If you missed the memo last week, we’re taking a break from Tuesday Trainer for the remainder of the year.  We’ll start back up again in 2012!

So I knew I’d have to come up with something stellar as a substitute for TT.  Instead of Tuesday Trainer, vould you like to vin somezing?

I said…vould you like to vin somezing?

(Some of you know where this is going and you’re not amused.  Yeah, Travis wasn’t either.)

Who am I? 



WAIT…Did you hear that?  That was me putting down the Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar (thanks, Katie) and vowing to never consume a carb again. 

If you’re a healthy living blogger, you’ve heard of BodyRock.tv.  But some of you aren’t bloggers, so here’s a quick rundown.  BodyRock is a website that posts weekly in-home circuits that you can do for FREE!!  I’m all about free stuff (that’s why I enter giveaways and why I coupon!) 

BodyRock workouts require pushing yourself to the MAX for no longer than 12-15 minutes!   These are a PERFECT tool for someone like me who’s stuck inside while the kids nap.  Not to mention that it’s freezing outside right now, so going for a run with the double stroller just isn’t an option most days. 

I can do ANYTHING for 12 minutes!  I try to incorporate BodyRock workouts IN ADDITION to my normal workout routine.  They’re fun.  They’re quick.  And they require very little equipment.

The only thing you MUST have is an interval timer.

Enter GymbossPut one of these on your Christmas wishlist!  There’s still time!

Here’s my review and a short little workout:

Lindsay’s Short N’ Sweet Circuit

50 seconds on, 10 second off:

  • Squat Jumps
  • Pushups
  • Lunge with Front Kick
  • Dips
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Sitdowns

Repeat 1-2 times for a total of 12 or 18 minutes!

Gymboss was nice enough to send me TWO interval timers*.  One for me and one for YOU!!


To Enter:

  1. (Mandatory) Leave a comment on this post telling me how you’re incorporating fitness into your holiday schedule.
  2. (Optional) Tweet about the giveaway on Twitter and leave a comment telling me that you did. – “Win a @gymboss interval timer at @lindsays_list today!!http://wp.me/p1Mp21-167
  3. (Optional) Share the giveaway on Facebook and leave a comment telling me that you did.

Best of luck, friends!!  Giveaway ends Friday night, December 23rd.  The randomly chosen winner will be announced on Saturday! 

*Items for review and giveaway were provided for free by Gymboss. All opinions are 100% mine and I was not paid for this post.  Actually, people are practically PAYING me not to do anymore Zuzana impersonations.


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  1. How could I NOT incorporate it?????? IT’s the only thing that keeps me sane. I’m continuing to incorporate it by tricking myself.. just suit up and go for a ‘short’ run… break a long run into two shorter runs… it’s actually working.

  2. I have been close to keeping up my regular routine even though the work hours have increased.

  3. i have like three weeks of winter break so my mom and i walk in the neighborhood for about 4-5 miles almost every single morning! recently we’ve gone to the beach for a pre-sunrise walk and breakfast on the beach!!!

  4. I have never heard of bodyrockTV but I am a fan of FREE!!!! :) That gymboss timer is pretty cool and extremely convenient!!

    I have been incorporating fitness by participating in a “maintain not gain holiday challenge” at my gym! :) It is a lot of fun and I like tracking my progress and seeing how everyone else is doing as well! It keeps me going back!

  5. zuzana really scares me. like really scares me. im not wise on the body rock thang, but i am really in need of a change up on my routine lately…sooo, maybe this is the kick in the pants i needed. thanks!?! i think.

  6. When I try to do interval style workouts, I end up using my heart rate monitor to keep track of time. This timer would make my life a whole lot easier! And plus, the 23rd is my birthday ;-)

  7. I love cardio circuits and I really hate having to take my phone into the aerobics room when I’m working out! A timer would be awesome spin could be totally focused and not trying to get through with the distraction of text messages and calls!

  8. I’ve been keeping up with running and gym visits. I’m also pregnant with #3, so I’m trying to stay healthy for him too.

  9. I’ve been slacking with my workouts, to say the least, since starting my new full-time job – post graduation. But my mom loves going for long walks, so I’ll definitely be doing that with her while I’m home for the holidays. There’s also this great gym by my parents house, and my parents have a treadmill and weights in their basement-Bodyrock.tv anyone??

