Welcome to the 10th edition of Tuesday Trainer!!  This week, we’re beginning our “Equipment Series”, with the first installment being RESISTANCE BANDS!

Quick side story:  I remember the first time I ever used a resistance band.  It was actually a gift from my lovely husband – our first ever Valentine’s Day as a married couple.  Since we were poor on money,  but rich on love, we decided to forgo gifts that year.  We had several conversations about the topic: how we weren’t getting one another gifts and how that was ok.  Valentine’s Day comes and what does Travis do?  Get’s me Billy Blank’s Taebo set (which came with resistance bands, i.e. the point of this whole rabbit trail).  I got him …nothing, just like we had talked about.

Now anytime we’re in an argument or quarrel, he likes to bring up the fact that he got ME something for that V Day and got nothing in return.  Good marriaging, dude.  It’s a wonder that he’s still alive and not laying in a ditch somewhere, strangled by said resistance band.

Back to Tuesday Trainer…

Be honest. When you think about training with resistance bands, what comes to mind? Middle aged women in spandex? Never men. People who can’t lift heavy? The elderly?

While resistance bands ARE a little easier to work with than your standard dumbbell or body bar in terms of increasing your strength, they have their place in a high quality, get your heart pumpin’ workout!  You just have to know how to use them in order to get the most bang for your buck!

There are a few tips to making RB workouts more challenging:

  • Select thicker tubes for more resistance.
  • Double loop the band around your hands and/or play around with how far apart your feet are when performing a standing exercise.
  • Perform a higher number of repetitions (12-20 range)

Benefits to training with resistance bands:

  • Create continuous tension on your muscles, as opposed to using dumbbells.  You can focus on the concentric (shortening the muscle) AND eccentric (lengthening the muscle) motions.
  • Mobility – You can take them anywhere!!  Unlike dumbbells, resistance bands can be easily packed if you are traveling or working out away from home!
  • AND they’re pretty CHEAP!  I found this set of 5 for around $25 – with varying resistances and interchangeable handles!

Not too shabby!  I might wear spandex, but I’m NOT middle-aged!

Now – who’s ready to workout?!?!


**Disclaimer – As with ANY new exercise program, it is wise to consult a physician.  Pay careful attention to each exercise’s instruction!!**

The Workout

Trainer Tips: We’ll be doing some Isometric Holds, which means that we’ll focus on holding the exercises to maintain the muscle at a certain length.  For example, as you perform the Bicep Curl, you’ll pause for x amount of seconds at the top of the move, then lower.  I’ve indicated the duration of the hold below.

– Select a RB that is challenging enough for you to perform the exercises with, but that also allows you to execute them with correct form.

– Most of the plyometric moves can be found here.  Heel clickers = plyo jump with a heel click at the peak of the jump.

– Perform circuit one time through.  For more of a challenge, perform twice through.

Exercise Duration/Repetitions
Overhead Press 20 seconds/5
Barrel Jumps 30 seconds
Hip Adduction 20 seconds/5
360 Plyo Squat 30 seconds
Lawnmower Row 10 seconds/10 each arm
Plyo Burpees 30 seconds
Tricep Extension 10 seconds/10 each arm
Jump Squats 30 seconds
Bicep Curl 10 seconds/10
Heel Clickers 30 seconds
Curtsy Lunge/Hip Adduction Combo 12 each leg
Walking Squat 10 each direction


The Moves

Bicep Curl – Me


Overhead Press – Heather, betterwithveggies


Tricep Extension – Kirsten, kcaptures


Hip Adduction– Kristin, eathealthybehappylivewell


Lawn Mower Row– Heather, healthywithheather


Curtsy Lunge/Hip Adduction/Shoulder Press – Kristin, STUFTmama


Walking Squat – Christin, christinjoyful


Thank you, my ladies!!  Such talent in this bunch, eh?!  If you’d like to join in on the fun, come back Thursday when I’ll announce the next theme in this “Equipment Series”.  For past Tuesday Trainer’s, go here – we’ve made QUITE the exercise catalog!!  You should be able to find something to fit your fitness needs!!

OR you could just get your rake on.

Happy Tuesday!

QUESTIONS:  Have you done any of the Tuesday Trainer workouts?  Worked with resistance bands before?  Been made a fool by your husband?


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  1. I’ve loved bands since high school, my mom would bring them home from the PT she worked with, orthopedics. I have never stopped using the, will have to try all of these

  2. I used to love my resistance band, until one fateful night a few years ago. SOMEHOW I managed to pull out a chunk of my hair with my band! I’ve been scared of it ever since! Maybe these workouts will help me gain my courage back ;)

  3. I need to buy those bands that you have- I love multitaskers and my thick band JUST died 3 days ago RIP. I remember thinking bands were for wussies until I brought one on a trip and found myself SORE! Love them now to sprinkle in here and there.

  4. I love you. I just…I love you. You’re always so awesome in your vlogs.

    I sometimes feel bad because I don’t buy JP as many gifts as he buys me. He never comes home from a trip without a gift for me. But I’m not really a shopper, so I don’t reciprocate as much as I should. See? Now I feel bad again.

  5. Awesome! I really do use the Tuesday Trainer as a workout tool…admittedly, I don’t always do every move in order, but I take my favorites and spread them out throughout the week, usually during my lunch break…its perfect! The collaboration of different trainers makes it fun, and I get to try things I wouldn’t have thought to try on my own…And resistance bands was a good one…great for travel, or for at work!

    Travis tried to make fun of me in front of my family once…and then I smashed a cupcake in face…hasn’t happened again since. lol

  6. oh the lawn mover is an evil move! Heather, you look and sound so nice doing it. Deceptive!! hehe.
    so when is travis getting in on this tuesday trainer? I want to see him do some resistance bands moves. ahem!