to Justin Timberlake –

    other: a post about reusable cloth menstrual pads that I had a lot of fun with –

  6. This is such a cool idea!

    Fitness/workouts: My first self created upper body workout (did it yesterday, it left me sore, it’s a good one)

    Food/Recipe: I am now obsessed with these cookies.

    Self Love/Self Improvement (self explanatory):

    Best Photography: I took so many pics when I went to NYC. These are just a few of the best.

    Rambles – I have lots of those LOL My latest, and IMO most hilarious.

    Hilarious: Things I think about while running – randomly strange, silly, and hilarious

    Other: My first marathon race report. It was the. best. thing. ever.