  10. What a great giveaway! I’m making sure I get plenty of protein this holiday season with lots of peanut butter (fudge) :)

  11. LOVE this tool – what a great giveaway, Lindsay! I’m keeping fit this season by sticking to my routine. I’m not too busy with work so it’s not too hard for me to make this happen, and the family hasn’t hit home yet so it hasn’t been crowded or working around schedules. But soon it will be! My plan? To get up early. I can sleep in later. ;)

  12. I’m training for a half marathon, my first actually and it’s in Florida, where I’ll be moving to for three months, so i’m joining a new gym and planning several running routes around the area in order to keep up my training and strength training!

  13. just started following your blog recently, and i love it btw. i’ve had my eye on one of these bad boys for awhile now. this holiday season i’m keeping fitness in my routine by running and strength training. have a great strength circuit planned for saturday that i’m super excited about.

  14. I’ve enrolled my family in holding me accountable to running everyday this Christmas break. In fact, my Dad and Sister In Law were quick to jump on board as well, so all three of us will be running in the winter weather together. I’d love to win the Gym Boss because I’m working really, really hard to lose the baby weight after having had our son three months ago.

  15. I’m trying to maintain my fitness routine throughout the holiday by sticking to my normal workout schedule. Even if I feel like taking a day off because it’s the “holidays” I remind myself that my health AND the holidays are equally important!

  16. The holidays haven’t really effected me this year, so I’ve been keeping up with my normal routine. It seems like everyone freaks out about extra events and not having time to work out or eat well, but it’s only that way if you choose. Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean that regular life stops and vegetables become nonexistent!

  17. I’m making sure to set my alarm early no matter what and just schedule exercise in FIRST thing so I have no excuses to fall on.

  18. I am doing the Runner’s World streaking thing–run @ least 1 mile/day Thanksgiving to New Year’s. I would love a gymboss for my intervals!

  19. I’ve made sure to schedule in my workouts for the month so that I am less likely to skip a workout if I know I’ve set aside the time for it! The Gymboss would be great for my at-home workouts!

  20. I have been trying as hard as I can to follow my normal workout schedule. When I am not near my gym I try to do at home workouts I find all over the world wide web. Bodyrock.tv is now going to be included on my list of websites to find at home workouts.

  21. This is an awesome giveaway! I recently checked out BodyRockTV, and I love it. The only thing I worry about is that we live on the second floor and the lady downstairs might think that my house is falling down if I do a burpee? ANYWAYS, I am trying my best to workout whenever, wherever this holiday season. Yesterday, I woke up and did five minutes of abs and then got my cardio power walking around the mall, because my boyfriend makes it his mission to get our Christmas shopping done as fast as possible. That counts, right?

  22. What a great giveaway! And I need to start tuning in to BodyRock – I keep hearing such awesome things about it! I’ve been fitting in exercise by fitting in strength training while watching holiday movies and, of course, getting in some major power-shopping cardio! :)

  23. I have made up several work outs to take with me on my trip. I plan to just keep up my usual routine while gone!

  24. Ooo yes, do want!! I’ve been doing interval workouts too, and thank goodness my massage business is picking up, because giving a full body massage can be quite the workout in itself! My arms were looking hella good when I was in internship, and I want that definition back! :)

  25. My husband and I take turns planning bootcamp-style workouts that we do together. We are bringing jump ropes and resistance bands to his parents house for the holidays to keep working out while we feast!

  26. I just plan on sticking to my normal fitness routine and if we have a busy day planned will be sure to get my workout in nice and early!!

  27. I make sure to get at least 20-30 minutes of daily exercise each day during these holidays. Lately its doing a segment of Xen Strength Yoga. Sometimes its walking/running. And I just totally checked out Body Rock yesterday. They are kicking the bods! I like your routine too. My upper arm strength sucks. And push ups are definitely not my forte. You rock those push ups. Nice!

  28. I’ve been keeping up with my gym workouts! We haven’t had many holiday parties this year so my schedule hasn’t changed too much

  29. I really could use a gymboss! I make sure to work out first thing in the morning and pretty much keeping my same workout schedule.

  30. It has been hard incorporating structured exercise this year, because I had to travel to help my dad who just had back surgery. My “workouts” have consisted of cleaning and helping him out. However, it has been a workout! I love body rock workouts. I was thinking of doing one today since my dad has been resting!

