**The winner of the CHOBANI + BLEND Giveaway is #25 – Elle!!  Email me your address and we’ll get you hooked up with the goods!**

Yes – as I alluded to in the title, there is a giveaway in this post.  Might as well scroll down to the bottom and enter it.  The rambly mush above it is, well, just rambly mush.  But I promised to tell you about “Sandwich in a Can” and I never usually keep my promises.


The Wednesday before Christmas, Katy (my sister) had a Christmas Party!  I was told to be there at 7pm with an appetizer and White Elephant gift in hand.  Oh, and to not complain or pick my nose.   050

I listen to Katy, because she’s stronger than me.  Some might say “man-lier”.  And I’m getting punched when she reads that description.  A man punch.

Anyway, it was your typical Christmas Party spread.  Fats and sweets.036

Spinach Artichoke Dip


My contribution – TJ’s Three Layer Hummus/Stacey’s Pita Chips – always a winning combo


Brownie Trifle


Katy’s Chocolate Igloo Cake!  Chocolate cake with Buttercream Icing


Mr. and Mrs. Penguin Pants


Oreo Balls and Jessica’s Gooey Chocolate Coconut Truffles




Sydney = Fat Santa…Max = Confused Rudolph




Party Favors – Homemade Chai Tea – SO GOOD!!

We chatted over food and coffee…then got down to the Dirty Santa game.  I brought a bunch of Trader Joes’ goodies (that my mom went home with – one of them being that Sugar/Coffee/Chocolate grinder thing that I’m totally planning to steal when she’s not looking.

And I came home with…this beautiful houndstooth scarf!



Baby Jackson and this girl would approve!

The gift exchange was fun!  There were generic mugs and lotions, but the funniest gift came from Katy, gifted to Maddy.

A “Sandwich in a Can”, Bacon-scented Hand Sanitizer and a Bubble Wrap Keychain – all from my favorite store, ThinkGeek.


The Bacon Hand Sanitizer didn’t really smell like bacon.  But it’s the thought that counts.

Canwich is nice and all, but I can assure you, once that gift was opened, NOBODY wanted to steal it.  There are only so many ways you can use a Canwich.  I can think of two: eating it and putting it high up on your dorm shelf so your co-ed friends can chuckle.

The gift that WAS fought over??  Susanna’s homemade slippers!



Like TOMS for your house!!

I’ve talked about Susanna multiple times.  Mostly because I want to be her.  No really.  She puts other women to shame.  She has 4 young kids that she homeschools.  She’s a seamstress and crafter.  She raises her own chickens and makes most of the clothes for her family!!  Oh, AND she blogs!

Thimble Times is her Etsy shop, where, along with those adorable slippers, she sells:

Waldorf Dolls


Meet “Red” – Clara’s Christmas present.  She’s stuffed with wool and lavender-scented millet!  If you’re looking for a great gift for a little girl, Susanna’s selling another one on her site!

Homemade Laundry Detergent


$5.00/20 loads of laundry – will ship!!

This all natural, phosphate free, powdered laundry detergent is scented with organic lavender essential oil. HE friendly, SLS free, coconut based soap…which means that it is incredibly hypoallergenic.  Susanna says, “I’ve used this for over a year and I love it. I even use it on my baby’s clothes and he has sensitive skin prone to eczema.” Comes in a cute fabric bag with an instruction sheet for use.

Pocket Pebbles (these were my Christmas gifts to a few “blends”)



These tiny hand warmers are stuffed with rice and scented with lavender essential oil. Warm them up in the microwave for 30 seconds and then drop them in a pocket or a mitten to keep you toasty warm. Each pebble is stitched from wool and wool felt.

The best part!?!?  Susanna wants to spread the love to YOU!! 

GIVEAWAY TIME!  Thimble Times Edition!

What you’ll win:  A customized pair of homemade slippers ($25 value!).  You get to pick fabric and color combo!!


To Enter:

Leave a comment – tell me – are you a “crafty” person?  Ever sewn or made your own laundry detergent?

EXTRA Entries (leave a comment below telling me which ones you do!)

