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I don’t ask for much.

(stop laughing Travis)

All I ask is that my coffee stay scalding hot, that it remains a pure ebony color and that it take no longer than 30 seconds to brew.  To that end, Mr. Keurig, your products are delightful.  But could you please make it so that my Contigo can fit underneath without me having to remove the tray thingy?  (Sure sounds like a W.P.P. to me).

I need for the garbage bag, filled with turkey fat and turkey juice, to NOT rip open while I’m taking it to the dump.  (And no, you really CAN’T get that smell out of a Honda Pilot!)

I need for the chocolate chips to be close to the edge of the cookies, so that I can break them off, leaving behind…well…basically a sugar cookie.

I need for my sheets to smell like Downy Unstoppables for at least 5 days, and then I need for someone to wash them again.   And dry them.  And put them back on my bed.

All I ask is that Boston would start touring again.  And start releasing new albums.  Or better yet, release old albums, with hidden songs featuring Brad Delp.  (RIP, Brad.  That sweet, sweet voice will forever echo in my mind.  I still hear guitars in the air as we sat in the sand, Oh Hollyann!)

And lastly,

All I ask for….all I need…is to have a DECENT DANCE OFF! 

That’s not too much to ask for, right?!

Bonnie Lang, you thought you could post a dancing video and get away with it.  Wrong.

It’s DANCE OFF time!

Bonnie’s feeble attempt:

I’ll admit, she’s got some moves.  And surprisingly, I would have danced THE EXACT SAME WAY to that song (funny, I don’t remember her at Ms. Betsey’s School of Dance that one semester.)  Her limb control IS a little better than mine – plus she has dreads to do the whole “wash my hair-head flingy” thing.  Getting Mikey to come in at the end was genius.

I knew I’d have to channel my inner Mugato, mix it with a little “Harem girl” and stuff all of that into some Under Armour compression tights.

I think you’ll agree – we have a gem here.

(Slap a white dress on me, a tux on Travis, and you just saw our wedding reception).

Yep.  That just happened!  Take it in.  Your Friday is now complete.  Dancing just comes naturally to some people I guess.  You can fake your way into it, but you’re either born with jive or you’re not.

Annnnnnd…I’m done.

Now, it’s my turn to challenge YOU!

From now, until next Thursday night, you get the chance to film your own dance video.  You pick the song (keep it clean) and you pick the moves.  Dance with yourself, your husband, your cat, your bowl of overnight oats – whatever.  The possibilities are endless.  And anyone can participate – whether you’re a blogger or not!

Once filmed, submit your move just like you would a Tuesday Trainer video (for directions on how to do that, go here!)  Next Friday, I’ll feature everyone’s submissions and we’ll all vote on the best video!  There might even be a prize involved for the winner!

So get to it.  And just TRY to get that Bel Biv DeVoe song out of your head.  Impossible.  It’s like poison or something.

Happy, happy Friday, my friends!


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  1. This was hilarious! And can I admit here, in the privacy of your blog, that I was checking out your great ass the entire time you were turned around. I’m one of those creeper people at prom. Travis was worth his weight in gold. The guy needs to be on Dancing with the Stars!

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      1. NO! ha. one thing we have in common (aside from being abnormally into dogs and really not into kids) is we don’t dance. we didn’t even have it at our wedding!

    1. YES, Sabrina! I know that you and GMan have some good moves together – Latin, sexy dance moves! Wait – don’t submit a video – you’d put as all to shame. ;)

  3. bahahahahahahahaha i’m kind of in love with this.

    i would also die for a contigo so that my coffee can stay scoldering hot for longer then 30 seconds.

      1. Oh man – Mikey is SO good too, you’re right girls. So thankful for him. We were dancing up a storm a few hours earlier, but when he saw I was filming he was reluctant to join. I didn’t have to bribe him, but obviously once the camera was out he was suspicious this might go up online. ;) hehe Love Travis bobbing around in it!

  4. Oh – and I do not choreograph. Mikey was out with some guys and I spent the entire 2 hours while he was gone in the basement dancing. Every video is different. That was the last one when he came home but it all started earlier at dinner when he was full-out joining in on the fun. …wish I’d filmed then! ;)

  5. Ahahaha! Okay, Lindsay, that was a random little video post on my part, NOT a challenge to you! Do you know what that means? That means the next video I do will be intentional. Ohhhh yeah – like my actual dance moves. Please – I have so much more to offer.


    Actually, that’s about all I got. And you CAN dance – you can actually move your hips! I just do random things with the beat…and Travis is cute! I want the 4 of us to dance together! Maybe one day. And I am 100% with you on the chocolate chips in the cookies and sorry about the turkey juice. :(

    …I love you!