  31. Great giveaway Lindsay! I need a Gymboss timer right now. This holiday season I’m incorporating more fun workouts that I can do with my family and boyfriend like spin class, biking outside, and going on walks at night to see the palm tree x-mas lights (this is Florida after all). But I’m also trying to incorporate quick and dirty workouts that take 30 minutes max. like jump roping and high intensity circuits like the one you do above! Thanks :-)

  32. um, hello sexy! Did travis watch you do this? hehe. We love zuzana. She’s a total bad ass, or rather hot ass? whoops.. did i just say that? Okay but really, you are too! thanks for this awesome workout. I just won a Gymboss last week, but can i try for another? Tis the season to be greedy. JK.
    Love you.

    most random comment EVER!

  33. give. me. gymboss. <— haha i tried to do that in a russian accent. did it work?

    hmm i'm fitting in fitness just by getting my buttocks up and to the gym every morning! it makes me feel like a dime piece and good about eating 10-20 rainbow cookies

  34. Holidays make schedules crazy, so I’m doing 5 minute desk workouts throughout the day. Every two or 3 hours I get up and do jacks or squats or dips or just jog in place for 5 minutes. It might look stupid to others, but I’m losing weight this season. I’m trying to get in some regular workouts, but I should have been doing this all year. Not only is it a great stress buster, but it works!

  35. I get up early to hit the treadmill and I try to stay active thruout the day – which is easy when you’re buying presents and dodging all the crazies at the mall!

  36. Ooooh…I really want this. And I have NEVER won a giveaway. And so, in the spirit of Christmas, can I have this please? ;) JP and I are far from family this year, so it’s really not very hectic. I’m doing the same workout routine that I’ve been doing for the past six weeks – running on the treadmill and using the body weight gym in the basement.

  37. I plan on finding creative ways to incorporate exercise into my holiday schedule and not take away from family time but doing things like taking walks with the family!

  38. My “gym” friends and I are keeping each other accountable by scheduling as many workouts as we can before we all go out of town next week. Then, we’re keeping tabs on each other by My Fitness pal apps on our smartphones while we’re gone. Seeing what my friends have done each day makes it like a competition…and I’m competitive ;).

  39. Oh man, I would love an interval timer. I’m just now able to do really high intensity intervals again after a knee injury this summer. I want to get back in really top shape! I just tried Tabata intervals on the treadmill for the first time last week and that was a little scary. It was great to be done so fast though! Definitely helped me fit in a fast workout so I could bake cookies:) I might switch to the bike for a little while! I really want to try the body rock workouts but they seem like a lot of jumping exercises which I’m still avoiding for a little longer to be safe with my knee. Maybe by 2012 I’ll be up for them!While I’m traveling I’m going to use the local gym and borrow my Mom’s workout DVDs!

  40. I plan on scheduling my workouts into my daily “to-do” list on my calendar. Having it as an appointment keeps me accountable.

  41. Love BodyRock — it’s actually one of the ways I’m getting workouts in at my parents’ — I was actually just logging on to find a quick workout for today. Maybe I’ll try yours!! I’ve been following BR on & off for the last couple years — even before she started getting into only interval workouts. I’d love to have a spare Gymboss on hand (my screen is weird sometimes), but honestly, if I were to win, I’d (probably) say give it to someone who doesn’t already have one. Probably. ;)

  42. I’m still running through the holidays – enjoying the Christmas lights while they last and getting ideas of how I’m going to decorate with lights differently next year. I’ve also done a few rides on my bike attached to the trainer while watching Christmas shows. See – Christmas + Training all at once! =)

    I have yet to try bodyrock, but it’s on my list for sure! I didn’t even know I needed an interval timer, so you should randomly select this comment so I can join the fun. ;)

  43. yessss…i want one!!!! umm, i’m trying to stick with the normal workout schedule of teaching a couple spin classes and then doing weights on the other days. when we are out of town, i plan to run on my inlaws treadmill pre feasting!

  44. It’s easy for me to continue working out during this season as I teach a Group Fitness Bootcamp class 3 nights a week. It certainly keeps me moving and my clients too!

  45. I’ve started strength training on my off running days – this timer would HELP keep me focused and push through the circuit!

    PS – I tweeted!

  46. I get up at 5am to be sure I get the exercise in! I have been alternating b/t the treadmill and exercise dvds.

  47. AHH Fun pink things! I’ve been hearing so much about the gymboss!

    I am incorporating fitness into my holiday schedule by keeping up my regular routine, no excuses!