Happy Friday, guys and girls! (ARE there any guys that read?  If so, show yourselves!)  I hope you’re all as excited about this weekend as I am.  Aladdin is over (I’ll have a recap post with pictures!) and Travis and I are headed to Atlanta tomorrow, for a day of shopping and a couple’s massage!

Yes, you read that right.  A COUPLE’S massage.  Meaning I’ll be getting a massage.  And so will Travis.  This frightens him a little.  He’s only ever had one massage and he MADE me stay in the room the whole time and talk to the masseuse.  What is it with guys?!!?!  When I’m being massaged, I want silence!  And a face massage.  Happy endings are always nice too.

Anyway, I thought I’d do a little Flashback Friday for you guys, ala Janetha-style.  Only I’m not flashing so far back.  Only to a week ago.  Last Friday night, I went to a Christmas Cookie Party….below is what went down.  And yes, all of the cookies have vanished.  Dang rats.


Meet Susanna.


Also known as:  Petite Martha Stewart, Perfection, Hostess with the Mostest, or Mighty Mom to 4.

I like to call her friend.  Especially when she invites me over to decorate eat cookies.



Even her handwriting SCREAMS Etsy!  Actually, Susanna DOES have an Etsy shop, called Thimble Times.  I plan to do an entire feature on her homemade clothes and Waldorf dolls.  Here’s the doll she gave to Clara for Christmas – stuffed with lavender and wool!


Annnnd..she’s sitting in my lap right now – I can’t stop smelling her!  Oh, that’s one more thing I like in a massage – lavender massage oil!!


She needs a name!  Suggestions?  Something kind of rascal-ey – I mean, look at that hair!

Katy, my friend Kathryn, and I carpooled to the event, with appetizers and sprinkles in hand.  After spending AT LEAST 2 minutes thinking up something to bring, I went with a block of cream cheese, some Trader Joe’s Peach Salsa, whole wheat crackers and called it good!

The spread, minus a whole bunch of stuff I didn’t photograph:


You know you want to pin that!



My plate X2.  Had to go back for more of Katy’s Buffalo Chicken Dip!! 


Below – A fun take on an Advent Calendar.  There were little gifts in each bag.  All I kept thinking was, “Those aren’t high enough.  Henry would have that thing whacked down in a minute”.  Good thing he wasn’t there.  No, seriously.  It was nice to be out sans kiddos.  (Thank you, Travis!)  Something I should do more often – as a mama, you really never get a break from the job.  Not that I’m complaining. (me? complain?)


The cookie decorating station!


Our hostess provided us homemade sugar cookies and gingerbread men.  Both were AMAZING!  In fact, now that I think about it, I think the sugar cookies were more like “cream cheese and butter” cookies…..and I wish I’d decorated more than 3 of them.


In addition to the cookies, Susanna made a simple icing and dyed it various colors (red, green, white, yellow, blue, brown).  Jealousy over her craftiness ensued, ending in an icing fight.  I won.  No wait, that didn’t happen at all.




Some of the finished products.


Short story – that blue mitten below…that WAS originally decorated to look like an argyle sweater (that I spent like 5 minutes trying to detail)….it ended up looking like crap.

So I licked the 3 tablespoons of icing off and started over.  Shucks.


Vs. Katy’s creations.  Not even a fair playing field – look at that snowflake detail!



Thank you, Susanna, for being such a gracious hostess!  Next time, I’ll bring some rum and we can have a decent icing fight.

QUESTION:  Weekend plans?  Gone to any cookie/holiday parties recently?


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  1. Oh man, this post brings back memories. I actually went to a Waldorf school, so not only did I have those dolls, I MADE one in 5th grade. She was from Japan, and still remains the single most impressive piece of artwork I’ve yet to produce.
    Happy weekend, lady!

  2. Yaaaay massages! A fellow massage therapist friend and I performed a couple’s massage for another good friend’s daughter and her husband, and as a therapist I had a blast trying to time everything just right with the other therapist. Good stuff!!!

  3. marshall LOVES massages! we got a couples’ massage in mexico once and he has never looked back. we always get them on every trip now. lucky you!

    cookie party looked like a damn good time. i love cookies.

    also, i need to login to my email and write you back. but i am busy reading blogs. it’s friday!

  4. Man, you’ll be here and I’m about to go to South Carolina to my in-laws for the weekend! I wonder if you are getting the couples massage at the same place that Jason and I got one – Natural Body Spa in Virginia-Highland.

  5. So fun! I love holiday themed parties, and we’re missing a big one this weekend because of our annual ski trip together (which is better than the party, but we forgot and said yes to them sooo long ago and now feel bad and need to break the news!)…Glad you enjoyed it (and way to go, Katy!). Never been to a cookie party of any sort but have been to a gingerbread house making/decorating one – that’s as close as I’ve come. :D

    Off for a day at the hospital of helping with presentations and meetings with Mikey and then to meet friends for dinner before heading out into the backcountry for 2 days! If you don’t hear from me on Monday on twitter, call for help. ;) lol. Have a great weekend!

  6. You are a brave soul. I live in the Atlanta ‘burbs and you couldn’t pay me to go into Atlanta to go shopping the weekend before Christmas. The massage will make up for all of it, though! ;)
    PS, now I want cookies.

  7. I’m not very good at decorating cookies either, I think your “lick-off-the-icing” strategy is a smart way to get a second chance at decorating. Your mitten is still cute! Was your shirt still white at the end of the night with all that colored icing? If so, I’m super impressed!!

    If you guys have extra time in Atlanta, give me a shout! =)