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(There are a lot of videos in this post.  If you couldn’t tell that from the title, I might have to question your reasoning skills.  Also, you’re going to want to bookmark this post – ALL of them are worth watching, promise!)

But before I get to all these amazing videos, I must say THANK YOU for all of your sweet (and comforting) comments during my little hiatus.  During the last 3 days, I’ve been able to reconnect with my husband and children, spend time reading my Bible, and get some stuff done behind the scenes.  To say that I completely unplugged would a be a lie – I thought about the blog all the time, but I didn’t let it take first priority.  I’ll DEFINITELY be taking more mini-vacations in the future.  And you should too!!

Plus, who wouldn’t want to spend time with this guy:

Or this little chubby-cheeked girl:

As Sarah would say, “my ovaries ache” when I watch them.  There will, indeed, be more little Wright’s running around.  (And, NO!  I’M NOT PREGNANT! – Just foreshadowing!)

Ok…so we’ve got two areas of business to attend to – 1) Tuesday Trainer and 2) The Great Dance-Off.

We’ll just get the boring stuff out of the way.

Tuesday Trainer

The theme for this week’s Tuesday Trainer is REST!  And again, if you hadn’t already guessed that, based on my need to relax lately, then we can’t be friends.  (Although, I DO like being the smartest one in the pack, so maybe we can.)

Here’s how it will go – you guys  film yourselves answering these 5 questions:

  • What piece of fitness equipment is on your Christmas wish list?
  • Name one tip for staying fit during the holidays.
  • Name your best physical feature.  What are you most proud of?
  • Name your best non-physical attribute.
  • Plastic surgery: Yay or nay?

So here’s my go at it:

Try to have your submissions to me by Monday night and I’ll feature them all on Tuesday!  If you need help uploading, go here.

And now is the time on Sprockets when ve dance.


If you missed it, last Friday, I took Bonnie’s Dance-Off challenge HEAD ON!  (She actually didn’t challenge me, but I’m over-competitive and can turn anything into a competition.  Just ask Travis about the time I dramatically flipped over the Junior Monopoly board, flinging paper money and plastic cars across the room.  Hey…it happens.)

So, here’s Bonnie:

And here’s me – and my sweet, sweet hips:

Thank you all for the nice comments regarding my amazingness:



And I learned something – apparently, some people don’t like to dance???? This is a foreign concept to me!


I challenged you all to try and trump Bonnie and I.  We had 2 submissions.  And I must say, they’re pretty stellar.  Go have a look.

1)  Britt from knewlywifed:

Am I the only one blushing?  Especially when someone yelled out, “Grab her”.  That really was the best option, I’ll admit.

2) Christin, from christinjoyful:

I don’t ever remember Michael Jackson being so sexy.


Soooooooo…..since I’m a MAJOR competitive freak, I’ve decided to award a prize to the person who gets the most votes.

Between Bonnie, Britt and Christin, who do YOU choose to win 3 free Chobani product coupons and a Chobani fridge magnet?  Leave a comment below telling me who your favorite dancer is.  Who “brought it” best? (me)

The person with the most votes by Sunday night WINS!  Best of luck, jive buddies.

OH!!!  Speaking of VOTES, I need more if I’m going to pull off a win in this Love Grown Blogger Competition!  Can you PLEASE help me out by liking” my picture (and like Love Grown Foods too – they’re pretty great!)  If you Tweet, FB Share or blog about it, I’ll give you my next child!  And as you saw above, they’re pretty dang special.


(It feels good to be back!)


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  1. Kiddo cuteness overload!!!! <— not a bad thing on a Monday morning!

    Totally going w/ Bonnie on this one, though I loved them all. I am mad jealous of the dancing skills as I have NONE.

