Welp, I did it.  I took the leap.  It wasn’t pretty.  And my sweat smelled eerily like vanilla extract and butter.

Bootcamp + 2 miles, 9AM – post Christmas day.  (which I logged at the Dedicated December site.  Have you logged your workouts lately?  You should.  You could win something!!)

Travis has the day off, so we’re going to the shooting range with his family.  A completely foreign outting – really, what DOES one wear to go shoot a gun???  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I’m imagining Annie Oakley and Sarah Palin have nothing on me. 

Now to Christmas….

I’d really love to describe to you what all is happening in these pictures.  I really would.  And WHY there are so few.  I blame it on the fact that it takes BOTH hands to corral sugar-hyped children and BOTH hands to eat your weight in Coconut Balls.  I’d also love to tell you what I got ($, workout clothes, an iTOUCH, more $).  But I’m too busy playing with Henry and Clara’s new toys. 

While they nap.

Christmas 2011
















So basically, I get excited over workout clothes, Henry over Star Wars, Clara over dump trucks.

Southern breakfasts look pretty gross.  But taste fabulous.

Henry and Clara are just about the cutest kids ever.

Travis was the photographer, as he is in almost none of the shots.

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna bars make for wonderful stocking stuffers.

This chaos won’t happen for another year.  Amen?


Oh, and the winner of the Gymboss Giveaway is #114 – Elise!!  Merry Christmas!

QUESTIONS:  What did you get for Christmas?  Did you workout today?  Sugar cookie-smelling sweat?


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  1. haha – was that an adult onesie I saw?!?! hahaaha – nice! Looks like you had a great Christmas! :)

    I did get a workout in on Christmas! I am glad I did too, because I proudly carried around a food baby all day :)

  2. Love, love, love the matching Christmas jammies. Too cute. And you’re so beautiful in that last picture! Yes, it’s good that the Christmas chaos only comes once a year…but isn’t it worth every second and every piece of wrapping paper strewn on the floor? Merry (after) Christmas!

  3. What did you get for Christmas? Too much, the husband spoiled me and I hate to admit this, but I really forgot everything he got me…I vaguely remember candles, lotion and shower gel. I guess he’s trying to tell me something…

    Did you workout today? *sigh* no :(

    Sugar cookie-smelling sweat? Probably, I’m trying to drown the sugar out with mass amounts of water.