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Was I the only one who went the entire day yesterday, thinking that it was Sunday?!?!

weird day

Other people seemed to agree.

weird day - lindsay's list



I’m not complaining, as it just made today feel like a bonus day.  For some reason, the word bonus always reminds me of playing old school Nintendo as a kid.  Remember those mushrooms that made you grow in Mario Brothers?  Little bonus mushrooms.  Loved that game.

Does anyone still have an old school Nintendo?  Can I come play at your house?

Highlights of Sunday Saturday (most of which, are food related):

– Teaching Bootcamp to …..nobody.  Wah wah.  Nobody showed up.  I’m assuming they were all still hungover from the holiday. So I just taught myself.

My trainer was brutal.  I kind of hated her towards the end when she made me do 20 Ninja Knee Tucks.

– Receiving 2 FIVE POUND tubs of peanut butter that Travis ordered.

peanut butterpeanut butter

WHO?!!? needs this much peanut butter?!?!  We do.  And grade school cafeterias.  And elephants.  Travis eats at least 4 tablespoons on top of his nightly ice cream (“lowers the glycemic index, Lindsay”) and I make A LOT of pb &j’s.

Not the prettiest tubs, but they provided MINUTES of entertainment for Henry and Clara.  I’ll take it.

peanut butterpeanut butter

We got these from Amazon for $23.44!!  That comes out to the equivalent of paying $2.34 per jar!  And the only ingredient is Roasted Peanuts!

natural peanut butter

Pretty sweet deal.  Peanut shortage, my batookus!

– Art time with the kids.


When asked what he drew, Henry said, “A circle, a triangle and a square.  Oh and a string cheese.”  Art IS subjective, guys.


It’s kind of like finding hidden objects in one of those Highlights magazines.  (Note to self: must find retro Nintendo and old Highlights magazine to rekindle childhood.)

– Grocery store finds:  I finally found the new (to me) Chobani 32 ounce container!!  Oh, and super cheap turkey (79 cents a pound!).


Guess who’s having Yogurt Stuffed Turkey!!  Um…not me.  But I’m sure that by me just saying that, the cogs in some foodie’s brains started turning…”Yogurt stuffed IN THE turkey!  It’s genius.  We’ll have to come up with a vegan version though.”

(That was my poor attempt at a foodie joke.  Emphasis on poor.)

This could quite possibly be my most random post to date.

Umm…I think that covers the bulk of the day.  We also cleaned the house, did laundry and ate Thanksgiving leftovers at Travis’ parents house.  All in all a pretty good Sunday Saturday.

Today, the plan is to FIND A CHRISTMAS TREE!!  A real one.  So glad that I can finally let the Christmas spirit out of the bag!  You can bet that I’ll be listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra from now until the 25th.  And send out Christmas cards.  And I’ll put red and green sprinkles on everything.

But not Yogurt Stuffed Turkey.  That would just be gross.  And ridiculous.

Much like this post.


Give me another try tomorrow.  I’ll even give something away to mend the friendship!


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  1. You are officially my hero for buying 10 pounds of peanut butter. A peanut butter tub is such a beautiful thing! And I love that there is a string cheese drawn in that lovely piece of art work. I’d start drawing string cheeses all over everything if I didn’t think they’d be mistaken for penises. I’m a bad artist.

  2. Girl I don’t even know what day it is here. Or what planet I am on. haha. I am isolated but its probably a good thing right now. Although, i could really use some Lindsay W. time and a jar of that PB. Love you.

  3. Ha ha! Totally just woke up wondering what the heck day it is. :) Holy peanut butter. What a great price though. I need to get my hands on some of that. Ha! Good luck finding a tree!!! Happy bonus day!