Hi, my name is Lindsay.  I’m a conservative Christian who listens to NPR.


Let the stoning commence.

I blame my dad.  He’s an Environmental Science major, tree-hugging, “dig that piece of recycling out of the trash and go to your room” – kind of guy. 

I have fond memories of driving around on Saturday mornings, running errands in his rusty Toyota pick-up, listening to Car Talk.  Then taking all week to try and solve the math problem.  Which I never solved, but Katy usually DID.

I’ve been shushed innumerable times when Prairie Home Companion came on.  What little inheritance I had, has been squandered away to NPR’s annual fund drives.  And it was due to StarDate that we knew exactly we were looking at in the sky and whether to get super excited because it was a planet, or just kind of meh, because it was a star.   

It’s how I first learned about the musical stylings of Keb Moe, developed a crush on Ira Glass, and wished I could win Carl Kasell’s voice on our answering machine (that never happened – Carl, if you’re reading, maybe a Christmas present?).

Now to Christmas…

NPR introduced me to Chuck Kramer’s “Ode to Christmas”.  Much like “Alice’s Restaurant” is a Thanksgiving tradition, “Ode to Christmas” has been playing on NPR for 20+ years. 

Listen to it – it’s only 2 minutes long – close your eyes and listen.

And really, what have we done to Christmas?!

Happy Christmas Eve, my friends!!  I hope you all remember WHY we’re celebrating. 

Hug your family. 

Eat lots of yummy, sugary food. 

Stare at your tree.  Overlook the 79 needles that have fallen today alone.

Take some time and thank God for His special gift!

The best gift ever! 


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  1. hahaha. i”m a liberal Unitarian Universalist, and have listened to Alice’s Restaurant and NPR for many years. Oddly enough (or perhaps it shows a lack of my well-roundedness) I hadn’t heard Chuck’s very funny ode until just now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I KNEW we had some connection! I love NPR, I love all of it, including this. On Thanksgiving Dad and I talked about Alice’s Restaurant… and we all listened to it. Then this one :)

    It was ONE of the reasons I loved being out of the country between Thanksgiving and Christmas – we missed all the commercial and crazy of the holiday, landing just in time to ENJOY. We just may make that an annual tradition…

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, my dear! XO

  3. I’m an ignorant Canadian living in Los Angeles and I barely watch CNN. NPR is a whole other level for me!

    Happy Holidays my friend. I hope you and your family have a fantastic one!

    PS: Fake trees aren’t that nice but there are no needles to clean up. :)