While you’re still picking stray bits of wrapping paper out of your hair and cursing the fact that you’ll have to go on a diet in a week, let me clue you in on something. 

Henry doesn’t want to hear your whining.  It’s still Christmas over here.


In fact, he’s wondering why you haven’t challenged him to a duel yet! 


I did.  I lost.  I blame the makeshift saber that I crafted from a used paper towel roll, and NOT my Jedi abilities, which by the way, are top notch.  A Padawan braid is in the works.  (If you know what that is, you’re a dork.  And I like you.)

For the adults, at least, Christmas is over.  You’re probably looking at your 2012 calendar and starting to plan workouts, races, family vacations, doctors appointments….

I have one more thing you need to add.  Write it IN PEN.

The 2012 BLEND Retreat!  May 4th-6th!  Boulder, Colorado!!

In the words of Janetha (aka, I jacked it off her post today) –

“the 2012 BLEND retreat (named so by the lovely susan because blogger+friend=BLEND!) is set for may 4-6, 2012 in boulder, colorado.  BLEND will have no speakers.. no seminars.. just fun and fellowship! there will be a welcome cocktail party, three sponsored meals, group fitness classes each morning, hiking, sight-seeing, swag bags, t-shirts, and a huge raffle.”

Uh yeah.  Exciting!

BLEND has been made possible by several sponsors, but our Official Sponsor making the whole retreat possible is Chobani Fit!


When we were looking for sponsors, Chobani was actually our first choice!  I love the company and eat their yogurt daily.  Remember when they gave me the chance to pick TWO winners for my last giveaway?  SO GENEROUS!  Have you heard about their Shepherd’s program?  Go here to read more, but basically, Chobani gives 10% of their proceeds to various relief funds/charities!! 

Like I said, Chobani + BLEND = AWESOME.  To find out more about BLEND, including the schedule, location, and other fabulous sponsors, head to the website.  Tickets for BLEND will go on sale mid-January and will be $75. 

Right now, our goal is to spread the word about BLEND and Chobani Fit.  That means it’s GIVEAWAY TIME!!!

Chobani Fit is generously giving away a package of THREE 32 ounce containers of yogurt!  One vanilla, one plain 0%, and one plain 2%!


THREE WAYS to enter the giveaway (do one or all three!):

  • TWEET: copy and paste the following: “@BLENDRetreat presented by @Chobani is set for May 4-6 in Boulder! read more here: http://blendretreat.comand leave a comment below saying you tweeted.
  • FACEBOOK: copy and paste the following to your wall: “BLEND Retreat presented by Chobani Fit is set for May 4-6 in Boulder! read more here: http://blendretreat.comand leave a comment below saying you posted.
  • CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE: head over to the BLEND Retreat website and take a look around. Leave a comment on the ABOUT PAGE and that will count as your entry.


Quite possibly the best news?  The same giveaway is being held at Katie and Janetha’s blogs today!  So you can increase your odds of winning by going and commenting there too!!!


Winner will be announced Friday, December 30th!  Good luck!!  I can’t wait to see you guys in May!! 


*Giveaway items provided by Chobani Fit.  No compensation was provided for this post.

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  1. this gave me goosebumps because i am SO SO HAPPY! What an awesome sponsor!! Can i still win? cause I so want to! GO BLEND GO CHOBANI FIT!! Off to comment on the sites now!

    Love you ALL!

  2. Shared on FB with my username Mary Happymommy–https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=160156917424771&id=100000611160195

  3. Whoo! This IS stellar news! Lord willing, I will be there! Again, just waiting to hear specifics about cost…love that Chobani Fit is a sponsor! You guys all rock for securing that one. Will be entering this contest for sure! Off to eat my own version of Greek yogurt as Chobani has yet to make an appearance in Calgary. ;) LOVE YOU my friend! (and I kinda want Henry’s light sabre…)

  4. Tweeted! And can I mention I just cried sweet tears of joy at the price of those retreat tickets… life has been throwing me some financial curve balls recently, and I was a little anxious as to what the final total was going to be… that is VERY doable and I can’t wait to attend! Oh, and I totally know what a Padawan braid is. ;)