joes before hoes – weekend recap

December 19, 2011 in Blog, Family, Marriage, Saturday Fun by lindsaymwright

How is it Monday already?!?!  And on top of that, how is it SO close to Christmas?!?!  Time needs to slow down.  Well, the weekends need to slow down.  M-F can chug right along.

I can’t even begin to describe how heavenly our little weekend was.  But I’ll try.

Saturday was spent shopping and holding hands, sans children!  First up, Mall of Georgia, where I crossed almost everyone off my shopping list!!  AHHHHH!!  That felt good.  I thought I had budgeted enough time for us to shop and get to the spa with plenty of time.  Wrong.

Due to Atlanta traffic, we were TWENTY MINUTES late to our massage, meaning that they lasted around 40 minutes.  Blasted traffic!!  THAT’S why I don’t live in a big city!

The massage was still worth every penny!  Travis even said, “We need to get massages more often”.  Sweeter words have never left his lips.  After some probing, I discovered that for the entire massage, the masseuse never ventured past his back?!?  He never turned over, he didn’t get his legs or arms massaged.  Just his back.  AND, Travis preferred it that way.  Strange to me.  I like to get everything rubbed down.  (Insert some off-color joke here – I’m all out.)

After our massage, we went to Trader Joes.


Question:  Do you know what happens when you wander into Trader Joe’s around 2:30pm, crazy starving because you haven’t eaten lunch… blissed out of your mind, because you spent the past 40 minutes basking in the euphoria of a deep-tissue massage?


Answer:  You turn into a Honey Badger, rabidly clawing at anything that moves.  Or in the food’s case, doesn’t move, but looks like it needs a home in your lavender-oil lacquered belly.


162 bucks later….


A bird’s eye view really IS best for capturing gluttony.  Just ask my mom, who likes to get on the stairs to take a picture of everyone in their post-turkey Thanksgiving Day haze.

If you’ve never been to Trader Joe’s before, I feel really sorry for you.  I also feel like taking you by the hand and leading you through some of my purchases, a) to educate and b) to incite jealousy.

Hold my hand.

First off, I asked friends what I should put on my TJ list.  The response was all over the board.  I took that to mean – BUY A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING.  The highlights:

  • 3 boxes of cereal
  • 8 jars of peanut butter
  • Sweet Potato Gnocchi


  • 2 jars of sunflower seed butter (My new favorite nut, er seed butter)
  • 8 Fiberful Fruit Roll-ups
  • 2 boxes of Candy Cane Joe Joes (which btw, are AMAZING paired with Edy’s Light Peppermint Ice Cream!)


  • 2 tubs of hummus (Three Layer and Chipotle Pepper)
  • 2 different types of Joe’s beer (I forsee some Robert Goulet, string cheese cut up into fancy slices, paper cups and that beer as a future date night.)
  • 3 different types of PRETZELS (a CLEAR sign that we were hungry – pretzels make us thirsty Winking smile)
  • 2 bars of Dark Chocolate


If you go to TJ’s this time of year, you simply MUST buy some Speckuloos Cookie Spread.  Similar to Biscoff, this cookie spread is essentially ground up cookies and oil –  yep, health food.  Imagine that I inserted a picture of it.  Because they were SOLD OUT! Wah wah.

After pitching a mini-fit and speaking to a manager, I compromised with cupcakes.


I plan to grind them up and make my own cupcake spread.  THEN, I’ll spoon THAT on top of cookies.  Who’s winning at life now, hmmm?

After paying the bill, we raced home to pick up Henry and Clara from Mom and Katy.  One look at them and you could tell a lot of spoiling ensued while we were gone.  I think the chocolate stained t-shirts and sass gave it away.


Yesterday, we went to church, ate lunch out, and I went for a much-needed 5 mile run.  Once night fell, the search for Christmas lights was on!  But what. to. wear?



No one replied to that tweet, so I’m thinking that people just didn’t see it or they had no clue what I was talking about.  Do other people do this or is it a Southern thing? You get in a car, blast some carols, and drive around for a couple of hours, admiring everyone’s Christmas lights.


All in all, one of our better weekends.  And yes, Travis – you can buy me a massage anytime.  Or a sandbag.  Or a pedicure.  Or a Vitamix.  Or a….

QUESTION:  How was your weekend?  Do you have your shopping done?  Trader Joes must haves?