    I will totally try to get on the TT bandwagon for once… I'm shy about performing moves but I can definitely talk! :D

  2. Oh….. way too much to comment on.
    1. Your kids are the cutest. THE CUTEST!
    2. Loving Bonnie’s video and LOVE that the lurker comes in at the end. That would NOT happen at my house.
    3. You all are fabulous dancers (with great music choices- he he). I can’t pick a favorite.
    4. I do have the desire to stand up and dance (evne though it’s 12:15 here right now).
    5. Loving the theme for this week. REST! Could NOT have come at a better time.
    6. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    7. Whoa- lots of LOVE in this comment. Let’s hope we get to be LOVE bloggers together. :)

  3. Clara is my best friend. She will be forever and I will always save her from elephants. Lots of love Lindsay!!

  4. I’m going to have to vote for Bonnie and her partner because that’s exactly how I and my love are. =)

  5. Okay, this is amazing. As an amatuer music video maker (who says you can’t still do this after middle school?!) I may just have to join this virtual dance-ff.

  6. PS NOT to diss anyone else, but I am voting for Bonnie- Loved her moves (loved all the moves from everyone actually) but also loved the fact that her man was lurking and then decided to join in (and he’s a great dancer too!). You other girls were a very very close tie for 2nd!

  7. Alright! SO much to comment on…your kids ROCK. God is good! :) So grateful you were able to spend some quality time with Him and also with them.

    Awesome for Tuesday Trainer this week…will get you my video before the deadline!

    I’m not really sure how fair this contest is – wedding video? It’s amazing, but you know, preplanned and TOO good! ;) hehe Everyone’s is awesome, but of course, my vote goes to me – I think it’ll be the only one for so far so I have to represent. ;)Loved the MJ, the wedding flip (how cool is that?) and yes, you DO know how to shake those hips! Love it.

    Have a wonderful weekend, friend! …glad you’re back. :D

  8. WoW! My fave post of yours yet. Did you ask readers to have their dudes involved or are they all just the coolest dudes around nonetheless. I’m I love it when guys bust a move! All of you guys are great dancers!

    Oh and a word to the wise: do not wait til you ‘need it’ for Botox- it’s a preventative measure, to be done BEFORE you get the wrinkles and frownie lines. Once you have them, they are harder to get rid of. i think I’ve been doing mine for about 15 yrs. And I think it’s helped. After all I’m 47 in a month.

  9. Yay! Props to Britt for the flip, that was pretty awesome! Love the part in Bonnie’s vid where she shakes her hair out..grooovy! And Lindsay you were werkin those hips! I love how every one of us put our Guys in the video :) You three are all awesome!

    BUT you know I gots to vote for myself tho…it’s Michael Jackson baby! lol (And who couldn’t use some Chobani? Without them I would starve…)

    Thanks Lindsay, that was fun!!

    (can we do a sing-off next???)

  10. my ovaries don’t hurt but i do want to just snuggle up with them. Babies will happen, just not for this LIndz anytime soon. Ask me in 2 years. haha.
    I have a coke shirt. We could be twins!
    Can i just say everyone has a great A** in these dance videos
    So glad you unplugged and reconnected. I wish we could have had a mini getaway with GOd together.

  11. britt(at)knewlywifed.. im sorry i must give it to her, the flip and the robot have done it for me im literally in tears from laughing.. though ur music was the BOMB, can i still say that? well, it was. amazing. i lurve them all!!!!

  12. Your little ones are absolutely adorable!!! No wonder you want more :)

    I showed my honey the dance-off videos and he wanted to do one but we were just so busy this week! However, I did think of you yesterday when I was rocking out to the Beach Boys in my basement. I considered videoing my moves, but couldn’t muster up the courage like you!!!

    Great questions for rest week!! You got me thinking about my Christmas list and it reminded me that I need to give mine to my mother-in-law!

    Glad you had a productive few rest days! Have a great weekend :)

  13. Omg didn’t have a chance to watch all of the videos yet, but I’m totally bookmarking it so I can later today! Glad you got in some quality time with your family and the big man upstairs :D. Taking a break from things can be the best form of rejuvenation! Hope you have a fab Saturday Linds!