* Follow Susanna (ThimbleTimes) on Twitter

* Like Thimble Times on Facebook

* Tweet the following:  “I’m trying to win my own @ThimbleTimes customized slippers from @lindsays_list today! http://wp.me/p1Mp21-1eN

Giveaway ends on Sunday night, January 1st !  I’ll randomly choose the winner and post it on Monday!  Best of luck!

**If you’d like to go ahead and purchase a pair (I DID!), you can get 20% off by using the code “LINDSAYSLIST20” when you checkout at the Thimble Times shop!!**


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  1. I love crafts, I do all sorts of things but most recently I’ve been crocheting a lot. I need to buy a new sewing machine and I’d like to take a sewing class because my skills are quite elementary.

  2. Those slippers are awesome! I am not the least bit crafty. I’m a scientist and I think all my brain power is on the left side :( I would love to be more crafty though!

  3. I’d like to think I am a crafty gal. I am useless with a needle and thread but will always make my own stuff over purchasing it, especially bath/beauty products.

    I also liked Thimble Times on FB. I can’t get over those slippers. So adorable I will probably buy a pair even if I don’t win…!

  4. I would love to be crafty but I haven’t made anything since I was a kid:( Those are cute slippers!

  5. I want to be a crafty person. But most of my crafts really serve as cautionary tales. I did knit a scarf once. And it only took me seven years from start to finish. (I really REALLY want those slippers, BTW!)

  6. I’ve purchased the ingredients to make my own detergent, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’m not naturally crafty, but I’m working on it…project by project!

  7. This may be my most favorite post of yours ever! The food looks amazinggg! and now I need some of that bacon sanitizer ;)

    I’ve recently started getting into crafts. Not really sewing or laundry degerent, but more like paper/glue projects! so fun and cheap!

  8. I wish I was crafty- the craftiest I get is making the odd christmas tree ornament (always from kits with instructions…)

  9. What a fun, fun giveaway! I want to be her too! :) I try to be crafty, but it usually fails. :) And BTW- you have to get that TJ’s chocolate, coffee and sugar grinder back. It is amazing (I use mine every day). :)

  10. is it sad that i kinda want to try that sandwich in a can? haha. And the scarf, yes JG would be in heaven!
    I want to win those shoes, do they make them for clown feet?

  11. I think I’m a pretty crafty person. I used to do all sorts of things when i was younger. I’m utilizing pinterest these days to find some things I can do.

  12. I like to knit! but I’m still considered a novice… I just knit myself a hat and a scarf for my dad.

  13. I like to knit a lot but I’m still considered a novice… Just made a hat for myself and a scarf for my dad.

  14. OH MY GOSH! So much good shit in this post! First and foremost that scarf! Hello! It’s so dang cute. And the igloo cake comes in second for cutest thing in this post! Yes, I like scarves and cakes better than babies… so..

    Obviously the dogs stole my heart.

    The slippers are rad! Super cute. Don’t enter me, though, I have my pebble pocket thingies that smell amazing, and I have slippers I already love :)


  15. i’m just going to have to buy a pair with the coupon because those slippers are a.dor.able. love love. i’m crafty-ish i guess. i make our own laundry detergent & knit. i want to sew but lack a machine….oh, & probably the skill to make anything other than napkins.

  16. I wish I was a craftier person……I always have great ideas for things, but can never quite get my act together enough to follow through :/ maybe it should be my resolution?

  17. Um…I am probably the most uncraftiest person out there. (Is uncraftiest even a word?) I can’t sew to save my life. Keith sews my buttons on if they pop off…seriously…my mom just shakes her head. :)

  18. oh, look, I “meet” Katy yesterday and then I get to see her here today! :) I see the sisterly resemblance – you guys are both so pretty.

    I LOVE the houndstooth. LOVE.

  19. Those pocket pebbles are adorable and a great idea! I’ll have to get some now, for stocking stuffers next year. I try to pinterfy (thats a thing right?)the house, but I’m no seemstress thats for sure. I did turn my Cleveland Browns Braylon Edwards jersey into a Brian Sipe jersey once he was traded, so thats pretty impressive for me :)

  20. I would like to be a crafty person. I’m working on it as the years go on. I made some pretty cross stitch projects for my parents and grandparents that show all the grandkids this year. That was quite an accomplishment for me.